This is not a JDM: tuning Daewoo Nexia

This car is the least you expect to see in the category “Tuning” – especially after he had already been in the category “Choosing and buying.” Nevertheless, people’s love and personal enthusiasm, multiplied by experience, are capable of many things: the appearance of this particular instance hints at what’s inside he’s not so simple.

Standard input

Need a car, which would be quite inexpensive when you buy, not broke, and her service was worth a penny? And that while it is relatively fast and went would be quite a comfortable for two people? “It does not happen” – you might say. “It happens!” – Said the hero of our today’s material. However, there are a few “buts”: will have to sacrifice the pathos of legendary brands, high quality leather interior Mexican jerboa, support for the iPhone and even the mass of any fashionable gadgets and options, which usually begins with the description of almost any modern car.

Some such considerations guided Ilya in 2009, when it was time to replace the vehicle. It is worth to notice that behind him he already had experience of playing in the sport (professional go-kart, the Legends, RSKG), so wanted to urban driving does not cause nausea and depression, and pleasing drive.


Of course, such requests were assumed, and further refinement of the selected machines, but with all this shopping budget was quite modest. As a result, looking at several options, Ilya stopped at an old Japanese woman is not like Mark II, as often happens, but … on the Daewoo Nexia.

As I once planned to start completions, then I bought a new Nexia in the simplest configuration. With this brand and model I have often come across before, and its possibilities and shortcomings have a complete picture. I chose instance without power steering, air conditioning, and other joys of automotive life. She did not need – nothing should take away the already modest capacity of the motor (80 hp..), And on the reliability of this will affect only the better side (air conditioning and electric windows at Nexia Model – known trouble spots)


From the showroom – immediately on completion

UNP Racer

First thing in the trash went for the front seats – they were replaced by civilian “buckets» UNP Racer. Moreover, the lower part of the passenger “Seats” has been adjusted to make it convenient to get in and out of the car. Then came the turn of the suspension: it established Weitec springs (-40 mm), shock absorbers KYB AGX adjustable stiffness, front stabilizer larger diameter and an upper strut. Instead of standard set of wheels 15-inch forged wheels with rubber VSMPO Yokohama AVS V 102.

Then came the turn of the transmission. Instead of standard CPR introduced a short box with a pair of main and other gear ratios – also from Nexia, just another version. In search tuning options Ilya even subtracted somewhere that someone put in from Daewoo PPC Opel Calibra, but the gear ratios there longer, so that it make sense in this decision did not see. But along with the other PPC installed larger diameter clutch.

the front discs and pads

When finished with the transmission, we have audited the brake discs and pads picked ATE (regular drives diverted from overheating) and slightly modified the brake master cylinder. Given that Nexia after restyling put more powerful calipers, they did not touch. At this point, although it has the driver brakes in general satisfied with the idea to increase the performance of the rear.

Now the engine. Sometimes Ilya went to a sports camshaft EDO Dynamics SmartCAMS, which was immediately introduced into the motor with the throttle and modified cylinder head with small modifications. Staff exhaust went in the trash behind the seats – was replaced by a system of MG-Race (spider, two resonator and muffler), after which the chip-tuning of the motor has been carried out. ECU was regular, but it works with the individual program, and after the online configuration.

Not only fast, but also beautiful and convenient

Contributed improvements eventually led to the fact that it was necessary to pay attention to the body, which rigidity, to put it mildly, raises questions. Simply install the front strut lower stiffness (without “walking” racks glasses). But behind it had to spend a little more hard work …

TOYO R888 195/50/15

For normal operation, it was necessary to trim the inner edge of the rear wing and change the shape of the wheel arches. And again, all because historically Daewoo Nexia – a deep modernization of Daewoo Racer, licensed copy of the Opel Kadett. Someone in the development of Cadette had the idea to do a kind of a back arch, covering part of the wheel and make it so that just cut it without prejudice to the body very difficult. And UzDaewoo idea continued and made even stronger wheel arches. As a result, quite a narrow 195-mm tires on the new Nexia at active driving touches the inside of the wheel arch and the edge of the wing and forced to redo everything.

