Racing car with his hands: that is a replica, and how it is built

Since its inception, the hordes of fans began to collect car races around the world. Those who did not confine contemplation and become a professional racing driver, not so much – for transferring thin enough school notebooks with a dozen sheets. They are fully quenched your thirst for high speeds and strong accelerations in the competition, while the others could only lick. But among them were enthusiasts who are ready to spend the time, money and effort to create their own quick car. So, the salt lakes of California served as a training ground for high speed fans are already almost a hundred years ago. As we described in the article about the history of hot rodding, the middle of the last century, this phenomenon has become so massive that its scale was fit to compare with the professional motorsport. Flight of fancy in the construction of machines often do not even limited to common sense, but today we will tell about the other side of the tuning – copies or replicas of racing cars.

Why do it?

The reasons for the emergence of several replicas of racing cars. The main reason – the desire to touch the racing and keep for themselves the most important part of it – the car. For example, among football fans and the ball valuable form of players who have played their triumphant match in hockey are attributes such sticks and helmets. But if your equipment for serious battles are played out at auctions, then buy a real car is almost impossible. Anyway, for sane money. Instead, make a copy of such a machine is possible even in his own garage.

Prepare these machines are also to participate in exhibitions and filming. In this case, the budgets and sometimes allow you to use the original copies, but the complexity of finding them are pushing customers to make copies. Finally, this type of tuning other rarer, making replica attracted a lot more attention than their counterparts in the “normal” tuning.

Who copied?

This, of course, not talking about recreating the fireballs “Formula” class or sport prototypes, as with the production models they have almost nothing in common. Consequently, the production of a replica would require many times the big budgets and labor.

“Mainstream” of the tuning are “body” classes of ring and rally disciplines – WRC, WTCC, and the like, as well as the “charged” version and a limited series of popular models. The most banal example – make BMW 520i look and ride like the M5, and modified Subaru WRX rally car in the manner of Petter Solberg. If you are a fan cutoff at 9000 rev / min, and your Honda Civic stripped red marks, you will probably want to turn it into a Type R. As with any style of tuning, there are no clear regulations, but we will consider only those typical examples, when the final draft resembles its prototype as a whole, rather than individual elements.

Where to meet?

The final appearance and performance cues primarily depend on the objectives that are put before them. If the project is destined to visit the exhibitions, there is no need to interfere in the technical aspects, while maintaining the basic units in the home specification with the corresponding change of appearance and interior. City maintenance “artificial race” will require conservation of interior functionality and comfort of the presence in it of elements. Technique in this case, is being finalized in accordance with the wishes and budget of the owner. Finally, the replica can be “hitting” on the tracks, did not yielding the original car, attacking apexes and soaring into the air on the crest of the jumps. But the preparation of such a machine affects almost every element, with an eye to the rules of sport disciplines, to participate in which it is prepared. Below we take a closer look at the basic techniques used in the creation of such machines.

The technical side of the issue

As we said above, the “technicals” is completely dictated by the scope of the vehicle. In the case of the rally and circular fireballs all decides class regulations, allowing well-defined changes not only the engine and transmission, but also all the other components – from tires and brake pads to a thickness of anti-roll bars. A complete coincidence with a prototype here speech can not go, because the technical requirements are changed annually. Invariably one thing: the car is also focused on the minimum time of the given distance at a maximum security pilot. For this reason, all of these machines installed security framework, and under the hood “on duty” automatic fire extinguishing system.

This implies that the city or exhibit a replica can be even faster and more powerful than the present – restrictions is not present! But even “vegetable” copy of the complete external conformity to the original should have “adult” brakes adjusted to the desired clearance suspension and sports rubber. Otherwise, the substitution will be available, even without lifting the hood.


In contrast to the sleepers, a concept which requires the full preservation of regular appearance, modified exterior – a mandatory attribute of any race replica. Depending on what kind of car, and the accuracy with which you want to copy, and different volume changes. The simplest scheme – when the body “race” differs only by a pair of elements, such as air intakes and spoilers. In this case, we can restrict the change of available external parts without having to replace them.

Another thing, when you want an extension of the body. So, to convert the BMW E30 Coupe in M3 Evo version is required to redraw the entire back of the body, to replace almost all elements of the front and set the hub pyatiboltovym mount wheels instead of regular “four hundred.” Fortunately, some companies have already established production of relevant parts of the glass through which the tuners spared the search for rare items and save considerable sums.

More difficult when it comes to the construction of a replica of a racing car. After all, many of them carried out the central wheel mounting nut, windows replaced with light polycarbonate without lowering capabilities, and to make copies of some parts difficult. Thus, the exterior, as “cover” replica, and is often the most difficult stage of construction.


Authentic sports saloon, along with the appearance of a “Masthev” any detail recreated copies. Racing interior in addition to the security framework includes a list of unique equipment that is not compatible with each day’s use. Nets on the windows, unregulated buckets, no upholstery, as well as means of comfort as a whole – on the street a car you will not meet. This is the most common compromise that forced to enthusiasts, and it is on it is possible to distinguish the real “race” from the “parody”. For example, Toyota Corolla, cleverly disguised as a car WRC series in a civilian car, recalling the sporting roots only “polukovshami» Recaro.


We do not expect that after reading this article you will rush “to tune” your Chevy Cruze, remembering his regalia in the WTCC championship. However, this kind of tuning also has the right to life and, hopefully, will be developed. By the way, on almost a replica of one of the most legendary sports cars of the USSR, Lada VFTS, we spoke recently.

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