Not "Fast and Furious": crooks and amateurs in the Russian tuning

Russian reality is a little bit tougher. Yes that there “a little”, is much tougher. And if you wanted to add the horsepower of his car, “pump” of its handling, interior and exterior, you step onto the thin ice. Under it flows a stream of cold deception, Ponte and baryzhnichestva. If you believe the creators of local inhabitants of heaven tuning projects, and masters of all trades, then you should not be reading this article on.


I suggest to start small, with a portrait of the typical “expert tuning” of an engine or, as we shall call it, La Spezia. At first glance it seems that it is something too versed in the intricacies, rides on a huge power machine, made of the great components and builds something cosmic. You meet him in reference to the various communities on the topic of tuning their car, many recommend to apply it to him. Sometimes there are fortunate to have with him and even got zatyunenuyu car.

But over time, it begins to guard one moment: for some reason, many spices “do not like”. Understanding comes with experience, because before you usual enterprising guy who once mastered a couple of British, German, American and Japanese resources within the motor tuning, built such a machine herself and started to earn it.

Do not think he is not engaged in self-education, I did not go to learn. He became just position yourself as someone who knows how, because the result of the efforts is seen in practice, and he was such, he has succeeded. The key word in this speech specialist “get”.

Special pulls various “kits”, ie sets, if in Russian. Turbo kits, stroker kits, piston kits, stage-whales and many others. He knows where to buy them and can put them. He even has a deficient supply of cylinder head or on C20XE S38B38, heels motor assembly and a few sets on the right manual gearbox Quaife. It seems that even the output is the result.

On the other hand, all the work of spices – it is usually a compilation of different tuning whales in a very limited range. And if you suddenly find where and for how much he buys them, you will find that a modest fat seller, excluding the cost of the work is already more than three or four times the cost of parts. With this you have to accept if you want power. But we can not put up with something else.

Since the source of its enrichment simple mystery “dostavaniya” is stored in the heart, and often requires the preservation of its supply of misinformation. And any misinformation in the tuning – it is extra money, ruined engines and time. He is against any disclosure, it counteracts those who describes his experience honestly, calling references, names, dates, calculation models and specialists.

Often, having a common business interests with members of the administration of resources on the Internet or just a high rating, he succeeds. After all, if someone finds a “magic” power piston with the desired characteristics, it will be able to buy their own for very different prices. The same applies to inserts, nozzles, turbines, and other things.

However, this is less of a problem. Much lies in the fact that the engineer of the spices most often weak. Something he picked up, learned something, but it is not the fact that he is not a carrier and distributor of a whole heap of errors garage. And, of course, he is not responsible for any problems that arise after its participation in the “tuning”. Featured solutions they offered their masters can be not the ones who seem to be. Adjusters are bad tune, plumbers – to collect bad motors, electrical – to collect bad management.

Gradually formed a cluster of spices that are busy creating a project template from the available resources at their disposal. And there is no development, only broadcast the experience of others, and sometimes attempt to “evolution” ending cash loss from their clients.

If you think that I am exaggerating the scale of the problem, then I will turn your attention to the fact that such a “serial” work creates a name and bring the money spent on promotion of a favorite. And it is very rare to attract professionals of a higher class.


Okay, tuning – we realized troublesome. If you need a more powerful motor, it can be, just replace it with a more powerful engine? I already wrote about the «swap», is a good way, especially if your machine has no prospects in tuning. Sometimes there is a more powerful engine in the line of your model already from the factory. And if not?

The Russian market “SWAPO” was formed under the strong influence of the Far East. The ability to bring in a relatively high-quality aggregates and components with low mileage, though inexpensive, fed Vladivostok decade. Machines are not served in the full sense of the word: for example, instead of replacing the rubber bushes just changed the rear suspension assembly with subframe b / y in Japan. The engines are not repaired and changed to … well, b / y in Japan in the assembly.

Diagnosticians and craftsmen who know how to do some serious work efficiently, the percentage was not enough. Thus, the availability of the engines and frames allowed to form a large market SWAPO. Of course first of all began to establish common and reliable motors toyotovskie JZ series and UZ instead of “native”.

However, over time, it became a deficit of these is undoubtedly the outstanding units, especially in the right svaperam versions. Even the electronic throttle or immobilizer are almost insurmountable obstacle to the introduction of the engine. What can we say about more serious difficulties …

And then I was born a unique market, “Russian SWAPO” senseless and merciless. Anyone found the motor assembly could put in any car. It is advisable only to have the motor electronics is easier because the complexity scare, and be sure to go “kit” – no amateur “experts” do not accept as fact.

Many even go further, for example, is welded to the front side members and the suspension to the desired body, the benefit of “Cuts” is also widely available. No frills in the form of European selection gearbox under the engine, installing new injection control systems. The main rule – everything must be standard, otherwise it is impossible.

Up to half of the swap, the project looks very strange, if we forget about the rule “everything should be the standard.” Units are selected in the image, often sought any available and inexpensive motor with a box of the correct type. Then starts a rich experience of implementing anything in anywhere. Monsters are still obtained. Of course, there are more spices in this business, and consumers of this “tuning”, and even real fans.

Incidentally, the process does not stop. The tendency to get all out of the box “bolt-on” with a ready plan, crossed in an attempt to leave everything as standard generates amazing monsters. For example, BMW third series E92 with units from broken in “Total» Lancer Evo VII with a full set of “standard tuning” forces of 600 and with pendants from Mitsubishi. Europeans are surprised, but in Moscow it is almost the norm. Make anything you want, just not try to do something yourself, to calculate, collect, customize … The results of such work – just as bizarre. Technical filling often simply can not cope with the stated power characteristics. Or worse – does not maintain “inspection force”.

Comes to the ridiculous and a little sad: for example, “crooked” tuned engine exploded during a test car on the stand of power metering, having worked for some time at close to cut-off speed. The owner of the machine, being firmly convinced in fairness “specialist tuning” publicly accusing the owner of the stand that he de misconfigured, “gave the load” and generally ruined engine. But the solution is simple: the master, doing engine refinement, did not expect that someone will be seriously engaged in power measurements. The case, unfortunately, is quite typical.

Rays of light in the darkness

In the flow of spices have little noticeable by those who really completed MADI who consciously builds and helps to build another motor. And yet – it is engaged in quality management in this area and generally understand what to do. Of course, not free, sometimes for a lot of money, but with the full knowledge of the case, keeping the whole process to the infinite “buy-sell” and deception.

Of course, quite a few “kulibinyh” who seek and find for themselves, not because of, and despite, and build something interesting. To the surprise of many such craftsmen among those who Tunit domestic engines. Sometimes their calculations is not perfect, and the calculations are made “on the knee”, but in many it turns out, they actively joined in the community and try to put together their achievements.

There are those who do not hesitate to create something completely “own”, for example – develops and implements sets of lightweight aluminum flywheels or composite brake discs as standard. In general, smart enough masters.


What to do if you have a certain amount of money subject vehicle and a strong desire to make of it something quick and is not like at all? To begin with – to reject the idea that someone in this business can be trusted unconditionally. No one, except you, is not interested in a good result really.

It is highly desirable, taking up any project, start with self – spend a few months to study the technical solutions of similar machines, to communicate with their owners, pull up “materiel”, the benefit of the Internet lacks explanatory materials.

Next you need a good master with a “portfolio” of the work performed, the interaction with which to give up at the first sign that he is deceiving you and not listen to any objections during the discussion of the future of the project. Then there is a chance that in a year and a half, an arbitrary amount of spending hundreds of thousands of rubles, you really get a good car. But what do you want? Good almost never cheap, easy and fast to implement.

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