The car as a canvas: a work of art on wheels

Close this curve logical sequence suddenly decided to artists from around the world, as they are equally strong love painting and cars. By combining two of his passions, these gentlemen presented to the public the fact that in their creative understanding as close as possible to the ideal. Absolute, if you will. So today is devoted to the selection of the most outstanding works of art … on wheels!

Vernissage BMW

The phenomenon of BMW Project Car Art originated with the filing of the French racer Hervé Poulain in 1975. Following the acquisition of a sport coupe BMW 3.0 CSL that Monsieur asked his friend Alexander Calder, to paint a new car. Oddly enough, he did not neglect the request and did a fine job with the job, even though he was a sculptor and did not like to work with ready-made forms. Soon a project so impressed the audience that to him year after year became connect all new representatives of pop art. This spontaneous artistic relay lasted (with interruptions) up to 2010, and "exposure" has grown to 17 vehicles. Each – with a propeller on the hood of BMW.

Perhaps the arts of the vernissage early BMW models now seem not quite so attractive. This is because the artists tried to depict on the vehicle body speed, while working in their own style. For example, a cellular compartment 320i Liechtenstein in the photo is often mistaken for a toy

Among the authors of this "art gallery" in the RV had a lot of stars, from which it is difficult to single out someone special. For example, in the project participated provocative comic creator Roy Lichtenstein and the famous pupil of Salvador Dali, Ernst Fuchs. However, the figure of Andy Warhol in particular needs no introduction – this master of visual art, perhaps, everyone knows. His exhibit was the fourth in a row in the opening day Car Art. For painting, Warhol chose the model BMW M1 Group 4 Race Version.

It is worth noting that the "Bavarian motors" were very happy to give its latest "coupe of Champions" at the mercy of the artist. Project Car Art though originated by chance, without the initiative someone from the PR group, just a few years gained a lot of popularity. Focusing on the excitement that caused the previous three colored sports car, the BMW brand was able to use the public's attention as a further promotion of its products, so for future installations of the artist receives the latest models of the company. Andy Warhol, in particular, has brought to the project a great depth and significance, having painted compartment M1 himself. Before him, the artists worked with models in scale 1: 5, and drawing on real machines with sketches transferred their assistants. Pop Art King saw it as the embodiment of the vehicle speed, which tried to capture. In assent with Warhol, a race 24 Hours of Le Mans the same rider, Herve Poulain, I sat behind the wheel of the M1. This performance occurred in 1979 – then the BMW team took second place in its class and sixth overall.

Warhol painted this car, causing the paint in different ways, using the materials at hand and even his fingers, "I tried to draw as speed looks like. When the car is moving at high speed, all the lines and colors are lubricated, embodied in a completely different way "

Features: Big names, uterine roar of "twin-Kamov" and scattered colored spots, at high speed merging into the incredible figure. It seems that the speed and the looks.

Ugly secret Cubism

If you do not know everything minivan Citroen C4 Picasso is, named in honor of the great artist, I would say that the first time such off the line in 2007. However, the mechanic Andy Saunders, a native of Dorset, England, had his own claim to this title. The Englishman thought that if a car and have the right to bear the name of the famous impressionist, then it should look according to his canvases. No more, no less…

Following his own rule set, Mr. Saunders got hold of an old Citroen 2CV, again making sure that the nickname of "The Ugly Duckling" is the best suited to this machine, and then take it apart to the last screw. Of course, these were only preparatory works of the upcoming tuning, but instead of sketches or diagrams transformed auto mechanic hung before the eyes of reproduction paintings "Seated Woman" ( "Portrait of Dora Maar") Pablo Picasso authorship. It is this picture became the starting point in the project, Andy Saunders.

Who would have thought that the combination of this picture and this machine will lead to a similar result …

Body accident "duckling" mechanic cut into 12 pieces. In general, he showed unprecedented accuracy and rare tenacity to give them the greatest possible asymmetry. Saunders did not spare even the optics and grille, to stick them on the housing so as your heart desires. He also was not very pretentious for painting, shamelessly using a bright palette, and enjoyed a famous artist. Curiously, at the exit Citroen Andy does not look a bunch of multi-colored stuff, and has a harmonious perfection. In the world of intelligent car so I could look like a fugitive from a lunatic asylum, a survivor of the session shock therapy.

Despite the relentless tuning, which lasted 1200 hours, driveability old "De shvo" have not suffered: its two-cylinder motor still accelerates the car up to 65 miles per hour, and the independent suspension is still perfectly. Auto, by the way, has access to public roads, and after 2007 of the name of him Citroen Picasso was formalized (without prejudice to the production models, of course). Thank mechanic eccentric does not interfere with Andy Saunders giving countless interviews, but from the auto show invitations he steadfastly refused, because I believe that if his car and become a museum piece, it is only at the Tate Gallery or the Pompidou Center.

