Ruby Alyoshenka: tuning GAZ-31105

In the life of any drifter has two reference points. The first – when he realized that this discipline of motorsport like and just decided that you want to learn to control drift. Second – this is a moment of choosing a car, with which you are most likely prosuschestvuesh side by side for many years. And if the first is more or less clear, and everyone seems to be about (see video or hit the drift crowd, hooked, decided to try it), then to a second possible alternative. And they range from the rather conventional (buy a used Nissan, Toyota or BMW) to a much more extreme and unusual. Eugene refers precisely to the second category, and in the degree of extremality is definitely in the upper rows of the rating.

VAZ – it’s too corny

About techestvenny automotive industry is represented in the drift quite firmly: Zhiguli on any number of themed events sometimes rolls over. There is nothing surprising: it is a cheap storage, which you can buy almost any spare part, including for the construction of the project to the chosen discipline. But the banal Lada – but what if you want to ride on something very unusual, something other well, did not expect to see on the road? The answer is simple – the Volga!

Yes, the “barge” may well be used in the drift, and the present instance – a vivid example. The hero of our material Eugene Kulakovskii pilot Championship RDA D.VISIONS, – from Nizhny Novgorod, one might say, the birthplace of the Volga. It is likely that this fact also influenced his decision – and maybe it’s just a coincidence. Anyway, he bought a GAZ-31105 specifically to prepare for the driving side. Originally I thought of a more classic version in Toyota Mark 2 face, but used cars did not want to take – who knows what might happen to her … why in 2011 it bought the Volga Eugene as a base for non-standard project. It is, of course, was not new, but in very good condition and full of original equipment.


Razukomplektovyvaem – are supplemented … SWAPO!

In the first place to prepare for the drift arrivals do suspension. Clearance cut, all bushings replaced with polyurethane, instead of the standard springs installed parts of cargo Gazel and put Koni shock absorbers. The result is predictable – low and hard. In parallel, we work on increasing inversion setting custom bipod, levers and rods. Let’s say right away: this option suspension was so successful, that is used in unchanged form to this day – I was just worn parts.

In the brake system reached the following decision: front calipers added to the drain perforated discs and rear set custom disc brakes (reduced “volgovskih”) and calipers from the VAZ-2110, at the same time connecting them custom gidroruchnik. It is made of the clutch cylinder bases ATE for “classic” Lada. With the above modifications, but with the standard engine and gearbox Volga in 2012, went on their first competition drifting in Togliatti. And then it became clear: stock “engine”, as they say, “do not take out.” Power is not enough, so the next logical step was to swap.

Engine compartment GAZ-31105 is very extensive, so that there can be placed almost any powertrain. Eugene stopped at the “toyotovskie» 2JZ-GE VVTi. With the weather, but the six-cylinder car went a lot more fun, and, most importantly, with the installation of new clothes did not have to suffer. Swar new legs for installation on the standard bearing, splice wiring, docked driveshaft with a new transmission W-58 (also from Toyota), and voila – the creek, go! Even the fuel system and cooling system left home. All this symbiosis works like a clock.

So, the car was brought – and in a couple of hours Eugene taxied back to her race in Togliatti. he engine, the pilot, was satisfied. Now the car was driving much more confident, but cooling is not able to cope – in a drift car the whole route passes laterally sliding, so the radiator does not get enough air flow. To avoid overheating, usually with a supply system is placed. That is why on his return to his native Nizhny Novgorod volgovskih radiator replaced by “gazelevsky” and set a dual electric fans from the Niva. The problem has been eliminated.

Again SWAPO!

Some time later, when the accumulated experience and the speed at which Jack played in drifting, began to grow, “surfaced” one more thing on tehchasti – this time on the fuel system. Even if the tank was half full, in the corners of the cast a petrol pump. The solution was found in a standard installation of the fuel tank from the Toyota Mark 2. So the problem was solved with the tides, and the machine is securely skated a season, until we realized that 2JZ-GE is not enough. The question arose: is available turbocharged engine, or buy a new 1JZ-GTE VVTi?

