Tuning Pontiac Firebird Formula: perfect – only in 1986!

Buy "bucket" dreams

However, to find suitable option Pontiac Firebird, placing even money proved difficult: the car without V8 Max did not want to, and options to him was negligible, and they cost a lot, or were close to his death. As a result, he bought a relatively lively, but still rusty and leaky instance Pontiac Firebird Formula 1986 release. What does Formula? It sportversiya: only the V8 under the hood, disc brakes on a circle, sport suspension (thick stabilizers, gas shock absorbers, "short" steering control), 16-inch wheels and a unique hood and spoiler.

The car lived with a bunch of small problems, starting with the electricians and ending periodically refuses brakes. It did not work then one thing after another, but the only thing that pleasantly surprised – even when denied something serious, confident machine reaches the place of "treatment" under its own power, never requiring a tow truck. For example, even when the rear drum brake master cylinder broke and drained fluid front brakes continued to work, and they did get to the service.

Implementation of the dream – what is this feeling? It's a constant smile from ear to ear for a few days after the purchase and at each visit thereafter. On the first day Maxim skated on the "American" until morning. Prior to that, he had never ridden on such machines, in principle, and thought that the cars are divided into two basic categories: either expensive, powerful and beautiful sound, or "buckets" that rattle, creak and do not go. So, on the very first day he was waiting for the revelation:

Pontiac Firebird was a "bucket" with a thundering interior and suspension, but the "bucket" with a powerful sound, "Valya" to manage and confident braking.

About a year he rode on the car quite a lot, without taking any drastic action. Still, the dream has to be perfect, and with this in mind he started the restoration and transformation of Pontiac Firebird Formula. The scope of work turned out to be huge, and the process was delayed for two years.

Transformation in the car

Of course, at first engaged in iron. Having examined the Formula screw up, her body was taken to the factory where there was a blast chamber of this size, it easily fit into it. After this procedure started perevarke bottom and welding of the frame. Even with the purchase, it was clear that the body is too soft Firebird – still the car of 30 years, and in the length of it as a sedan E-class (4958 mm). Maxim has decided that will make it tougher than all modern cars. In the end, so it happened: the car can be moved on the lift on three legs, and the body is not "walk" at all.

How to do it? interior frame is fastened to the frame under the bottom (at the owner's information, so no one has ever done). The entire structure is developed "in situ", without the use of computer simulation: chose the power point on the body and combined them so that was the most tough and at the same time not hurt to install interior details. Nevertheless, the ceiling and the two plastic parts still had to trim.

Periodically there are "plugging" in some detail, or understanding how to do better, and to find the right solution also needed time. For example, was bought by a rare rear axle with lock disc brakes, but after setting it turned out that the couple and the floor – the curves. I had to disassemble everything and order new parts. And from America was brought full exhaust Hooker It is really firm, but after perevarki and strengthening the bottom turned out that he did not fall into place, as well as fuel and brake tubes. I had to literally invent everything from scratch: let the tube through the interior, but in the purchased exhaust system are not touched were only collectors – mufflers manufactured to order on the necessary size, all the pipes (diameter 63 mm) welded in place. Now the engine are two separate pipes (one with four cylinders of the left, the other – to the right) along the box and cardan. Rear seats removed (due to frame), the floor beneath cut and raised at 20 cm, allowed to establish that at this point on the left and right muffler.

And worked with the engine. Replace all consumables and attachments to the new implanted camshaft with altered characteristics Lunati and valves are oversized, which hath the cylinder head and intake manifold, installed more efficient injectors Bosch and more efficient fuel pump the ACDelco, added throttle larger diameter, custom, four row radiator Champion, dual fan assembly and much more, "the little things".

Smaller works Maxim performed independently in their garage. It is fully assembled cabin, cutting the plastic, the ceiling and the carpet under the framework established seats with adjustable side bolsters on the 4th generation Firebird and made the wiring under it, installed the music introduced KYB shock absorbers, lightweight levers and rods Panhard back suspension, headlights changed to LEDs TruckLite, and fog – at Hella MicroDE, polished tail lights, as well as designed, manufactured and installed a new air filter housing air intake through the bonnet hump. Some items – such as black plastic interior – had to monitor the auctions quite a long time. A new original parts or tuning came from overseas rather quickly.

Updated the Firebird, naturally repainted. Initially, like the bright color, but before it had planned to paint in black, to check on the automotive body flaws. However, due to the timing sprawling restoration was decided to stay at the black, if there are not. And so it was, well, for the beauty in the paint added copper hue. Maxim says his philosophy is to do with the car is that the beauty of the machine from the bottom should be the same as above, so all the details of the suspension as sandblast and painted. Now once a season it makes cleaning the bottom, in the rain trying to not ride in the winter, as you know, rarity formula is stored in the garage. But the most telling result of this work, perhaps, is the common question surrounding "What, just bought a car?". When they learn that it is a car of 1986, do not believe. And it's not artistic exaggeration, but an objective fact. Who deserves the Pontiac.

The list of improvements:


  • Sandblasting and powder coating of all elements
  • Replace all consumables and attachment to the new
  • Camshaft with altered characteristics Lunati
  • Boring head of cylinder block
  • Valves oversized
  • Boring intake manifold
  • Throttle greater diameter is made to order
  • A more productive injectors Bosch
  • A more efficient fuel pump ACDelco
  • Four-row radiator Champion
  • Dual blower motor
  • Making inlet for air intake through the hood
  • Ravnodlinnye exhaust manifolds Hedman
  • The exhaust system is completely new scheme, custom
  • Replacing the fuel lines to the new
  • oil catcher


  • ECU flashing
  • Additional devices Autometer


  • Stretching the A-pillars Edelbrock
  • Stretching to the front side members Cusco
  • Sand blasting and powder coating of all elements
  • Replacing all replaceable elements for new (silent blocks, ball bearings)
  • Installation of adjustable shock absorbers KYB


  • Replacing all replaceable elements for new (calipers, brake lines, tubes, discs, pads)
  • Reconfiguring the rear brake circuit efforts


  • Desyatitochechnogo welding of the frame stiffness in the cabin
  • Replacement of all available items to the new:
  • All seat belts,
  • door trim under the central locking button,
  • the console between the seats,
  • pad console between the seats,
  • podium radio,
  • pad podium radio,
  • power window buttons, electric mirrors, central locking, lights and lighting management dashboard,
  • turn signal lever and the cruise control,
  • sun visors,
  • ceiling,
  • carpet covering,
  • the steering column housing.
  • Search and selection of new features not available in most good condition
  • Replacing the carpet
  • Replacement of the ceiling
  • Electric variable lateral support of the fourth generation Firebird
  • Making skins doors
  • Alteration and Installation Momo steering


  • Amplifier, subwoofer, 4 speakers, head unit 7 "on Android – Incar


  • Complete sandblasting
  • Welding of additional bottom amplifiers
  • Remaking a floor to accommodate the correct dual release
  • Modification of the front wheels under the wings of larger width and removal
  • Installing the plastic hood to reverse pressurization
  • Production and installation of spoilers Duck Tail
  • Full color, black copper
  • Diode lights TruckLite
  • Fog Hella MicroDE
  • American Racing Wheels

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