In addition to technical improvements, Ilya paid little attention and the vehicle cabin. Rather uncomfortable steering set Momo, and stock dvuhdinovaya Clarion allegedly replaced the usual JVC acoustics Morel Tempo.

Personally, I do in the car is very convenient. Terms “workspace” is such that I can easily pass on the Daewoo Nexia long distances, about 1 000 kilometers, and not at all tired. As a result of all the alterations happened cars, it meets my riding style. After a series of maps KZ-2 (with engines up to 125 cc? C and six assists) have absolutely no surprise incredible acceleration to “hundreds”, and I do not chase behind it. It is important that the car could go and still be stable in the “battle” mode, ie late and without horror to brake, precisely and predictably to turn on the edge of the slip where it is necessary, and normally dispersed. So I did more rigid suspension, has introduced “short” PPC put forged wheels with Slik poluslik TOYO R888 and so on. I thought a lot of the limited slip differential, but eventually abandoned the idea because of concerns over the resource node. Of course, in a city where I can use a little of its potential Nexia, but I wanted to create just such a configuration

When Elijah ordered new wheels, I wanted to make them bright, and he chose a light green. At the same time under this business it was corrected defects in the body such as dents on the roof and parking tracks neighbors mirrors repainted in the color discs and made light green stripes on the body. This, of course, immediately refreshed car.

What can and what should be

Yes, this Daewoo Nexia small capacity – at best about 120 liters. from. at 6700 rev / min, but this is offset by other modifications. Bring the “herd” of forces to 190-200, in principle, not difficult and not very expensive, but in the future it will require all Rebild car in a circle to maintain balance. You can not strengthen the single node, regardless of the other components.

Daewoo Nexia
Brief specifications
Improved throttle + sports camshaft EDO Dynamics SmartCAMS
Chip-tuning SVVMotorSport
PPC with a short pair of main and non-standard gear ratios of the first three gears
Weitec springs (-40 mm)
Forged wheels Slik
Sound System
The head unit JVC, speakers Morel Tempo

In general, Ilya recognized that deal with modifications Nexia easy. The car is positioned as a great option for seniors, truckers and taxi drivers – respectively, among the range of tuning shops to find her something interesting almost impossible. Finished goods simply do not have and never will. Any question arising forces to think creatively and otherwise dodge – it will not JDM, where almost every car has aftermarket stuff and kilotons ready whales. A little help with a relationship model Opel Kadett, but not much: some parts may come from Opel, although this is rare. In this case, set the spring, and the wheel is just like selling parts for Opel.

What’s next? As is known, tuning can only be suspended, but did not finish. The plans – to search for enhanced grip, meditation on the rear brakes, as well as a desire to change the acoustics already tired. Well, given the unusual choice of Ilya car tuning, may be any surprises!

The list of improvements:


  • Improved throttle
  • Sport camshaft EDO Dynamics SmartCAMS
  • Refined channels in the cylinder head and valves
  • Release MG-Race, cooked to order (spider, two resonator silencer)


  • Chip-tuning SVVMotorSport


  • PPC with a short pair of main and non-standard gear ratios of the first three gears
  • larger diameter clutch


  • Weitec springs (-40 mm)
  • KYB AGX shock absorbers with adjustable stiffness
  • The front stabilizer larger diameter
  • Front: upper and lower stiffening struts


  • GTZ finalized
  • The front discs and pads ATE


  • Seats UNP Racer
  • Momo steering wheel
  • Audio: JVC head unit, speakers Morel Tempo


  • Fine-tuned rear fenders and wheel arches
  • repainting body


  • Forged wheels Slik
  • Tire-poluslik TOYO R888 195/50/15

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