Start from scratch: Moskvich-tuning 214145

Late Moskvich front wheel – one of the worst options for the basis for a tuning project. The whole machine is almost gone – all rotted. They are especially popular not used. Spare a little. Reputation – below the plinth. But if you ask for, it’s all real.

P he first appeared in 2141 Moskvich-life of Sergei 20 years ago. Low cost, very confident road manners and spacious interior – what do you need the car for each day? He was white, has experienced several crossings and one accident, but it was a difficult time, and had to part with him. Second Moskvich, brown Svyatogor, first served as a workhorse at the company, where he worked for his father and then was bought for personal use.

It so happened that in addition to the family tradition to buy Muscovites Sergey hates Zhiguli. He went to college in the specialty maintenance and repair of motor transport and, of course, all the practice took place in the “classics” VAZ. Experience Lada repair it enough even at that time.




“I do not like bodywork Lada, especially the engine compartment. I hate their “engine”. It seems that they were created to mock the people, and the experience of repair Moskvich created the opposite impression. What is wrong in the “classics”? Fixed wings in the “five”, for example, little space in the engine compartment. When you hit another car easier to buy than to restore its. I remember how each changed in the fourteenth model VAZ motor stove, and how hard it was for him to crawl. Muscovites, the same procedure takes less than a minute, however, I never due to damage this part has not changed. So-called “crabs” and monolithic “TV” in the “eight” also deliver a lot of trouble. “

So, when the hero of our story passed on the right and began to think about your own car, the choice was only between Muscovites and foreign cars. More funds young people at that time did not have, and indeed, too small. The choice was obvious: the first car was the same brown Muscovite father, at that time stood for nearly two years with the burned starter, with doors falling off and holes wherever possible. It was a huge piece of rust.

Alas, such a state of the 41st Moskvich – it is rather a rule than an exception. All “moskvichevody” know that due to the poor sealing of seams and joints, these machines pass water into the interior and rot very quickly.

Restoration “yangtaymera” in stock condition did not want to do – it’s boring, and a chore because of the difficulties with the original parts. Fortunately, Muscovites perfectly gets plenty of details on the more popular machines. For example, from the front-vazovskoy family without any modifications can put the rear wheel bearings, the fuse box in the passenger compartment of a button.

Most of the problems, of course, with body parts – rare and, as mentioned above, rapidly decaying. Find new and beushnye in fair condition is simply unrealistic. One could, of course, cook patches, but Sergei lucky: some friends found a body from 2141 in perfect condition. We had to dismantle their rotten machine for cog and set all the stuffing in a new body. Complexity of the task has added that the license had Svyatogor “renoshny” F3R engine (such Muscovites put on later), and the body was from the old carburetor 41 th, where without some “processing a file in a place” existing engine can not be established.

It was necessary to establish a platform for the engine control unit, to alter the radiator mount and carry out many other small “upgrades” under the French engine. Even in 2141 and Svyatogorov F3R with different PPC support, but Sergei did not alter anything. On “renoshnyh” Moskvich box holding two pillows in the middle of the large moment of their often tears because they tend to increase. On old Moskvich only one pillow on the shank, and as shown, so reliable.

The biggest challenge on the way to achieving the goal was the absence of his garage and prejudice against others. Convince yourself not to give up was not easy. Councils in the spirit of “VAZ would buy” or “would buy the old BM” was enough, as the tales of the unreliability of Muscovites.

When searching and purchasing of parts, I’m used to strange looks and questions, when you say “my Moskvich”. At gas stations or parking lots periodically there is someone who comes to stupid questions, or want to show off their knowledge and experience. All of this bothers as openly dismissive attitude towards the brand.

Now, many aspire to own a car, investing a minimum of resources in its service, and the machines themselves are changing as gloves. Investing in a vehicle – it is a rarity. I also wanted to make the Moskvitch convenient and enjoyable for yourself and for a long time, and that the flow of people there is no suggestion that a number of old rides pimped.

