Ring super-production: tuning of Subaru BRZ


“Uspensky Rally Tecnica” – is one of eight companies in the world and still the only one in Russia, which is the official manufacturer of the Subaru sports car, and the quality of their construction is confirmed by multiple titles and victory in the championship of Russia and the World Rally. What is the production? URT receives Japanese car parts as a set, and with it – a whale on the permutation of steering to the right to the left side. Even in Moscow, the car is collected and formalized: issued TCP and enter assigned URT international VIN-number. So is born the production of Subaru “Uspensky Rally Tecnica”.

That is why the choice of the brand of car for a new project URT was predetermined. When in 2012, the model number appears Subaru rear-wheel drive coupe BRZ, a decision was made on the preparation of this model for the racing circuit. BRZ is ideal for “ring” in its technical characteristics, it has a low center of gravity and a very comfortable layout, as well as a low coefficient of drag.


Russian Touring Car Championship (RCRS) – this is the official competitions on road circuit races taking place in the status of the Championship and the Cup of Russia. Since 2015 RSKG are five classes: Touring and Touring Light (Russian League), Super Production and the National (Russian Cup), as well as the junior championship RSKG. This class super-production (cars with capacity of about 250 hp) now, “Uspensky Rally Tecnica” prepared Subaru BRZ RCRS.

Photo RSKG


Under the rules of the competition, all changes made to the cars must comply with the technical regulations, the purpose of which – to equalize the chances of the participants in a single racing class.

In BRZ boxer liter engine of the new generation type FA, claimed the factory, “a herd of horses,” which is 200 forces. By installing turbokita GReddy low pressure power could raise up to 250 hp, and now it is limited by the air restrictor. According to the technical requirements of the changes in the engine on the most “hardware” is prohibited, so that the rest of it was standard. At the inlet of low resistance filter is settled, bundled turbokita and modified exhaust system specialists URT: delete the standard “banks” and catalysts. As the load on the engine is increased slightly, the cooling system does not fundamentally began to change, but still added an extra oil cooler.

The electronic control unit remains nominal, but the program is, of course, change – using Ecutek software. By the way, the car also adjusts specialist “Uspensky Rally Tecnica” on a rolling wheel stand, owned by the company. The data transmission system at a distance (telemetry) is not used because it is prohibited by the regulations. To gather information on what is happening with the car for arrival, put the Subaru factory data collector, who records the readings of all the sensors. A special device Racelogic can record both video cameras on board the vehicle, and acceleration, as well as part of the data on the operation of the engine from the standard control unit.

Ring race – it is primarily a high-speed cornering, and therefore it is very important stiffer suspension and a powerful braking system. The BRZ RCRS installed Tein dampers, specially developed for this vehicle, and bushings for changing angles of adjustment, and all the levers remained standard. The front brakes are replaced by six-piston Endless, rear left as built – they are sufficient.

From the list of implemented improvements worth noting stiffer engine and PPC support, and more durable metal-ceramic clutch disc, capable of transmitting large loads, taking into account the increase in engine power. The very transmission standard, six-speed sync.

Interior racing car, of course, is completely different from the road version. Now the bucket here, seat belts and steering wheel Sparco, and the rest of the interior is simply dismantled. Among the mandatory to participate in the racing circuit modifications – the introduction of safety cage, here he is firm Custom Cages. The choice is explained simply – URT is a certified official installation center of the manufacturer. Externally, the car standard, except for the rear spoiler, but flaunts it on the blue (body-color) 17-inch disks Rays.


Between the stages of the competition are planned works for Subaru preparation for the next race. When the vehicle returns to the URT, it is diagnosed and disassembled for hidden defects and their elimination. As necessary, change oil, brake pads and discs. If during the race the car was damaged, then make the appropriate restoration work. Before leaving for the competition itself is carried similarity collapse, the weight distribution of the car and made the settings for a specific configuration of the route.

The team satisfied with results RSKG 2015: Subaru BRZ RCRS and its pilot Maksim Chernev won Russian Cup in the class of super-production. The car did not disappoint on any of the seven stages, and no technical gathering was not for the entire season. And all thanks to the coordinated work of the entire composition: BRZ project manager, technician, engineer, engineers and, of course, of the rider.


The pilot of the Subaru BRZ RCRS – Maxim Chernov, the Russian Cup winner in circuit racing in the class Super 2015. Maxim production in motorsport since 2002, and since then, he has accumulated a lot of experience in karting, track racing, ice racing, rally and ring.

Maksim Chernev

pilot Subaru BRZ RCRS

On the pavement rear-wheel drive allows a perfect control and gives the pilot an idea of ​​how to control the vehicle. So, with what is generally recommended to start participating in the racing circuit – is rear-wheel drive cars. Front-wheel drive gives the fullness of sensations and so acute. BRZ RCRS perfectly obey the driver, pilot it – great fun. The behavior of the car is 100% predictable. As for cornering, efficient brakes allow later to press the brake pedal before the turn, and this makes it possible at this place overtaking. When, on the long straights, overtaking promotes good aerodynamics Subaru BRZ RCRS. We have shown that with minor modifications serial Subaru BRZ – already quite sharp and precise in management and is a competition, and imposing a struggle greatly modified sports cars rivals.

And further proof of correctness of the choice is the fact that in the 2016 season, “Uspensky Rally Tecnica” is going to take part in RSKG have a whole team on several BRZ.

The list of improvements:


  • Turbokom Japanese firm Greddy
  • Low resistance filter Greddy
  • The exhaust system has been modified by experts URT: delete the standard “banks” and catalysts
  • Additional oil cooler
  • Rigid engine mounts


  • Computer staff, but the program changed – with the help of software Ecutek


  • Hard PPC support
  • The cermet disc clutch


  • Tein shock absorbers
  • Hobs


  • Front: six-piston brake Endless


  • Safety frame Custom Cages
  • Bucket, seat belts and steering wheel Sparco


  • Rays Wheels
  • Tires Yokohama

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