Tuning Toyota Corolla G6R: Apogee evolution

Before reading the following text, each looked at the photo and the name of the title of the article. Someone all self-explanatory, but there are not many – friends of Alexander, the owner of the Corolla, but fans of the model. However, in most cases the same people. The fact that Sasha – the founder of the club G6R.ru "mecca" for Toyota Corolla fans. One might think that the club fans of the most popular Japanese cars in the world is huge, but in this case we are talking about exclusive versions of hatchbacks, produced mainly from 1997 to 2007. What caused such a love?

The first pancake – "vegetable"

In 2006, after the sale of VAZ "eights" (oh, how familiar it!), Alexander went to search for a reliable, low-cost, but having a car twist. All three criteria together could muster only a one – three-door hatchback Toyota Corolla in an interesting configuration G6. After meeting with her main rival, Honda Civic EK, was removed from the list of contenders for the purchase. Although smaller in volume engine of 1.3 (compared to 1.4 at the Civic), Corolla has almost similar power, six-speed gearbox (hence the name of the version), interior design canonical Recaro brand and a number of other "bonuses" to make a choice in it obvious benefit. During the three years of ownership of the "big-eyed» Corolla Alexander privnёs into it a lot of changes, but the main thing – to love once and for all.

And the second – the "hot"

But, even with all his heart prikipev to the "big-eyed", Sasha could not accept it was a weak engine. The idea of "SWAPO" with "senior" 1.6 on 165 forces would not leave. After examining the materiel it was decided … to change the car itself. It turned out that installing a motor in his Corolla turned out would be much more expensive than a similar machine with a 1.6 unit with 110 horsepower. At the same time in the sale there was an instance of the limited G6R series, released in an amount of 2 500 pieces. The decision was made to take faster than you read this sentence. The history of "big-eyed", this time in red, was so entertaining that its presentation hardly enough to set aside for the text of the page format. Nevertheless, we show you how to sink Corolla G6R become a unique specimen, peddling the first "hundred" for "low" for five seconds.

But this was not enough

Enjoying bought the car did not last long, despite the fact that he was in a state filled with a factory "nishtyak". Corolla G6R served homologation version to perform successfully in the global rally in 1998 and 1999 Corolla WRC. The list of its differences from the flow is impressive: an aluminum hood, down by 30 mm suspension, rear disc brakes, seat belts in red, and more. A year after the purchase in the engine compartment has taken its place a new engine 4A-GE Black Top, who was able to provide a pleasant dynamics – Sprint «0-100» Corolla beginning to leave the eight seconds. Such a figure envied by many modern compact hatchback, but the reason to stop there at Alexander did not appear.

As a frequenter of all races – from drag racing to the rally-sprints, Sasha made changes in its trёhdverku as needed. First, in the cabin there was a lone "bucket", then was replaced by a pair of Honda Integra Type R, but under the hood – "nulevik". Gearbox acquired the lock, and full-time suspension gave way to a "sandwiched" on the components Koni and Kayaba. even were found ultralight forged wheels VSMPO Time Attack, helped to improve the coverage of power to the wheels. But all this was not enough, and it became clear – without a "boost" for further tuning of speech can not go. "Blow" in revving 1.6 has not been promising, so ready to install the two-liter unit from the Toyota Caldina. Its 260 horsepower and 324 Newton-meters of torque made it clear: this is what you need "big-eyed" to go for real!

The installation process was conjugate with reworking the engine mounts, as well as electronic adaptation to the body, which could not imagine 3S-GTE engine of the fourth generation, even in my wildest dreams conveyor. Gearbox with mechanical remained, despite the fact that the original motor is aggregated with "automatic". However, front-drive layout expectedly did not allow to realize the power of the full extent, disrupting the drive wheels to spin at the first four gears. Looking back on the four-wheel drive model Celica GT-Four, has a similar engine, Alexander decided to "change of religion" of the car. We are talking about setting all-wheel drive transmission, have never been used before in the Corolla, coupled with such a powerful unit. This "swap" was the first in Russia, as well as the installation of 3S-GTE year earlier.

