RevoZport zatjunigovali Mercedes-AMG GT S


Mercedes-AMG in the very near future will present 577-strong GT R, but the tuners from RevoZport are already one step ahead. The German firm offers a package of improvements that will increase the performance of the GT S model.

revozport-gtz-650 (1)

The RevoZport kit is placed on a conventional 4.0-liter turbocharged V8 engine, which produces 503 hp. After a number of improvements, its performance increases by 650 horsepower. Tuners have achieved this result by optimizing the ECU. Also, a titanium exhaust system was installed.

revozport-gtz-650 (2)

RevoZport ready to make the coupe more aggressive. They offer a new body kit that not only changes the appearance, but also increases the clamping force of Mercedes-AMG GT S. Many new components are made of carbon fiber.