Trickster: tuning Toyota Mark II JZX100

Civic duty and sporting ambitions

This machine is reincarnated innumerable times. For some time, a couple of years, she has served host to the daily movements of the city: Toyota Mark II JZX100 – good, reliable and comfortable car. The first improvements were associated with the appearance of cars: his first “lick” for exhibitions. Then the priority was bodykit, painting, new wheels, remaking the cabin, the audio installation, suspension … And once Constantine came to the meeting drift team JZ-Brothers, and he himself wanted to try what a controlled drift. So it all started: Kostya “fired up” drifting.

Restructuring, reorganization … more

In Mark stood 1JZ-GE and automatic transmission, which is obviously not suited for a new hobby. It was decided to replace it with a 1JZ-GTE VVT-i – of course, with the mechanics and gidroruchnikom. Here and began serious training.

When Constantine came to the decision to participate in professional competitions, the engine was replaced again. Having studied a lot of online resources, including overseas, the pilot came to the conclusion that the combination of 2JZ-GTE engine and R154 gearbox – it can be said, is ideal: it is enough budget and effectively. After a bit of “conjured” with iron and attachments, can be obtained as a result of 500 horsepower. As a new turbine Garrett took the 3076 HTA with a working pressure of 1.4 bar – it is quickly inflated, even at 2 100 r / min to boost comfort. The exhaust system with a diameter of 80 mm from the production of turbines RGC, «Bank» – HKS, inlet – Pipercross filter low resistance. To help the cooling system added air intercooler size of 600x300x70 mm and 14-row maslokuler GReddy. Manages all computer Haltech 2000. customize your motor Kostya entrusted Roman of ToySport, as it may work with your computer, and solve related problems for the “hardware.”

PPC left from the previous configuration – five-speed manual R154, but added a ceramic clutch Exedy Hyper Single. We experiment a bit with the suspension: the face lifted car and dropped back to increase the load on the rear axle, as well as some digested bipod and increased eversion of the front wheels. Of course, to participate in official competitions in the car was installed a safety cage. After that, naturally began to alleviate the car. Weight-loss achieved by cutting off any excess metal, up to the roof (it is made of carbon fiber), front and rear bars installed bash, and they hung custom “front” and “back” cars.

The first exit at the freshly built car was held at the RDS stage Myachkovo in 2015 with the team «ASCURA GARAGE», but immediately feel all the charm of the updated machines did not work, as the heavy rain. But in the second stage of the competition in Nizhny Novgorod Kostya I felt the difference between what was and what was, at 100%: Marc began to accelerate faster, and he completely lost momentum – almost always had to go at full throttle.


And now about the appearance. What you see in the photo – is the fifth version of the look of the car. The first was okolostokovym: body kit and wheels, so to speak, “in the style”. The second transformation was due vinyl based Sub-Zero, after which the film was removed and repainted body in pink. The next season, Mark became colored (again due to vinyl), and in 2015 received a radically new look Mark2X.

Here is how it was. The team «ASCURA GARAGE» specializes in the manufacture of individual parts and a variety of skirts made of fiberglass and carbon fiber, and the guys wanted to do something that in Russia no one else did not put kakoy-libo option already used on other brands, and come up with chto-to completely new. Thus was born the idea to cross the Mark II JZX100 to “muzzle” of the Toyota Mark X.

If the engine, wiring and configuring the computer problems hardly arise, then make a new style of car was not easy. During the work it became clear that the “face» Mark X wider than the stock Mark II, and even with the expansion of the wheels by 5 cm on each side of it is still covered them. So we had to cut in half the hood and shortened it, and make the expansion in the style of Rocket Bunny.

“Muzzle” for the vehicle to make a single piece, combining the hood, front bumper and front fenders together. Back now also “monolithic” – so it is easier and faster to remove all if necessary, which is especially important during the competition. As a result of plastic were produced new body parts – everything, down to the doors and side windows replaced with polycarbonate. The only factory part taken for the exterior of cars – it lights from Mark X. However, and modified by inserting the fluorescent lights in the style of “angel eyes”. The result is impressive: even many “markovody” do not realize that this “umpteenth” Mark, the car has changed so dramatically.

Konstantin Petrov

the owner and the pilot, the team «ASCURA GARAGE»

I used to ride on the BMX professional, but at one point received a back injury. At that time I already had Marc, I rode a little sideways on the machine.

It was then that I decided that we should go to the drift. Drift – this is exactly what I like: this is freedom, risk. When I go on the road, I forget everything as if there are no problems, only the track and I did.

Drift – sport stern pin and not too gentle for the car, and therefore before the new season the machine is waiting for the next Rebild. Her disassemble, repainted, will restore all that is needed, and will lead to the appearance of the final form. This we will see it this year – but who knows, maybe in the next, it will deceive the audience a new appearance.

The list of improvements:


  • 2JZ-GTE engine
  • Garrett Turbine 3076 HTA, operating pressure of 1.4 bar
  • Inserts ACL
  • Coils from toyotovskogo engine 3GR
  • Intercooler air size 600x300x70 mm
  • 14-row maslokuler GReddy
  • zero resistance filter Pipercross Pk009F 102
  • Blow-off HKS
  • Issue 80 mm from the turbines by RGC, Bank HKS


  • ECU Haltech 2000
  • disconnect switch


  • Ceramic Exedy Hyper Single Clutch
  • A five-speed manual transmission R154


  • Coilovers DGR, the spring stiffness of the front 19 and rear 14
  • Spacers front 7.5 cm and 5 cm behind
  • Front strut stiffness, custom
  • The lower strut, custom
  • Custom kit to increase the inversion of the front wheels
  • Polyurethane front


  • Gidroruchnik B & S Industries


  • Homologated safety cage, Kaluga
  • OMP steering wheel 350 mm
  • Driving Sparco bucket
  • Passenger bucket Bride Vios
  • Four-point safety belts Takata
  • The fire extinguisher on a custom quick coupler


  • The side windows are replaced with polycarbonate
  • Rear plastic arch with extension doors and rear fenders under 5 cm spotlight
  • carbon Roof
  • thresholds Vertex
  • Rear wing with variable angle of attack, length 180 cm
  • Monolithic “muzzle”, plastic (front bumper and hood custom Toyota Mark X, front fenders)
  • Monolithic “ass”, plastic
  • The trunk lid, Restayl
  • The front and rear bars bash
  • Lights from Toyota MarkX, fluorescent lights in the “angel eyes” style

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