The low, clean, blue: Tuning Volkswagen Golf Mk5 R32

Stance-culture recently developed by leaps and bounds. European fashion has captured the minds of Russian motorists. This is understandable – a relatively simple manipulations, and for relatively little money you can stand out from the flow of force to attract attention. However, some projects come in its development very far …

Better Golf may be just another … Golf

The idea of ​​construction of the project on the basis of Volkswagen Golf Mk5 huddled in my head for a long time, Dmitry. He at one time had already been finalized fifth Golf, but with the engine of 1.6 liters. And then luck has turned up a little broken, but the R32. And this, for a minute, is quite another matter! The engine of 3.2 liters and four-wheel drive – that's the key to success. And they are joined by other bumpers, sills, lights, lights, spoiler, a different shade of glass, the other cabin interior inserts himself, steering wheel, gear knob, "tidy" … in general, not the machine – the bomb!

Without a moment's hesitation, I bought Dima R 32. Outside it was winter, and he was determined to go to the car ready by May. Why to May? Because this month in Austria on Lake Wörthersee (Worthersee) to the famous avtofestival GTI T reffen, whose main exhibits, as the name implies, are the VW Golf GTI in modification. Here is where you can and show yourself, and for others to see and learn new ideas at the same time.

First experience

to underreporting
XYZ Racing

Work has begun to boil. The car was restored, painted in the original color, looked over the engine. However, ironically scratched the cylinder wall at the bulkhead, and had to go to tuning: sharpening block and put forged pistons. But as they say, everything that is done – for the better: Now the engine is ready to "turbostsenariyu" if such thoughts suddenly come to mind to the owner. Renewal of body thoroughly underestimated by using XYZ Racing coilovers and Volkswagen have put in baggy 10.5 dyuymovovye wheel. As such, the Golf and came to the festival GTI T reffen in 2012.

The main conclusion to which Dmitry came by looking to the European exhibits – need to cool the car paint. It must literally evident painting quality. Here, the color is not as important as it is, more importantly, how it is done. It is this feature different from the best seen on the example of the event.

In the best examples

Upon returning to Moscow Dima continued to experiment and decided to lower the car even further. Of course, mistakes were still: so different suspension gave only a new look, but it did not work correctly, resulting in frequent contact with the wheel arches. Of course, after some time the arch were badly beaten. I had to paint the car again.

Color choose blue, similar to the factory, but a little different hue. In order not to step on the same rake, at the same time changed the shape of the front wings, extending them by about 5 cm, and also found the front arms of the Audi TT, simultaneously refined the upper support to "fill up" the wheel. The rear part of the finalized similar scenario – altered arch and established special levers with adjustment disorder.

Work CR-Kai Kiwami 10,5j et15

Now, in the rear arches can easily put a wheel with a much more "evil" options – but the four-wheel drive means installing identical front and rear "sneakers". Therefore, we left the same set of 17-inch wheels BBS, but touched them with replacement of shelves, good design and three-pillar makes this possible. Under the hood of the spacer introduced between the cups racks – and for rigidity and aesthetics.

As such, Golf otezdil entire season in 2013, driving, including half of Europe with a visit to such events as the VAG E vent and R aceism. There have been adopted by the new trends of the Stance of the world – in particular, the emphasis on Shaving engine compartment. Now, looking under the hood, you can not find anything but the engine: removed adsorber and blowing collector (system of rapid warming in winter), moved, and masked the surge tank, has been removed in the interior fuse box. For good measure "gloss" the engine was painted in gray and the intake manifold – in glossy black. Now it's hard to choose the form in which the car is more impressive: with a closed or open the hood.

Outside the victims of the struggle for the perfect look became even janitors. various types of chemical composition "antirain" now work for them. Less effective, of course, but the style is more important in this project.

third repainting

Svezhepokrashennomu body Dima was happy for long. Long caravans even after the suspension settings on the left arches, new scars. It was decided to repaint the car for the third time – the more so that the extension proved not performed very efficiently and in need of alteration. In addition, on long trips were covered with chipped front bumper and hood.

Dmitry rightly judged: so if the paint for the third time, you need to choose the color brighter and more interesting. The selection process was long, was attended by all – and friends and family … In the end, was selected from a palette of colors of old Porsche. Color rare, but still varies depending on the lighting.

After painting the front splitter installed KR – aero, as well as changed and retuned suspension. 17-inch wheels were replaced by "18 th» Work CR-Kai Kiwami.

The interior installed two bucket, and it was decided to … get rid of the back of the sofa. What for? Yes that there was no temptation for someone to plant and once again break svezheperedelannye and painted arches.

Along the way, we decided to slightly modify the exhaust system. The car was standing forward flow without catalysts. On the atmospheric engine, this means a very loud exhaust sound, which sooner or later begins to pall, especially when it comes to in one sitting to overcome more than one hundred kilometers. So we decided to add a cavity, but not simple, and the so-called "Helmholtz resonator". When properly installed, this detail can make the sound much softer, removing the annoying hum, which is manifested at certain engine speeds. The machine is now not only pleases the eye, but also to the ear.

Volkswagen Golf Mk5 R32
Brief specifications
3.2 liter VR6
Revo firmware
XYZ Racing, refined for greater undervaluation
Work CR-Kai Kiwami 10,5j et15 18?

Happened? Happened!

This results in a project that is really worthy of respect. There are directions Stance transferred accurately – attention to detail. The lack of compromise: if Shaving engine compartment – it such that really surprised. If body painting – the only high-quality, with a thorough polishing. If the wheel – then polished to a shine, with carefully chosen wheel nuts and center cap. The machine should be such that the mosquito nose will not undermine. Low suspension – that's not all, each component is important. And all this is sustained in the Golf exactly the way it should be.

The list of improvements:


  • Motor original 3.2 liter VR 6
  • Forged pistons
  • Short inlet filter low resistance
  • Full release on the 76 mm pipe
  • Magnaflow resonator
  • Custom Helmholtz resonator from TurboWorks
  • Nozzles Magnaflow
  • Shaving engine compartment
  • Custom tank antifreeze B & S industries
  • Polyurethane rigid motor support


  • Firmware Revo


  • XYZ Racing Suspension, modified for greater undervaluation
  • Front arms from Audi TT
  • Upper supports custom to increase the collapse
  • Rear breakup levers Megan Racing
  • Spacer stiffness under the hood
  • Spacer rigidity in the trunk


  • Two bucket
  • smooth floor
  • Rear sofa cleaned


  • The arches widened by 5 cm each
  • The complete repainting of the body
  • Front splitter KR – aero
  • Removed the front and rear wipers


  • Disks Work CR-Kai Kiwami 10,5j et15 18 "
  • Rubber 215/35 / 18

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