Tuning Honda Civic EK3: first love

Civic – the first car Denis. Initially he chose between "treshki» BMW E36 Coupe and Honda Civic EG. Once the scales tipped towards the Civic, I realized that to find EG in good condition is difficult, and decided to see the next box – EK. However, it turned out that to find a good EK slightly easier. He chose and bought a copy of the D15B engine capacity of 1.5 liters and 105 horsepower in the "mechanics" and knew exactly what the car will have to tinker. But the thought that so soon.

Full swap

During the first week Denis eliminated the existing problems and changed a bunch of consumables, but … just six months "dead" engine: due to a crack in the radiator overheated and cracked block. Restore sense unit was not, therefore, we began the search for options for SWAPO. At that time, the financial opportunities were limited, but would like to transfer to the Honda B-series engine, making a decent foundation for the future. Therefore, black was chosen by B16A Honda Civic EG6: to go with him on the B18 or the B20, just enough to change engines, and PPC and drives already come up.

B16A got what is called a "bolt-on", that is, as "native" in its place. I had only to twist the wires with an OBD2 to OBD1, since the engine – from the earlier model Civic. This was followed by Swapo replacement gearbox to S80 of the Honda Integra Type-R Spec96 with LSD – all also come without change. And since the drives from the D-series are not suitable to B, they had to change, too.

Further tuning

Following Dennis bought racks Tein Superstreet, and although almost immediately proved that they did not work adjustment, they have given way to an embodiment of the Spoon only a year later. Spoon out very successfully to win the Japanese auction at the old rate of exchange: they are based on delivery cost 21 000 rubles, which is excellent value for the rack with a range of 5000 km.

So, the car is more or less gone and started to stand confidently on the road, which means that it is time to engage the brakes. First, Denis managed to buy on the front axle set of calipers from the Honda Prelude with podpilennymi brackets and discs 282 mm and at the back, he looked after the 240-millimeter discs. And then I thought that it was better to take a brake assembly of Honda Integra DC2 Type-R Spec98 with 282/260 mm discs with hubs, fists, rear trailing arms and not to suffer with the selection. This is a fairly good stock set, and if with it something happens, you can always find a replacement quickly. Of course, there are options and more powerful, but the config for this car fits best. So Civic crossed c razboltovki 4 * 100 to 5 * 114.3. By the way, the drives had to change again: at Integra with five bolts a different number of slits, so that the old drives are not logged in to the hub.

Closer to the Type R

Denis car to a comprehensive approach, because improvements affected not only the technical part of the Civic, but also the interior and exterior.

When turned up the opportunity to buy a seat on the Honda Prelude, he changed his to them – from EK runoff seat back ached. However, like every hondavod, he dreamed of Recaro. Eventually it got to buy Recaro SPG and universal mount OMP for him. But then Dennis remembered that somewhere in Redliners forum saw an advertisement for the sale of slide Buddy Club was under his body, rummaged all threads found and bought. Now with the coveted "bucket" is clearly discordant passenger seat of foreplay. Second Recaro had to look for a long time: across or "tired" or expensive options. This year alone, was able to find a suitable SR2, and not just a black and gray accents, as well as on the SPG. That is, both the seat, despite the different models, sustained in certain colors.

Denis collected quickly enough from the Type R interior: black plastic, door cards with red inserts, red carpet, back sofa by Type R, the wheel of the Honda Accord EuroR (from Type R it differs only emblem color).

Perfect appearance

New wheels for the Civic Denis picked up for very long. He wanted it for the owners of the iconic model Hondas Desmond Regamaster Evo (they are light, rare, with a simple, but very cool design) and it was 16 inches. Available at all times been the "15th", the "17th", and then once on the "floated" the auction of 16-inch. In the last minutes before the end of trading Denis clashed in a battle with another buyer, but lost. Two weeks went without mood, when suddenly it turned out that the person who won is not bought back wheel. Then he contacted the seller and asked him to give up the auction and called the buyout price. He redid the ad and immediately bought Denis wheel. However, upon arrival in Russia it turned out that in the photo discs were deployed for great parties, so they waited for straightening, sandblasting and painting.