After weighing all the pros and cons, Eugene came to the conclusion that the purchase was originally “, turbo” unit and easier in terms of investment powers, and more profitable in terms of money. So he came to the second SWAPO in Volga, simultaneously replacing the stock grip on bezdempfernoe ceramic Exedy. In order not to stick his every once in a cut-off on a powerful motor in the rear gearbox had to add a couple of home with a 4.1 ratio. This is a very rare pair that was used only on the Gazelle with engines of Iveco, and they were released a very limited number. During her search for the hero of our story even addressed directly to the GAZ car factory, but even there, nothing could help. By coincidence, the correct part was eventually purchased in stores of spare parts where it once happened to anyone up to this point is not useful.

Brief specifications
1JZ-GTE VVTi from Toyota
ILAC W-58 from Toyota
Front custom, Koni shock absorbers
Front calipers + native perforated discs
ECU Mines

In this configuration, the vehicle travels today. The only addition was the safety cage welded-set for the season of 2015, when the regulations for the competition no longer allow the machine without skeletons. Zhenya cooked his friends – they developed the idea for the Volga vinyl, and then sucked into the film GAZ. Figure that combines Russian and Japanese folk – hero Alyosha Popovich in a kimono – attracts attention and clearly alludes to the evil filling the domestic automobile industry. The design of the vehicle shows exactly the style: a Russian Volga with the Japanese “heart”.

By the 2016 season set a new Eugene Mines electronic control unit, which allows the turbines to develop more pressure. Now the estimated capacity of the engine is about 350 liters. s, which is quite a lot for substantial relief by cutting out unnecessary car metal (its weight – about 1100 kg).. And this year, the car was homologated frame RAF.

Staying true to the idea of

Drift-Volga feels comfortable both in slow markets, and fast tracks like “Nizhny Novgorod ring”. For the season 2017 major changes in the structure is not planned to make. There is a desire to change the turbine and exhaust manifold to the engine a little cheer and throw a little weight by replacing some of the body parts to plastic.

Looking back, Eugene, of course, happy to get a result, but believes that it would be much easier to buy a still more common in the drifting Japanese or German model. For the Volga virtually nothing from the world of motorsport – the details need to either adjust or completely produce their own hands. Any vehicle unit, everywhere you look, has a huge number of custom solutions.

But let’s look at it from the other side. Any drift event is composed of 90% of participants have chosen as the car of some Nissan, Toyota, BMW and VAZ. Even with different liveries, the viewer, these machines are mixed in the head. But Volga among them that’s certainly never get lost. This is a unique car, which attracts the attention of a lot more than any drift car. Namely individuality makes popular not only people, but also cars.

The list of improvements:


  • Engine 1JZ-GTE VVTi from Toyota
  • The exhaust path 76 mm pipe
  • Termination of the bank HKS
  • Radiator by Gazelle
  • Twin electric fans from Niva
  • The fuel tank of the Toyota Mark 2
  • Fixing the gas tank, custom
  • Semiryadny maslokuler HKS
  • Cooler 76 mm
  • Direct intake HKS
  • Blow-off HKS
  • Autonomous system of crankcase gases GReddy
  • The fuel pump of the Nissan GT-R
  • Removed flap “TPC” with droscelya


  • ECU Mines
  • Boost Controller HKS


  • ILAC W-58 from Toyota
  • Exedy Clutch, ceramics bezdempfernaya
  • Rear gearbox brewed
  • Main steam 4.1 from Gazelle with Iveco engine


  • Front custom, Koni shock absorbers
  • Behind custom, Gazelle springs, Koni shock absorbers
  • Eversion (bipod, levers, rods), custom


  • Front calipers + native perforated discs
  • Custom rear disc brakes (reduced “volgovskih”) and calipers from the VAZ-2110
  • Transition plate under the rear disc brakes
  • Gidroruchnik, custom


  • Deleted interior trim
  • The internal part of the door cut to facilitate
  • Safety cage, homologated RAF
  • Seats Sparco and UNP
  • Takata Seatbelts and Beltenick
  • Sport steering wheel


  • Roll out the arches
  • The body kit on a circle

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