Tuning Honda Prelude V: scratched? Tuning!

Age – is not a hindrance

Why buy an old car and spend it on a lot of money, when you can enjoy a new model with a bunch of options, warranty and confidence in the fact that in the morning she really be acquired and go? The answer is simple: it is a disease, love well, or – as you wish. The car gradually ceases to be purely a means of transportation. This toy is a child, which is embedded in the soul. That and Honda in our today's article – fell in love with it once the owner was unable to stop.

Buying a Honda Prelude 5th generation became for Sergey spontaneous. He wanted the Japanese coupe – it is natural, and powerful rear-wheel drive, but fate brought it to the Prelude. Of course, the main criteria at the time were the price-performance ratio and cost of service, but now something the owner realizes that it is time for him were quite vague concept.

With Honda Prelude he encountered by chance at all: once in the yard under the windows saw "kupeshku" red, which immediately aroused sympathy. I ask a friend what kind of car, Sergei heard the phrase in response: "All men are like people, and I'm on foreplay." This was the starting point of search information about the machine, and at the same time find out the web, it's all kind of beast. It quickly became clear that it was a Honda Prelude in the fourth body, and further studies have shown that there is also a fifth generation that literally conquered Sergei: he fell in love with this body.

His Prelude our hero chose about eight months. I looked at seven or eight cars, one of which smashed straight during the test drive when he was in the passenger seat … As a result, in June 2012 he found the Prelude with H22A engine in the "mechanics": more or less a live option, as it it seemed. After a cursory examination, especially do not hesitate to buy. Later we realized that the car enough running: motor absorbs oil and gasoline in liters, the entire suspension had to "shake up" the body appeared rusty in places. Knowing about this, but in spite of everything, a month after buying Sergei fearlessly traveled from Moscow to Anapa. In the journey the car proved to be very good, and already upon arrival to rest a host began to think about the modifications, body kits, body repainting.

From the decorations to the curses

Global intervention in the Prelude began with the domestic situation: ex-girlfriend offended and jealous to the car. The result – a scratched rear right wing (right cave paintings turned some) and the driver's door (she is almost inscribed indecent word of three letters). After such barbarism was decided to completely repaint the car. The color chosen for a long time, and eventually the owner stopped in orange: the car was bright in the flow, and visible from afar. In addition, the kit was purchased: overlays on bumpers and sills, as well as wheels.

Next came the turn of the engine compartment – wanted to bring beauty and there: bought and made all sorts of "tyunyachki", ranging from screws and finishing and polishing inlet valve cover. Later he came and carbon bonnet, and even a little later in the salon "otkarbonili" (namely carbon fiber, rather than film) plastic parts. At the same time on the dashboard set chrome rings and trim Moman.

Farewell Stock

Sergei thought that leaving the car in the katabatic performance and will gradually bring it in perfect condition. But the idea quickly disappeared after when Angar 18, he was asked to make a swap, swapping the engine is not just on the motor from the Prelude line, and J32A from Honda Inspire with a manual six-speed transmission with a lock on the Acura TL Type S (explain that it is quite rare and expensive box because the machines were supplied to them in the US alone). Why J32A? The owner Angar 18, once went to the fourth-generation Prelude, but had an accident, and to restore the car had neither the strength nor the desire. Sergei did not just watching this project, but was delighted with him. Therefore, when he was offered a swap – to get all of the Prelude from that – he agreed immediately. Yes, and by the masters were interested to undertake such an experiment: they have never performed a similar procedure on the 5th generation Prelude.

Work started in early June, 2014. Just a couple of weeks the guys have made a large-scale training of the engine compartment to SWAPO and transformed the Prelude as a whole: remade the right and left fastening of the engine pads themselves manufactured mounting bracket back cushion so that suited my own piece of H22A, modified front frame under the motor mount cushions from Honda Inspire, put forked custom release banks from the Honda Accord, established the so-called "fat" two-row aluminum radiator and racks Tein Super Street and completely "peretryahnul" suspension: Now it's all on polyurethane. To the hood closed, it had to cut a hole for the new engine – such forced finalization, by the way, it looks quite brutal, drawing extra attention.

The only problem was the connection of the engine compartment of the spit. Solve it helped Seryozhin friend and colleague from the old working Dmitry and "prelyudovod" Alexander. And when the car wound up with a renewed heart, Sergei delight there was no limit – he received the Honda Prelude with an engine capacity of 3.2 liters, a torque of 315 Nm and power of about 280-290 horsepower!

Everyday life – happy and not very

By the way, this car Sergei – every day. After SWAPO, he even went to the sea, in Gelendzhik, and no technical problems on the road did not arise. However, quite without trouble no cost: 300 kilometers to the destination exploded rear right wheel – fortunately without consequences, even with wheel was flat. And on the way back on the track Prelude "caught" front tire torn lip, and lip and stayed somewhere under the wheels of trucks. On arrival home, Sergei immediately ordered a new cover on the front bumper and the car drove off again in service Angar 18. At this time, the idea to update the color to a bright orange – Orange Lamborghini – and expand the front and rear fenders by 17-inch wheels PIAA Super Rozza (on 8,5J 9,5J front and rear). As a result, Prelude has become wider by almost 7 centimeters.

In June 2015, Sergei went to his "false flax" the exhibition TCA Vladimir. There also occurred the first serious failure: a box jammed in fourth gear. In such circumstances, it was necessary to get to Moscow. The car was sent to the service RRR Customs, and the preliminary diagnosis was: a box – a replacement of the reason – oil starvation. Optimism is not added, because the price for it is not small. But, to the surprise and the children themselves of an RRR, and the owner of the car, the box proved to be very tenacious: autopsy and a detailed examination showed that repair is possible. Ordered parts waited for almost three and a half months, and received them, the masters gathered all just a half-day, and the next day Sergei again delighted with his "red-headed monster."

Future plans

But all of this – not the end of the history of revisions. The plans of the owner – to put good brakes, a new carbon-fiber hood and a carbon boot lid, which have already been ordered, alter salon and install high-quality "music", and to get a complete picture avtovinilom. All this – the pleasure is not cheap, but nothing is done about it: it is the very disease (or love), which you can spend almost all the money. Sergey has long ceased to pay attention to the phrases from the series "Well, you already buy myself a normal car." His Honda Prelude – not just a car.

The list of improvements:


  • J32A engine from Honda Inspire
  • DIL heatsink
  • Titanium bifurcated release
  • Custom intake filter zero resistance


  • 6-speed manual with a lock on the Acura TL Type S


  • Racks Tein Super Street
  • All polyurethane suspension of LLC "Polyurethane"


  • Chrome-plated rings in the dashboard
  • Cover Moman on the dashboard
  • Most of the plastic parts in the interior is replaced by carbon fiber
  • Original moldings on thresholds Prelude


  • A slight expansion of the body (back and front fenders), the car became wider by 7cm
  • Wide body kit OEM
  • Seibon carbon fiber hood on
  • The car is painted in the color Orange Lamborghini


  • 17-inch wheels raznoshirokie PIAA Super Rozza, the width of the front – 8,5J, the width of the rear – 9,5J

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