Tuning Toyota Celica T23: safety razor

You're probably familiar with how much the car changes during the transition from design to mass production. In the sketches, we see the body pressed against the ground, large wheels, merged into one with the wheel arches, pronounced aerodynamic elements. Unfortunately, the production model loses all the charm and acquires pragmatism: tires, high-profile, big ground clearance and easier bumpers, which are cheaper to produce. The reason is simple: the initial sample does not need anyone. Almost anyone. And for everyone else there is a style of tuning called "Stans".

One of the only of its kind

Was no exception and the last Celica, seventh generation, in katabatic state represents a very sad sight. It would seem that there is no problem, because the tuning on it is made more than all previous models combined. But let's be honest: when and where was the last time you saw a beautiful "twenty-third," Selick? The principle of "do no harm", founded by Hippocrates in the medical oath, like a stranger to the owners of these cars. Take a look at the items sold – in the best case you will be able to find okolozavodskoy option. All other ruthlessly "zakolhozheny" vinyl stickers, ridiculous body kit and in a state of "shoot me". The benefit of this trend there is at least one exception – a red "American" with the Moscow residence permit. In this Selick, reminiscent of the razor, the initial idea of ​​the designer finds its best expression. What is its secret?

Beauty – in simplicity

As said lapshichnik, cartoon character saga "Kung Fu Panda," "secret ingredient no no!". This proven recipe Stencil: wheels, understatement, and accessories. The role of the first carried out trёhsostavnye Work Meister S1 wheels wide 10.25-inch front and 10.75 – behind. Tires in the best traditions of the genre – "not by size»: 225/35 R18 front and 235/35 R18 discs in the rear. The five wide spokes golden color combined with a wide polished shelf – a win-win formula wheel classics. To get such an impressive appearance, the Japanese wheels were completely disassembled and meticulously restored. External shelf gained luster through multistage polishing centers and sparkling golden metallic after powder coating. The harmony of body and wheel suspension provides a spiral DGR. She "unscrewed" to the bottom, and in addition, the rear springs "finalized" grinder – otherwise between the discs and wings would be a gaping black hole unacceptable for cars in Stans style. Springs during operation have been replaced by a more rigid – is a necessary measure to keep the wheels from contact with arches on uneven roads.

The final exterior touch – aerodynamic Tsunami. But not wool tuning catalogs – it Selick received another Toyota plant, as it was among the rare versions left the conveyor. It is for this reason that it is different for the better from it all "aftermarket" both in quality and appearance. The kit consists of five elements: a different front bumper, lining the back bumper and sills and wing on the trunk lid. Modification Tsunami Edition also features rear optics, but owner prefer regular "dorestaylingovoy" lights. Celica painted in bright red color, which makes amateurs Toyota confused with Ferrari, and all the others – to turn around after. Despite the external transformation, "23th" Selick identified in this car without any problems, which, for example, can not be said about the Toyota MR-S, received a body kit in the style of Porsche Carrera GT.

If you do not like this generation Celica, we will not persuade you. After all, in the past, "twenties", "four-eyed" body gone era when for sane money could buy a real sports car with turbo-blooded rally past. Later engines updated "Japanese" were atmospheric, drive – front, and design – vulgar. But Stens able to help, even if only superficially, any machine, and scarlet "Razor" – a vivid example. And if you do not have enough power, it can be a little cheer available 1ZZ-FE engine or ruthlessly "wear" the body to "trolley" good old "G-minute head start," the benefit of such precedents in the history of tuning known. And about this "razor" and cut short …

There is no limit to perfection

In the off-season vacation Selick waiting in the garage, but not in a passive standby heat, and in a stage of rapid preparation. The owner does not seek to impress anyone your project, all the more so to do it on the streets spoiled the capital virtually impossible. They compiled a list of changes to satisfy their own ambitions. So, for the hour is waiting for the turbine, which will visit the engine compartment along with the gaining popularity of "Shaving." In addition, in terms of the number of body painting to make the project even more perfect form, as well as the completion of control arm in favor of an increase in wheel camber. Increased technical capacity will constrain the braking mechanisms on all of the same "big-eyed» Celica GT-Four. All this means that Moscow next year will see the complex modified Celica T23, and we had another reason to count the days to the upcoming season.

The list of improvements:

  • Coil suspension DGR;
  • kit Tsunami;
  • rubber front bumper splitter;
  • Work Meister S1 wheels 18 × 10.25 18h10,75 front and rear;
  • tires Nankang NS-2 225/35 R18 front and Hankook Ventus V12 Evo 2 235/35 R18 Rear;
  • direct-flow exhaust system MG-Race FOX and components;
  • AEM intake system cold air filter Apexi;
  • wheel OMP;
  • front and rear struts racks.

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