Pimp my car: a report from West Coast Customs

they are converted to the standard tuning of the early 2000s. Bright colors, lots of speakers and displays, PlayStation in the trunk and, of course, low-profile tires on the huge chrome wheels. The show ended, but “Pimp My Ride” is still remembered all.

In fact, the history of West Coast Customs studio began in 1993 when founder Ryan Fridlinghaus company borrowed money from his grandfather, and opened the first workshop. Ryan is proud of this act and misses an opportunity to remind us of this, even in the status of your personal account on Instagram.

– Galpin Auto Sport, followed by several seasons of car tuning engaged in European workshops in tandem with European rappers.

Now West Coast Customs can be found in many countries around the world, from Germany to Japan, but the head office is, of course, on the west coast, in Los Angeles, about the place and we will tell.

be sure you are on track.

closed. Admission is free for special judges available a souvenir shop where you can purchase a standard set, ranging from trinkets and license plates and ending with T-shirts and caps.

not exactly a profile car for them, but for them a place specially built for the filming of the transmission. We stand we were met by Ryan himself, but he left quickly without saying hello … I do not like the welcoming of Americans – perhaps he really was busy.

In the hall there is a lot of customer vehicles, most of which belongs to the rapper Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas. They are allowed to approach, and a $ 20 release of the guide, under whose guidance you will be able to approach the cars even closer, or even sit in some of them. Then you will spend in the shop, where are collected all the cars. For an extra $ 55 you can get a VIP-tour, after which you will be accompanied by Ryan, then give an autograph and picture taken with you.

Each car Will.I.Am in their own interest and has an unusual design. full custom, built from the ground up, and the red Corvette was never corvette, cars only resembles the classic American sports car, in fact, he has not anything to do with him.

Both cars applied interesting solution design wheels, complemented by a white plastic rim, reminiscent of the classic white sidewall tires. The guide could not say whose idea it is, the singer himself or someone from the WCC team.

white DeLorean, which is difficult to know at a glance. DMC-12 was subjected to a massive tuning. Design can be called controversial, but the quality at the highest level of performance. DeLorean – timeless.

– the presence of management on the basis of Apple tablet. iPad is decorated with a central panel on all its cars – this is the fundamental wish of the client.

In this room you can find a few cars belonging to famous singers, as well as a motorcycle Justin Bieber. film “The Smurfs” and the game “SuperMario”.

R8 – the first car, chromed in America. According to the guide, the coating (now) is to darken the property, which is why later it was replaced by a chrome film. at the bottom, in the lattice and in the engine compartment.

Pink Mini can be familiar to fans: he appeared in the reality show, when the company told to open an office in Berlin. is lined with crystals specially for the wife of Ryan, who was going to visit him in cold Germany.

Lee” from the cult TV series “The Dukes of Hazzard” on the basis of which a full-length movie was filmed.

The tour continues in the workshop, on the road you can see a music studio, which is at the initiative of the Ryan’s done for clients. It is not surprising, because most of the cars are built for musicians, himself the son of Fridlinghausa interested in music and often comes to record a music track.

The workshop built a special observation, which allows visitors to see the work of the team, without distracting them from the case. Stairways adorn the covers of magazines and clippings of articles devoted to West Coast Customs. Automobile publications still love those guys.

there are a lot of light and space that is fenced from the rest of the workshop.

It is here that with the once terrible old car broke cover, and they are brought in all its glory before jumping and hugging all the members of the team owners.

Now at this point is the car Shakila O’Neill, another regular customer companies. Basketball growth of 216 centimeters just does not fit in it, and now the guys are working hard to increase the interior space.

Then we were asked not to take pictures, because many projects are kept secret – at that time was in full swing preparing for the major US automobile show the SEMA, besides some celebrities prefer that fans do not know on which vehicles move their idols.

In the hall there were a wide variety of machines, from the hippie VW vans and ending with the Hummer H1, the trunk of which is clearly going to install something technically difficult, judging by the number of wires.

At the very end was another car Will.I.Am, and this time subjected to tuning Tesla Model S. As cars were hung around the renderers, but the guide said that the musician often changes his mind in the course of construction and ultimately the car never it turns out the way it was conceived in the beginning.

Well, times are changing. all that we remember this company has gone out of fashion and car refinement possibilities stepped far forward. But the West Coast Customs, as you see, is not standing still. There are still ready to realize any crazy idea – would be money.

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