Tuning BMW M5 E39: when the entire M5 and a little …

Rostislav first tried controlled drift back in 2002 on the same recipe as that of thousands of other young drivers: student years, VAZ-21063 1984 winter and a small asphalt playground, covered by ice. "To say that I knew then that the controlled drift is called drifting, I can not. I was even the word "drift" did not know … just for myself working out some release techniques from skidding on snowy and icy roads, for the experience and for fun. But winter passed, spring began, and 69 "horses" under the hood Zhiguli was not enough for the wheel spin. So what about the management of the car in the drift I have forgotten, and instead began the first drag Racing, tinkering in his "basins" and the introduction to the car get-together "- recalls the hero of our story.

Do not feel sorry for

Much later, in 2010, Vincent each drove him to his BMW E30 with engine S62 (V8 400 hp). The car was slightly modified for the inversion of the wheels and allow bad enough to slide into the drift. Just at this moment Rostislav and decided that he wanted to compete and build your own for that cramps. At that time, he went to the BMW M5 in body E39 2001 issue, and it was just ideal. Then, and until now, he has such machines in such perfect condition is not met anymore. Of course, dismantle and uproot it seemed illogical, but because "behu" put up for sale. With the money intended to buy a drift E30 or E36.

However, to sell the M5 it failed: there were the post-crisis era. The car was bought in July 2008 for 999 500 rubles, and in the summer of 2010, it sold just 680 000 rubles, but the calls were only vain talkers. Ad hung there for three months, and Rostislav realized that nothing remained but to discard all doubt and pity to the ideal and still make it out of her cramps. At M5 good motor, strong transmission – it would seem that more needs to drift?

Home korchestroeniya

Rostislav took out the entire cabin, disassembled car to the state of the pan is welded roll cage, put the buckets, sports belts, introduced Cusco lock in the rear gear unit, screws KW Variant 3 Supersprint full exhaust, and tried gidroruchnik podriftit on site. It turned out not so: there was no inversion of the front wheels. It turned out to a huge problem, because the M5 is not the rack, and is steering the machine, and some options for improvements simply was not on the market or on the Internet. So we had to take the car to Riga for children from HGK Motorsport, who have agreed to develop and implement its own version of the front axle to increase the inversion wheel, and in general a little zatyunit BMW. We decided to change something on the engine (in particular, to remove the "Vanosy"), suspension, brakes and facilitate the body through the installation of plastic doors, bumpers, bonnet, boot lid and even the roof, as the stock M5 weighs almost 1800 kg, and it is very, very much.

The first steps in the drift

The plan was to catch the first stage of the May 2012 Russian Drift Series in St. Petersburg, but by that time the car did not have time to finish, while in Riga it was already in October of the previous year. Rostislav took the car in exactly the second phase of RDS in Kazan. At that time he had only basic skills of drift, and the debut in the championship was a big challenge: how not to lose face, and at least to qualify? "Qual I was still passed, became, I think, the 17th of 32 participants, but in the first races of the pair lost due to the reversal. In general, 2012 was for me to participate in the competition difficult, it was impossible to ride. At that time I could not understand, prevent me from the car or I just have very little experience. As a result, BMW gave his friend Vincent, teammate V8 Madness Drift Team, he rolled her to the "Nizhny Novgorod ring" and also could not normally go. He said that obviously there is a problem with the steering – was no feedback on the steering wheel, he was absolutely "empty" and did not return to its original position. "

The next phase of construction and results

In the fall of 2012, Rostislav again drove the car to Riga to rework eversion wheels and front suspension geometry, while at the same time to set the compressor Race Marque, since power is still not enough. Though weight and was reduced, but the cramps and to this day heavy "dry" weight (without pilot) – 1340 kg. At this time, the car completed the time, and Rostislav Panfilov went immediately to the first phase of RDS in Myachkovo: "I remember in the top 16 of my opponent became champion Maxim Kostyuchik RDS in 2012, and we already have appointed two one more time. As a result, Maxim won, but personally, it was a victory for me – the car finally started rulitsya "2013 turned out to be the most intense for him to drift, and though not able to take any of the podium at the end of the five stages of Rostislav rose to 5! th place in the standings. Unfortunately, the two cylinders burned-out walls were not allowed to participate in the final 6-round and try to improve the result. Here it must be said that the problem with the engine started right before the qualification of the 5th stage. In the top-16 when Rostislav Panfilov drove in a pair of Nikita Shikov, they were given a re-run, but Rostislav deployed as relaying on the slow part of the track could make only two clutch kicks due to the fact that the engine has not pulled.