"I studied the works of Picasso and said, what are the main colors he uses. This scheme I applied in my car, "- says Saunders. By the way, his driving license, he was only in the daytime. If you noticed, all the head optics is concentrated in one place – the front left corner, making night driving in extravagant and dangerous undertaking

Features: magnetics Picasso paintings is so strong that even the effect for cars. Let this "duck" does not become more beautiful, but definitely added charisma. Now, no one will call more "ugly". Is that another city crazy …

Bentley to smile

In cooperation with the artist Bentley Motors company first ventured in 2009. Approaching round date – the 90th anniversary of founding of the brand, and to celebrate its quality, the British invited Romero Britto, the pop art master. In the course of the joint project was born a unique concept car created on the principle of "author airbrush + coolest production model." That is, Bentley Continental GT Romero Britto. Or Bentley Britto, if briefly.

History Continental GT model does not shine colors. There have always been held in high esteem classic white and classic black. In extreme cases the colors were mixed. But an exception was added pink …

Before you publish the results, the company's PR faithfully labored until the promised date, November 7, the network flooded more than 500 thousand News about the role of Mr. Britto in the "family" celebration Bentley! Although the purpose of the British, it is necessary to give them credit, it was noble – they wanted to put the car up for auction and all proceeds transferred to Natalie Todenhofer Fund to fight multiple sclerosis. The event, by the way, took place in Germany and the unique Bentley Britto ass still in the garage of one of the local moneybags. And how could pass this Milyaga aristocrat, painted in the flower foolish? I do not know about you, but I like it!

A car with this uncompromising pattern shone at the Berlin exhibition «Come to my World», during which Romero Britto admitted that he painted it, "to see the smiles on people's faces"

Features: English sense of humor, many doubts, but in the work of the artist guys from Bentley Motors has finally come to know the catharsis. Concept Britto – real snobbery detector that will make smile and stone.

Vinyl psychedelia

Artist Laurence Gartel – a classic example of the rebellious 70s. Patli unkempt, psychedelic rock columns and a skeptical smile in response to all that talk on TV – his business card. But even in an era of great experiments with music and "substances" this guy is different from his brothers and became the pioneer of digital art. On this field Gartel reached considerable heights, and his work is not just exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art of the Smithsonian Institution. With a sharp temper, he always preferred the open demonstration of their views on things that are usually different from the generally accepted standards. Tesla Company also can not be called downtrodden prisposoblenkoy: work with the rebels – perhaps the most important law that prevails within its walls. So those two had shlestnutsya seriously.

Outside elektrorodstera before meeting with Laurence Gartel …

It happened in 2010, just after the start of the conveyor model Tesla Roadster Sport. In the new electric vehicle market represented the premium segment, and therefore it was necessary advertising relevant. It was decided to be guided on the successes of the past, namely, those "art cars» BMW. For this purpose, Laurence Gartel and invited.

Ironically, the opinion of the artist and found about cars. And Tesla was lucky that her eyes Gartel roadster became "one of the most extraordinary machines of today." Ride it has caused an explosion in the brain of the artist is so vigorous endorphins, that he would not delay to capture them on the body of the car. Vortex psychedelic images, as early covers of The Grateful Dead, half with the characters of Federico Fellini film spawned a powerful combination, which is so wanted to achieve Tesla. Representatives of the company is proud to point out that no one-inch coating roadster did not go unnoticed Mr. Gartel. The project is unique and underlines the fact that instead of the usual paint the artist used vinyl.

And then … The artist, by the way, was in genuine delight from such love. "I was shocked when I went off like a rocket. It was like flying to Mars, the mission completely silent! "- He says his trip to the Tesla Roadster

Features: Acceleration up to a hundred in 3.7 seconds without a drop of gasoline costs at least: Tesla Roadster Art Car – is an example of the fact that people no longer have to compromise on either style or beauty, or even performance, choosing electric.

Flower painting

On the example of his previous colleagues company Alfa Romeo was able to verify the usefulness of specialized installations. Therefore, preparing in 2011 to provide the public with the new MiTo hatchback eco-friendly motor JTDM-2 low exhaust, the Italians decided to heighten the effect to release the art car. For its registration invited British zhivopisitsu Louise Deer.

The canvas, which the artist depicted on the machine, is called «Because I Can». In fact, this scattering of flowers and a large portrait of 17-year-old daughter Louise in the middle there is nothing more than an agitation in favor of "green." A large number of green leaves – a symbol of the fighters for the environment – dotted sides, hood and roof, as if by accident suggests that CO2 emissions in this vehicle is only 95 g / km! Although the author of the picture has a different view: "The target audience MiTo are successful and stylish young people with a positive attitude to life. His work, I would like to emphasize the elegance and beauty of the hatchback. "

In order to mark the importance of this event, the company Alfa Romeo has arranged a series of private shows in the London gallery Artica (Covent Garden). Then, exposure to art-car as the main "dish" made a trip around the UK, but its further fate is unknown. However, judging by the number of prizes awarded this supermini various automotive publications, the audience appreciated his potential. So, hype and a picture was not superfluous.

Features: Model Alfa Romeo MiTo is like a moving insect, why all this floral dress to her face. Here are just pathetically Italians, as always, have gone too far.


For example, the data exhibits contemporary artists demonstrated their ability to work not only on the canvas (and other surfaces), but also on the back of the car. And while many of our heroes are willing to sign up for expensive hack masterpiece with them to create quite capable. Who knows, maybe in the distant future similar images corrode hype of the big cities? I, for one, would not mind.

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