The tuners presented a very powerful Camaro

Specialists Vehicle Engineering (SVE) specialists have proposed a very powerful version of the Chevrolet Camaro, which is suitable for those who do not seem to have much performance in the Camaro SS.

The tuning company has prepared an update package that increases the power of the atmospheric Camaro engine to 800 hp, and the maximum torque is 750 lb-ft. Thus, the power of the car increased by 345 hp. Compared with the standard version of the Camaro SS, and also turned out to be 93 hp. More than the Challenger SRT Hellcat offers. This is made possible by a number of improvements, including a special supercharger, forged steel crankshaft, aluminum pistons, modernization injection system.

In addition, the brake system has been optimized, a special lid on the engine has been installed, small cosmetic changes have been made. On the “legs” of the model were new 20-inch wheels, and in the salon there were firm carpets.

The cost of the package starts from $ 40,000, while the tuners are going to produce no more than 50 copies of their project.