Organ transplantation: a Tuning Loiseau at home

No matter how hard pressed marketers, is nothing new for the past half century Offroad designers did not come up. Notebooks "crooks" in fact constructed the same way as in the era of socialism, only became more expensive at times. Therefore, do not leave the arena veteran off-road.

Clearance – taller wheel drive and traction on them – more shafts – stronger, well annoy the bus. So was LuAZ-969 – the cheapest and uncompromising SUV Soviet period.

Under certain conditions – in the province, among hunters, fishermen, fans Offroad – car demand so far. But the trouble is that the extant "volynyanki" already very worn out – and this is in addition to a generous set of sores that are endowed by their creators was born.

Therefore, active operators "LuAZikov" now seriously modify their four-wheel pets. Naturally, most of these living machines remain in their homeland – in the Ukrainian provinces, and based on the experience of local inhabitants will be interesting to see what new features are now receiving almost rare car.


The weakest spot "LuAZikov" – the engine, and the weak – in all senses. 1.2-liter engine was sluggish and "physically" (40 l. C.), And in terms of durability. And if the first transmission due to the sensible and low weight (960 kg) is limited only by the maximum speed, the second with time simply does not allow to operate the machine. Therefore, any other engine – is happiness inveterate fan "volynyanok".

1.6 liter turbo diesel from VW Golf II

But the question of transplants of petrol "heart" for LuAZ oh so easy. Like the bonnet and he is not the shortest, but it turns out that the engine hangs in front of the front axle and the entire drivetrain (makes itself felt kinship with the "Cossacks"), and has a value of every centimeter of its length. For motor home "volynyanki" MeMZ-966 \ 968 – a relatively short V-shaped, also deprived of water cooler, and all modern "substitutes" – row "Quartet", which are cooled with liquid. The best solution here – borrow "short" the motor of a compact front-drive foreign cars. So, perhaps the classical solution for the replacement of the engine was the 1.6-liter turbo diesel from the VW Golf II, the installation of which does not require alteration of the body. But it seems more likely to occur more troublesome – although in the end and cheaper options: motors from posterior and front-VAZ and brand.

Photo: LuAZ diesel VW engine

The most important problem of transplant – the lack of space for the radiator liquid cooling. Usually it borrow from the same brand or similar foreign cars, and together with the fan is placed to the right of the motor. But there it is due to poor rinsing often with their task can not cope, and desperate craftsmen to help him add another – without the fan, but a large and thin (for example, from the VAZ "nines"), so it is placed in front of the engine .

Photo: VAZ engine with the radiator side Photo: LuAZ with the engine from the Tavria

Many amateur designers do not hesitate to change the look of the machine and extend the hood. The easiest option – to build a central part, adding a projection, which in this case is even placed on an impressive radiator Niva. Extends the owners and the entire hood. Order an additional eight centimeters is enough to install a hood LuAZ "Zhiguli" motor, and before him – a radiator with a fan and a diffuser.

Connect any new "heart" of a native transmission using the traditional method – through the adapter plate. In the case of "Tauride" engine deal facilitated by the fact that in nature there is a piece of factory production – on the model LuAZ-1302.

In the photo: The adapter plate between the engine and transmission borrowed LuAZ


The main advantage of this model – its all-wheel drive system – seriously usually do not over. There is the option to install the front transverse differential lock mechanism, which tuners, without further ado, use the "native" parts of the rear axle of a similar mechanism to the "LuAZika" blocked "from birth".

Only lazy people do not change its lackluster 13-inch wheels on something bigger. And how else – because here without any alterations (up to 15-inch version) fit wheels from Japanese and Korean cars with a diameter of a circle 114.3 mm mounting holes. However, if the selected wheels are very large and heavy, the car becomes very sluggish in acceleration as for the promotion of the four road wheels need more power. Most caring owners in such cases, changing gears in the wheel gear, increasing the gear ratio pairs. To introduce these gearboxes is also for the reason that their staff spur gears very noisy. If you can find a company with a fleet of survivors of gear cutting machines, "luazovody" -gurmany bought it myself helical gears.

