Tuning Mazda RX7 FD3S: MSS guy – you do not want a little JZ?

Mazda RX-7 FD3S – legendary car, famous above all by the fact that the factory was equipped with a rotary-piston engine producing 255 horsepower. But, as it turned out, not all fans RX trust rotors. On the other hand, if the car was standard, he would have with you are unlikely interested. And here … MSS guy – you do not want a little JZ?

From general to specific

Drift Ruslan interested for a long time. At first, he was a third-party participant in this process, but … at some point it just got tired of watching from the stands at a fairly pilot, Valya sideways on the track, and he began to search the vehicle for a future project. Without further ado, he bought the thirteenth Sylvia, held in the arms of her long six months in the garage and started to ride in the same drift.

Mazda was in the hands of Ruslan almost two years ago – he exchanged it for that same Nissan Silvia S13. The reason was prosaic: "Plum" has been painstakingly and lovingly assembled with their hands in the garage, but no experience of construction drifting car. It was the first of Ruslan cramps, and, ride season, he realized that much has been done wrong, but he knew exactly how to modify the car. Faced with a choice: either completely rebuild an existing car or take on something new. So there was a Mazda RX-7.

Well, do not say that the whole straight RX-7 …

In the state she was in sad: back and front of the body are cut by glass, drank the tunnel, the engine and the PPC was not, and in the presence of – a safety cage Yes suspension … That's all that was our "Japanese". As a bonus, it was broken kit, which can be with a clear conscience for itself and does not count. But Ruslan saw the potential in this car. It probably is true love. Me with the same host they are "on a par", so that by Sylvia Ruslan remained the engine with a box seat, steering wheel and some other stuff.

Cons turned ins

Mazda RX-7 always liked Ruslana, which is not the rotary engine – so that it can be said, was the fate, for the motor, as we remember, and it was not. The last owner died mercilessly threw quickly 13B-REW, replacing it with the 1JZ-GTE. He has gone on reworking the engine compartment for SWAPO. Stretcher digested by JZ, but for better weight distribution engine was partially offset in the interior, and under this new configuration is welded tunnel.

Ruslan return the rotor, of course, is not even going to – and he is on five … no, for three reasons. Firstly, in its opinion, this engine is unreliable. Secondly, the unit price is not small. And thirdly, even if passionate love to the rotor again reverse swap would have to be accompanied by modifications.

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Work, work …

Imported (read: dragged) Mazda in the garage, Ruslan is the first thing ordered the engine, and in anticipation of his took the body: all prepared for the installation of the engine, painted interior and podkapotku. After this basic training, work began on the technical side – take body parts was planned at the end. Here in fact this is the case when going to, for example, Nissan Silvia, and you put it in detail, which are suitable as a family – is one thing. And when you prepare "hodgepodge", the beautiful expression of "bolt-on", of course, you can forget – nothing gets nowhere without elaboration. Solution one: to cut and cook, and all kinds of tubes, pipes, buttons, knobs, and other "stuff" to pick up and master it all to work as one. That was the case here – something to file something to digest, spliced ​​cardan digested subframe and attachment PPC and much, much more …

All works Ruslan did himself, in the garage, sometimes helped by friends. Questions regarding spare parts especially did not arise, since all the basic details have been studied, and the experience he gained at the previous assembly cramp. The main advisor was the Internet and the vast number of found it useful articles. Opinions on tuning often been contradictory, but, weighing all the pros and cons, Ruslan and comrades found a suitable solution.

Mazda RX7 FD3S
Brief specifications
1JZ-GTE from Toyota Mark2
Cooling system
custom v-mount (a radiator, electric fan, two silicone tubes)
5-speed manual transmission R154 from Toyota Mark2
AREH'i stands with adjustable height and stiffness
Safety frame for the application J «Buckets» Bride
4-point seat belts Sabelt

Thus, for the car finally came the hour when the engine and – there, and PPC – have. Brake discs and calipers have left home, and the line was changed to custom and added gidroruchnik. The suspension is practically not touched since the factory version is quite good – only added hard adjustable rack AREHi digested and steering knuckles for inversion wheel. But apparently the car redrawn completely.

As we remember, the last owner has sawed off the back and front of the body for the best cups. In these places we have introduced the "bash-bar" – a special tube design with the function of anti-shock protection. From interior trim completely removed, to design the interior according to the principle "if it does not help to go, it is not necessary". Doors sawn from the inside, windows removed: nothing superfluous – only the most necessary. Battery weight distribution for has been moved to the salon. And everywhere – the ease, lightness: kit BN-sport, lends "Rykse" not weak expansion in 50 mm, – it is plastic, all the windows except the windshield – polycarbonate, bonnet and boot lid – too plastic. With all that Mazda really became much easier.

