Pearl of two grains: tuning Toyota Mark2 GX71

The history of this car has begun … with nostalgia. This is what happens when people grow up and become adults, they begin to remember their younger years – first love, crazy youth hangouts, the first car … And it is the Toyota Mark 71-m body was first Dennis machine.

After trying again, I remember now!

This Japanese "sofa" had a great classic looks, a beautiful interior and comfort, which is especially important for the first vehicle, unmatched reliability (what, in fact, famous cars of this brand, especially the older ones). But then, the train cars at a time, the owner sold it. Once there were many other cars – and all you can remember. But it was Mark sunk in the heart due to his charisma and charm to Japanese.

After years of memories turned into the desire by all means buy yourself a car, bring it to the ideal state, and used as a delightful car weekend. But it was not there! "15 years later" – it's not a joke. In 2012, and a much more modern models are already becoming more difficult to find everything, and such rarities as GX71 1984-1988 model years and generally disappeared from the pages of ads. Especially in Alma-Ata, where at that time lived the hero of our story. To search Mark2 treasured were connected to all: friends, relatives, acquaintances – but in vain, did not have the results.

Double luck

But it was goodbye to a cherished dream, Dennis came just two ads. One machine was in the rare complete set GT with a turbocharged engine 1G-GTE and a broken front end. The second, in the bundling Grande, in fact is a set of parts for motor exploded rested separately salon also represented half of a bunch of dismantled parts. But this body itself was in quite good condition. Both cars stood motionless for several years. Which of the two to take? Off doubt – both!


It was decided to collect one of the two machines, with the appearance as close as possible to the original. That's why Dennis did not succumb to the entreaties quite logical to put under the hood of a modern 1JZ-GTE, and began to restore the order of the motor home tired 1G-GTE. I must say, "tired" – it is extremely mild formulation, one that was inside the cylinder rust, says a lot. In the half-dead state remained and the turbine. But when there is an obsession in the mind, so difficult – it's utter nonsense: the engine has been carefully restored. Many parts, including fresh turbines with a small city, brought from Japan, where the engine is, incidentally, also has found very rarely.

Toyota Mark2 GX71
Raznoshirokie wheels Volk Rays: 8J front, rear 9J

Engine assembly began for the body field. Suppose that on the background of broken copy Grande GT appearance and look good, but in reality it was much more difficult. An experienced master tinsmith, to which Denis sent him to the restoration work took more than three months! And this despite the fact that he was engaged only this car. All the bottom and the rapids were jammed, and in some places and at all punched into holes. They found a lot of corrosion, the arch is completely rotten … What to do – take your time, and the previous owners apparently cared little about the car, using it as an SUV.

But patience and hard work, as you know, little effort: the body has been completely renovated. All rust left Mark and rotten arch digested with the second body, where they found themselves in a decent condition. Tinsmith While doing his job, Denis was purchased missing parts: something could be found on the demolition, something ordered from Japan. Those who are faced with the restoration, aware of the complexity of this quest, which is multiplied according to the vehicle age.

Once the work was completed with the body, it began a long-awaited process of assembling all together. Dennis even took a vacation specifically for this purpose. First and foremost, we decide to collect interior, electrics and hang exterior body panels. Engine, box and the suspension finally chose to leave – especially because at that time was still looking for a suitable set of coilovers for understatement.