Now about the body. On dorestaylingovoy Honda Civic EK3, like Denis, with factory installed bumpers with moldings on the corners – without moldings, they were only EK9 and coupe. Both the first and second options – quite rare, and they are very difficult to buy, but it still managed to Denis! In this age of the domination of the Taiwan polyurethane skirts he was proud that his car – OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) appearance.

Length of several years

And that's not all history! With the rear stabilizer, for example, came out epic, lingering for several years. In 2011, Denis ordered the US rear wishbones and rear stabilizer Hardrace with amplifier ASR, all in gold color: would endure all in the same style, but did not consider either red or blue. However, when the parts arrived, I realized that while priority – Civic body to do so sold it, thinking that then buy the same if necessary. After a time, it appeared that more than set in this color does not collect: of lost sales and golden arms, and amplifiers. Denis periodically alluded to Paul, who has bought his "glands" that is ready to buy them back, but he politely refused. Just last year Pasha posted its coupe for sale, Denis was ready to pick up the coveted items, paying at the same time to replace the stock with its Civic, but the man remained adamant. As a result, they came to pick up, he met with the new owner of the machine.

Another interesting point: the engine settings Denis gained control unit Hondata the S300, but did not know that in addition to "Hondaty" models compatible with different JDM- and USDM-ECU. It turned out that the S300 was bought under the USDM, and stood on his Civic JDM. Well, that electrician Ruslan, who was involved in the car, offered free exchange catabatic ECU.

For the future

Denis bought my Civic in September 2009. Improvements began in April 2010 and is still going on. The machine was built for a long time as a toy for pokatushek the city, but this year, Dennis is very interested in the ring, to which, unfortunately, has not turned out. Once he decided what exactly ready to go on the track, was "approached" the clutch. Therefore, while Honda will leave for the winter, and next year – the owner is very hopes on it – she still sees the race track. During the winter he plans to find a "combat" 15th wheels, grip change, protivootliv put in a pan and set already purchased Defi gauges.

As for the engine, for the future, as mentioned in the beginning, Dennis considers either B18, or B20 to the VTEC, but still try to extract the ring is the use of a customized B16.

The list of improvements:


  • B16A engine of Honda Civic EG6
  • VV wire Nology


  • manifold HKS
  • Track OEM EK9
  • Bank 5Zigen Fireball


  • ECU: P28 + Hondata S300


  • Gearbox S80 from the Honda Integra Type-R Spec96 (with LSD)
  • Drives from the Honda Integra Type-R Spec98


  • Rack Spoon Fixed Height Dampers
  • Rear breakup levers Hardrace
  • The rear wishbones Hardrace
  • The forward stabilizer of the Honda CR-V RD1
  • Rear stabilizer 24 mm ASR amplifier
  • Spacers on the cup front / rear Skunk2 Black Series


  • The brakes on the Honda Integra DC2 Type-R Spec98 282/260 5 * 114.3
  • The main brake cylinder 1 inch
  • Russell Brake hoses


  • The dashboard of the Honda Integra DC2 Type-R
  • The driver's seat Recaro SPG
  • Runners Buddy Club driver's seat
  • Passenger seat Recaro SR2
  • Rear sofa OEM EK9
  • Armrest OEM VTi
  • MOMO steering wheel of the Honda Accord CL1 EuroR
  • Side scene Tenzo-R
  • Skunk2 shift knob
  • Case CAT OEM EK9 arm
  • Covers for Mugen pedal
  • Door trim OEM EK9
  • Carpet OEM EK9
  • Mats – red, EK9 style


  • Painting Lexus Desert Sage Metallic
  • Front bumper lip OEM EM1 + OEM EK9
  • Rear bumper with lip OEM EK9
  • Grille OEM EK9
  • Lights OEM EK9 (dark) + OEM USDM Turning chucks in a double-stranded lamp
  • Spoiler OEM EK9
  • Restyled lights OEM EK9
  • Red logos OEM EK9
  • Stickers on the rear fenders DOHC VTEC – OEM Civic Si



  • Discs Desmond Regamaster Evo R16 7J ET35
  • Tires Yokohama AVS Sport / Continental ContiSportContact 195/45/16
  • Nuts Tpi


  • Disks Stock EK9 + Yokohama Ice Guard tires 195/55 / ​​R15

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