Why was not immediately buy the Celica GT-Four in a similar "big-eyed" body? Motives Sasha explained: Left Hand Drive Vehicles SELIC are extremely rare, and the love of the Corolla destroys all emerging on ways to improve barrier. For example, the rear suspension has been modified for the installation of the stretcher Kaldino also have four-wheel drive and propeller shaft is the result of "marriage" and the details of the SELIC Kaldino.

In the near future will be part of the turbine is turned cold. This solution will significantly reduce the intake tract length and speed of the turbine output at the operating pressure. All the necessary components are already purchased and waiting for installation Garage Ichiban forces the Vapor Denis, who, incidentally, was directly involved in the transformation of a technical stuffing Sasha Corolla.

It took work and for replacing wheel hubs, as the former were not compatible with the drives of the above Selick and Kaldino. As a result of "big-eyed" has mnogoporshnevymi hubs and brakes from the Celica GT-Four. It is on this basis the experts can identify the model increased capacity hatchback – in fact, none of the modifications of the factory does not have wheels and fasteners pyatiboltovym mnogoporshnevymi brake calipers. External differences from the drain, by the way, do not stop there.

Easy rally raid

Even in the period of ownership, "vegetable" Corolla Sasha firmly "fuse" on the Corolla WRC, inscribed in the history of world rallying. Speech about one hundred percent similarity with "muse", of course, did not go: on a daily car would be inappropriate safety cage, and found a copy of the rally body kit was not possible. Replica of the rally car has appeared only on the boot lid: Spoiler Booster WRC was found already in the Netherlands and delivered to Moscow under the guise of snowboarding – or simply do not like the item to bring. With the prototype adjusted to coincide razboltovku and rims – White Speedline WRC reminiscent of the glorious times in the rally and even have similar to the "race" sponsor stickers. Before a match with the "rally-car" is not enough "color combat" with the symbols of sponsors. However, Sasha already reflects on the application prints Marlboro, similar to that carried the car under control of the Turkish drivers. The plans had been on and completion of the bonnet in the spirit of Corolla WRC, has large air intakes rectangular shape on it.

Sell ​​or not sell

After six years of ownership "big-eyed" Alexander is considering proposals for its purchase, but to become part of this time, the native Corolla is unlikely to be easy. Regardless of whether the vehicle is sold, we wish the current owners maintain their enthusiasm. After all, it is thanks to him that he was able to create this unique car. Thanks to him, hundreds of thousands of people around the world make their car more interesting, faster and prettier. The tuning is not necessary to seek the easy way, just need to do what brings pleasure. But we, for our part, we will continue to talk about the unique vehicles, as well as receptions of tuning, you can use to create it.

The list of improvements:

  • 3S-GTE engine 4-gen
  • CAT 154F from the Celica ST205 GT-Four to the transfer case
  • Rear subframe Caldina GT-T ST215
  • Reducer from Torsen ST205 GT-Four
  • Intake K & N 76 mm
  • The exhaust system 70 mm stainless steel muffler with a terminal Fox Racing
  • Front intercooler Apexi
  • Silicone tubes Samco Sport
  • Aluminum Piping 63 mm
  • Boost Controller Blitz SBC ID
  • Configuring transmissions at 1 bar
  • Radiator cooling from Corolla 2.0D
  • Blow-off Blitz
  • Turbine pressure sensor Blitz
  • Turbo-timer Apexi
  • crankcase filter Simota
  • The fuel pump of the Celica ST205 GT-Four
  • Strut front struts handmade
  • Discs Speedline WRC 16 x 7
  • Tires Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin 205/45
  • Brakes Celica ST205 GT-Four 4-piston front and 2-piston rear
  • HPI Racing Reinforced brake hoses
  • Helical suspension XYZ Super Sport with the breakup supports
  • Front stabilizer 25 mm
  • Front bumper plastic replica TTE
  • Spoiler third door Booster WRC
  • Acoustic Hi-Fi system on the basis of components Alpine, JBL, Soundstream and Aubiobahn
  • Rudder Levin AE111 BZ-R
  • Seats Recaro SR3
  • 4-point harness Schroth

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