2014 was virtually no competition "ended" as much as two motors. By the 2015 season, BMW has gone through another transformation. And most importantly – Rostislav assembled a new engine with a completely new engine block, pistons, connecting rods, rings, valves, chains, stars and almost all the contents. All of these parts – the original factory BMW. Race Marque replaced by a whale from the ESS with Vortech V3 compressor (which, incidentally, is twice cheaper, and allows you to get almost the same performance in power), modify it intercooler. At intake – zero filter K & N, the release and stayed with Supersprint ravnodlinnymi collectors. The standard cooling system and added a bold radiator fans of Chevrolet Niva (formerly stood Spal, but they burned instantly). New compressor kit is designed for iron stock and "blowing" of only 0.5 bar, so a small increase in power – is now in the M5 511 horsepower and 600 Nm of torque at 1340 kg weight, and a factory engine produces 400 hp and 500 Nm.

Advances in the drift

Participation in the first phase of RDS in 2015 was under threat: it was not possible to adjust the engine, surfaced some strange problems on the iron. Just three days before the stage got to find the cause, but still had to "chase" the engine in all modes on the dyno. Miraculously Alius from Lithuania EAMV Motorsport tuning guru happened to be in St. Petersburg, and undertook to work with BMW. The car spent a lot of time on the bench, from 14 noon to 23:30 (again appeared with hinged iron problems). In the end, the guys right there cars loaded on a trailer and immediately went to the competition in Moscow. The car had not even had time to tighten in vinyl, and frankly it looked ugly, but the choice was simple: either to go on stage, or skip it, but delayed in the film. Rostislav chose to participate and has not lost: he took 3rd place in the standings!

Man has surpassed car

As a result of the three stages of RDS Rostislav Panfilov was on the 6th place in the individual competition and "rested" in the technique … Actually, why he passed all three phases of six – just the first half of the championship, as clearly it became clear that the season will end in best again for 4-5 place and he sees the sense of participation in the competition is only winning and climbing the podium. "I feel that I can win, but the technique – my cramps – do not allow it. Primarily because of its weight 1340 kg mass rivals cars in the top 1 000-1 100 kg. Well, the power, of course, need the power of the 600 and 800 the moment. "

And as in the harsh battle RDS can take first place with only new writhes, this car now … for sale.

The list of improvements:


  • Removed all 4 Vanos
  • Compressor kit from ESS with Vortech V3 compressor
  • Intercooler
  • Low resistance filter K & N
  • Release Supersprint with ravnodlinnymi collectors
  • Bold radiator
  • Fans of the Chevrolet Niva


  • Setting: Alius from EAMV Motorsport
  • The motor 100 is configured to gasoline, 511 hp the flywheel


  • single-mass flywheel
  • metal-ceramic clutch
  • Differential lock in Cusco gearbox 2 way


  • Screws KW Variant 3
  • Custom front suspension
  • Custom rear breakup levers
  • Changed the rear steering knuckles and fists
  • Suspension on all loops, instead of inserting silent blocks of aluminum


  • Willwood four-brakes front and rear
  • Gidroruchnik
  • Reinforced brake hoses Goodridge
  • Brake pads CL


  • Sparco buckets
  • Seat belts Sabelt
  • Tilton pedal unit
  • "Energy" Security Framework


  • Custom plastic doors, bumpers, front fenders, hood and trunk lid.
  • Roof carbon, made HGK Motorsport
  • All windows except the windshield, polycarbonate coated with sapphire
  • Vinyl

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