Toyota Mark2 GX71
Brief specifications
1JZ-GTE Twin Turbo 280 l. from.
Automatic transmission from the engine 1JZ-GTE
Monitor indications boost, oil temperature and coolant Blitz Racing monitor DC
Springs RS-R round the understatement Front -30 mm and -20 mm rear

Posting to this, initially atmospheric modification of the body, different from thorough ", turbo." Even the chips are responsible for managing the door electrics were different, that, frankly, quite unusual for the Toyota brand. I had to smash his head, but a closer "light at the end of the tunnel" strangely attached forces to combat such difficulties. After assembly, electrical and interior body panels are hung. All exhibited with due diligence, the gaps – mosquito nose will not undermine! All that required cleaning, has been cleared, all that required painting was painted. It has even come to the point that Denis did not want to put the old bolts – removing corroded specimens were sought untouched. Cherry on the cake was the re-tied with a wheel – originally it was a very sad state. Three weeks were unchallenged place in the garage, but the result is definitely worth: the sight was perfect Toyota Mark2 GX71. However, so far no suspension and gearbox. To install the car was transported to the familiar to the service, where there was a lift.

CPR did not hesitate to choose the automatic, the engine 1JZ-GTE. But with the suspension had to experiment a bit. First we put the front «handmade» coilovers made by some Japanese it was under the body, and the back – Cut stock springs and dampers from TRD Toyota AE86 with adjustable stiffness. However, due to excessive rigidity and excessive small clearance had to go to a civilian version of the suspension: spring round the RS-R, understating the front 30 mm, rear – 20 mm and shock absorbers Koni Sport adjustable stiffness.

In June of 2013, eight months after the purchase, the machine has been fully assembled – installed a new suspension, put in place the gearbox, welded straight-through exhaust 63 mm pipe. Follow-half years have passed in the writings of the righteous – the elimination of minor bugs, search for and install raznoshirokih wheels, body kit and speaker.

Yet swap

As such, the car owner and the surrounding pleased to winter 2015, when still put 1JZ-GTE was decided for several reasons. Because of the rising sun set came to SWAPO, which includes himself engine, automatic transmission, computer, wire braid and other related details. Dennis quickly determined for themselves that he would try to fulfill all the work yourself.

A more modern car engine has added more power, while not violating its authenticity. Pleased and that imported from Japan, running the engine was funny 89 000 km. After Denis updated all the consumables (gaskets, seals, rollers, belts, candles), set the pump from the VVT-i engine (as it was planned to put electric fans), went through the braid wire, colored valve covers, manifolds and pulleys, laundered and cleaned off all that it is possible, the engine has received this kind, if it was brought from the past. The installation process is, as expected, did not deliver problems – everything fell perfectly. There was only a little tricky with the wire and weld the new exhaust.

After a long recovery process, Mark has acquired the look and feel of the new machine. A deposited on the "excellent" test of reliability in the form of self-moving to a new place of residence of the owner in the Moscow region in length of 4 000 km is strongly confirmed.

Dare to dream

Dream by Denis tremendous effort and considerable investments to translate into reality. Unique car pleases the owner, who is leaving it only on weekends and only in the warmer months. Rows restored yangtaymerov replenished worthy representative and further proof that the passion and zeal can turn any ordinary-looking grain of sand into a real gem.


  • Engine 1JZ-GTE Twin Turbo 280 l. from.
  • Radiator cooling from Toyota Aristo 2JZ-GTE
  • Electric fans from Nissan Cefiro
  • Maslokuler Greddy
  • Walbro fuel pump 255 l / h
  • Front intercooler Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
  • The air filter zero resistance
  • Exhaust with a line of 63 mm and a low resonator (custom)


  • Monitor indications boost, oil temperature and coolant Blitz Racing monitor DC


  • Automatic transmission from the engine 1JZ-GTE


  • Springs RS-R round the understatement front 30 mm, rear – on 20 mm
  • KONI Sport shock absorbers with adjustable stiffness
  • Strut front pillars Cusco


  • Brakes on, turbo GX71


  • 2Din Prology cassette player with touch screen


  • Extended wheel arches 30 mm (Fender)
  • Original Japanese overlays on thresholds Pittura
  • The original factory front lip
  • Rear pads on the wings (custom)


  • Raznoshirokie wheels Volk Rays: 8J front, rear 9J
  • Tires Triangle 195/60/15
  • Wheel nuts and D1 Spec nipple, replica

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