The Germans presented the magnificent supercar Novitec Rosso N-Largo S


Novitec tuners presented an impressive project Novitec Rosso N-Largo S, developed on the basis of the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. The company plans to manufacture only 11 of these cars.


The Italian supercar got a body kit, not only making Ferrari F12 Berlinetta more aggressive, but also improving aerodynamics. The new components are made of carbon fiber. Also used were light 21- and 22-inch wheels, specially designed for the Novitec Rosso N-Largo S, with Pirelli P Zero tires.


Specialists Novitec Rosso worked on the suspension, reducing the ground clearance by 40 mm. Optionally, the system will be offered to lift the front axle to overcome obstacles. The salon offers a wide range of finishes, as well as new sports seats.


Novitec Rosso N-Largo S is noticeably more powerful than the conventional model. The 6.3-liter super car engine is capable of producing 781 hp. (574 kW) at 8600 rpm and 722 Nm at 6400 rpm. Acceleration of 0-100 km / h takes only 3 seconds, and the maximum speed of the car is limited to 350 km / h.