Work on replacing the body stretched out for six months. A few months later was otkapitalen engine, in a few more – the first painting, acrylic color 180B from Alfa Romeo. Gradually, during the whole period of ownership Muscovite Sergey brings to your car for something new. The longest simply get from May to December 2015. Free time in the study was very small and had no inspiration at all. I think many people who are globally engaged his car alone, understand what it is. You can, of succumbing to emotions, easily disassemble all the day, and collect over the years.

In five years, Sergey has changed several jobs, all of which were connected with car repair, plumbing, or by the body, so that had access to the workshop and the lift – it’s rescued. Of course, during working hours poking around in the Moskvich no one gave, but remained evenings, nights, weekends and holidays. Another could be to go to his parents in the village, where there is no equipment, but also and time constraints.

A little train on the killed suspension, Sergey dreamed about how to put polyurethane bushings and stiffer dampers. Installing racks Plaza Sport, however, was unsuccessful undertaking: control does not become phenomenal, but the lack of suspension travel was felt well – it was too hard for everyday driving. On potholes machine shook the cart so that the ride was only on smooth asphalt. You could feel the whole body, as a Muscovite breaks up the molecule is stretched, warped …

Brief specifications:
Temperature sensor behind, voltmeter, USB output for charging gadgets
Gain transfer breather above, additional channels for lubrication
Brake master cylinder and brake servo Lucas
The front springs and the support of the Subaru Legacy B11
Exhaust Ulter Sport + Bosal
17th Borbet Rst18

After a brief suspension operation start pounding. Finding the source of the noise was replaced by Sergei Ball and steering tips, I went over the rail. At the same time I changed all CV joints and move the box and the brake calipers by placing the Volga and wheels from Audi.

Then came the turn of the next repainting. It should be emphasized that in the car invested a lot of money and effort, so from the “classic” Sergey walked and chose shocking purple.

After painting a car worthy otezdil all winter than the owner I was very happy, but in the spring, “rattle” began again. I had to go, like a turtle, barely crawling irregularities. Sergey started a complete set of collection for the suspension of renovation: chose the rack of the Subaru Legacy B11 (from them only need a spring, anthers, cup and opornik hockey – at the front), front shock absorbers of VAZ-2108, rear springs from the Ford Mondeo … So knocks We were finally defeated.

What’s next?

You may ask, where is the installation of V8 from the Corvette, air suspension, interior made of crocodile skin and other things? But do not rush things: in the case of SVYATOGOR all starts with a long and painful “bring to life” to be able to ride without fear of collapse at the next pit. The plans are still many improvements and a lot of interesting ideas.

The list of improvements:


  • Exhaust Ulter Sport + Bosal


  • Temperature sensor behind, voltmeter, USB output for charging gadgets


  • Gain transfer breather above, additional channels for lubrication
  • PPC Cushion rear – Bracket razdatki Niva (not to be confused with Chevrolet)


  • Brake master cylinder and brake servo Lucas
  • Rear brake cylinders from Fiat LPR 4508
  • The front calipers on the Volga
  • Brake hoses from Gazelle Business
  • Front brake ventilated discs on the Audi Febi 08573
  • Regulator Brakeforce VAG 007486201M
  • Adapters VAG-regulator: wp R136 entrance, wp R137 output


  • The polyurethane in the front suspension
  • The front springs and the support of the Subaru Legacy B11
  • The front shock absorbers of VAZ-2108
  • Rear springs from the Ford Mondeo


  • Front electric windows
  • «Start \ stop» button
  • central locking
  • Opening the boot lid button


  • Body of Moskvich 2141
  • Tank washer on GAZ-2705, 3302
  • Exterior doors velvet ribbon from the VAZ-2108
  • Sealers double doors from the VAZ-2108
  • The front bumper is a hybrid: stock + Skoda Octavia 2000.
  • Fuse box on the VAZ-2108
  • Lights of glass without corrugations (under the lens), the new model of the GAZ-3110 reflector Kamaz
  • Bi-lens Dixel Morimoto G5 H1 2.5 »with a square mask
  • Gas hood stops
  • Purple exterior color
  • Graphite color frames of doors, grille, headlight housings

Wheels and tires

  • 17th wheels Borbet Rst18
  • Painted in silver

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