Another refinement, much more urgent – the replacement of the shock absorbers on a more "tight", often "Moskvitch", with a little alteration of attachment. It is not only in their greater availability, but also in the fact that due to the structural front end overload at the slightest shock failure "volynyanka" prone to rocking body on large bumps. If the owner is also already managed to establish a hard and long geared "dropsy", the question becomes vital. The author has seen "luazovodov" -eksperimentatorov which in addition change the angle of the shock absorbers, but about the effect of the measure is no reliable data.

Brief specifications
Dimensions – 3 430/1 610/1 754 mm
Base – 1 800 mm
Clearance – 280mm
Curb weight / gross – 960/1360 kg
Maximum speed – 85 km / h.
Engine – four, V-type
Working volume – 1 196 cm?
Capacity – 40 liters. from. (4 200-4 400 rev / min.)
Maximum torque – 7.8 kgf-m (2 700-2 900 rev / min.)
Fuel capacity – 34 l

It is relatively easy to upgrade the steering LuAZ (here it is appropriate to note that the inspection at home model canceled a few years ago, and certification of such alterations in the country is not necessary.). Typical for LuAZ-969 of all versions of the picture – "stirred up" due to wear and tear of joints and steering wheel gearbox features. Therefore, many of these components are replaced more resistant parts of the steering linkage Zhiguli and Muscovites, requiring only make the new mount and longitudinal tie rod. In addition, not one known case of application inomarochnogo power steering gear. The measure, by the way, is not particularly necessary, but, as a rule, often we are finalizing our cars tuning by special laws, which may not coincide with the laws of logic.


Utilitarian LuAZ body can also be attributed to a number of its main advantages, but many users want more comfort. Not less than half the cars have long romp roads (and off-road, by the way, too) with a homemade hard top. Handicraft structure Soviet times rivet of steel, aluminum and plywood, but more modern versions involve the use of ready-made parts of the roof and sides of the Izhevsk Moskvicha- "patty" series SUVs and minivans. "Native" in the body of the machine polunesuschy with integrated frame (as some Range Rover, by the way), so suffer the most incredible exercise novice designers. Unfortunately, often these structures are far from even the basic design tenets, but as far as I remember, "bagpipes" was criticized for the style from its very birth. Interestingly, in recent years, the life of the conveyor LuAZ-969M one at court tuning studio has released quite nice plastic top for it, and such a roof went from hand to hand, even after the termination of the assembly model in Lutsk and Elektrostal near Moscow.

Several times the author had seen LuAZ with a pickup body. And it is not a modification of the conveyor, which existed in the 1990s, and the work of amateur designers, first of all – the participants of the trophy-raids.

However, in the summer on the roads can still be found "LuAZiki" with pristine body and with the removed canvas top: the possibility of a fast ride in a convertible is highly appreciated not only in the circles of the glamorous residents of cities.

Some troubled "dzhipery" swings at a range of measures to improve the comfort in the cabin: change the dashboard, seats, door set in "Zhiguli" windows instead of removable windows (earlier versions of the 969th model) or sliding panes (LuAZ 969M-1979) .

Important revision body – modifications to the design of the hood-type alligator. The engine and auxiliary "vezdehodika" systems require constant attention and regular method of opening the bonnet is not conducive to long-term work in the engine compartment. Rear linkage assemblies usually make external borrowing tailgate hinges from Moskvich-402/403/407, or fit – just imagine! -povodki janitors from larger cars.

Photo: LuAZ hood with "alligator-type"

Little survivor

In conclusion, I want to draw attention to the fact that in the case of Loisy we have the opportunity to observe the real market paradox. One of the most primitive and non-durable domestic cars, created on the basis of a one-time army transporter suddenly was a real long-lived! Short-run shot with a production of about twenty years ago, he was still in service, and is in demand so that the owners agree to radically reshape the surviving specimens, keeping them in working order. The reason on the surface: almost completely unique permeability and exceptional price. The saddest thing is that this phenomenon carmakers hard not to notice that, in their eyes, the second of the mentioned qualities of unconditional outweighed the first.

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