Shelby showed a new “Mustang”

2017-shelby-american-gte-mustang (2)

Shelby American presented the GTE project during a meeting of the North American Mustang club at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

2017-shelby-american-gte-mustang (1)

The model is not as impressive as the GT350, but still has a noticeable performance gain compared to the standard GT. The 5.0-liter V8 engine received a number of improvements thanks to which the power increased from 435 hp. Up to 456 hp Also, a package was proposed for the model with the EcoBoost engine, the power of which can be increased from 310 hp. Up to 335 hp


In addition to a rather rapid increase in power, the tuners offer a number of cosmetic improvements. For example, there is a new ventilated hood, as well as a front splitter and a rear spoiler made of carbon fiber. The car received a new set of 19-inch wheels. The upgrade of the brake system is optionally available. In the cabin new leather seats are installed, plus there are inserts of their carbon fiber.