Sweet – bitter

17-inch Rays wheels
tires: 225/45/17 front, 225/45/17 rear

The most memorable moment in the process of construction of the car, unfortunately, part-time and became the most unpleasant. After almost all have been collected, the guys started the engine and carried out a test drive, when the engine suddenly began to be heard a knock. The motor had to open, and then in the cylinder block found some pieces of metal. Compression not, cylinder head, pistons, valve channels – bye, I will miss you … Ruslan still convinced that it was a diversion, and the motor is intentionally spoiled, as he personally went through it from a friend when. There's something, obviously, somebody did this dirty trick. The search for the attacker, who threw a handful of evil in the candlestick channels have failed. This greatly unsettled, but Ruslan has not surrendered.

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Another power unit he ordered from a trusted seller from Krasnoyarsk. A week later, the engine was in Moscow. First, we changed oil seals and gaskets, added a new manifold and turbine wastegate to her, and hung gearbox. Next, install all available in the car and with the help of silicone tubes connected with two electric radiator fans. The supply and return line for power steering, oil cooling circuit and fuel system assembled on reinforced hoses, and further established a cooler for cooling. Release manufactured from a pipe 76 mm in diameter and was sent from the turbine directly into the wing, welded lambda probe. The new fuel tank and fuel protivootliv also produced themselves, cook them from aluminum sheets.

Again bitter, but not for long

Unfortunately, the second motor is too long lived. The third departure on Drift Family on the Dmitrov landfill squeezed crankshaft oil seal, spilled oil and cranked the liner. The upcoming elections either do major repairs or change the engine again. By a happy coincidence, a good friend of Vitaly deciphered his car, which he has kindly provided a proven, well maintained and fully working engine 1JZ-GTE VVT-i, and he also ordered Ruslan box R154. Engine tuning is not subject became as tired of the constant alterations and investments, and standard JZ goes quite well. So guys just expanded tunnel to fit the engine in the engine compartment with a drain collector and turbine, and combined it with the new PPC. During the operation revealed some problems, had to alter the cooling system for «v-mount», and at the same time to repaint the engine compartment and the interior, getting rid of the horrible green color. Then Ruslan repainted body, changing the color to the native red.

Do not be afraid of difficulties and looking forward

Problems in the process of work on the machine surfaced a huge amount – just simply not list. Before you fully custom car with a body of the Mazda RX-7 (of which remained, by and large, only a stall), engine 1JZ-GTE from Toyota Mark2 and a 5-speed manual transmission R154 from Toyota Mark2 in 81-m body. Because it is not surprising that during the implementation of all ideas to life there were difficulties.

And with all this, the project is not completed. It remains to configure the computer, put a higher-performance injectors and finish the small things that all, without exception, pleasing to the eye. Then the time comes to do good looks. Ideas Ruslan set, but one thing is clear: this Mazda RX-7 will have a more aggressive view. And while he rides on it in their spare time for fun.

The list of improvements:


  • 1JZ-GTE engine from Toyota Mark2
  • The engine is shifted into the cabin by 20 cm in order to achieve better weight distribution
  • The cooling system, custom v-mount (a radiator, electric fan, two silicone tubes)
  • Feed tank line and cooling power steering on the reinforced hoses, custom
  • Piping intercooler, custom
  • The exhaust system is welded from 76 mm tube goes from the turbine, the entire route 76 to the rear bumper of the fuel tank aluminum sheets, custom
  • Two fuel pump Bosch
  • Oil cooler
  • Protivootliv fuel, custom
  • The entire fuel system is assembled on reinforced hoses


  • Completely custom, made from scratch
  • Additional devices Depo


  • 5-speed manual transmission R154 from Toyota Mark2
  • lightened flywheel
  • Increased grip
  • Cardan spliced ​​and is balanced
  • Differential brewed couple 4.1


  • Brake lines, custom
  • Gidroruchnik


  • AREH'i stands with adjustable height and stiffness
  • Digest knuckles


  • Remove the back and front of the body on the glasses
  • Custom "bash-bar" front and rear panel
  • The body kit BN-sport, extension 50 mm
  • All windows except a frontal replaced Polycarbonate
  • Plastic hood
  • Plastic trunk lid, custom


  • Welded rollcage by Appendix J
  • "Buckets» Bride
  • 4-point seat belts Sabelt
  • Custom dashboard
  • Torpedo modified, trimmed in Alcantara
  • Custom door panels
  • Battery moved to the interior of Annex J
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Custom pendant pedals
  • mass-razor
  • Sports steering wheel quick-release


  • 17-inch Rays wheels
  • Tires: 225/45/17 front, 225/45/17 rear

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