Muscle car from Japan: Tuning Nissan Silvia S14

Those who are not too closely following the fashion trends of the automobile, but, nevertheless, has an idea about cars, it may appear that they are now on the screen looks the creation of American engineers and designers of the last century. They, however, will be difficult to accurately guess the make and model. “Most likely, this Chevrolet Camaro» – they decide. And indeed, the characteristic look of the two round headlights, flat nose, wide arches – all hints at “shtatovskih” car origin. When the ignition is switched on and comes alive monstrous V8, there is no doubt – the American muscle car. Is that right? And here and there!

H a fact, under the menacing appearance “American”, looking at you from the screen, hiding the car from the opposite end of the world … – Nissan Silvia S14.

A new acquaintance

Maxim Twardowski from the team Fail Crew, owner Sylvia – a figure well known in motorsport circles. Russian drifter, traveling throughout Europe and participate in a number of international competitions in which no one else passed from our pilots. His racing career began back in 2008 when he, not having even the slightest idea about this discipline, bought a magnificent Nissan Skyline R34. On the machine with motor factory RB25DET.


It was a great machine that Max loved madly, and that as far as updating of knowledge about the drift changed accordingly. From completely stock car “Sky” live to see the state only a racing car with the safety cage, powerful engine, sport suspension and other sports arsenal. In this form, loaded on the trailer, he visited and “distributed angle” on all important European events, including the famous Gatebil in Norway. It would have lasted a glorious history, if the car is not seriously decided to break in 2014. It was then that Maxim had the idea instead of repair “Skyline” to try to drift completely different car. She was exactly it: Nissan Silvia S14 from our today’s story.

To tell the truth, at the moment of purchase the car was already prepared to drift for the full program: it was attended by a safety cage, and other attributes that are sure to pay attention to the technical commissioner of any race. In addition, the machine has experienced a swap, and in the engine compartment flaunted a magnificent engine LS7 – V-shaped 8-cylinder monster volume of 7.2 liters. The suspension is also not gone unnoticed and has been collected in the famous company Wisefab components. Dream, not a machine! would ride and ride this, but this way – not for Max. It was decided to modify the “Nissan” so that he would surely and immediately stood out from the crowd of bright fireballs at any event.

The boss decides to

I come to the aid of the latest kit from the company Rocket Bunny with the speaker called Boss. It was he misleading ignorant public, giving the Japanese car manufacturers design masterpiece of American 60-ies of the last century. Here we make a short digression, which will devote itself to this body the fish, as it is literally alarmed the tuning community, offering owners “Silvius” what until then no one has yet offered.

Tires Toyo R1R front and rear Westlake
Discs 7Twenty 18h9.5 front and rear 7Twenty 18h10,5

So this is the famous company Boss Rocket Bunny. Despite the extremely American style, this kit is originally from Japan, and its creator – Miura-san (Miura-san) – decided not only to offer our customers a couple of extra padding on the body and dramatically change the style of the car. The front of the car actually changes completely – the bumper, hood, fenders, headlights. Certainly a very bold decision, but the effect was enormous. Interestingly, each client an updated appearance of his “Sylvia” will resemble what he wants: someone Chevrolet Camaro, anyone Ford Mustang Boss 302, and someone Plymouth Barracuda, which is rumored to have just inspired Miura san to create their fantastic creations. In addition to the front, the set includes door sills, wheel arch extensions unusual for these parts plump forms, as well as classic spoiler type «duck tale». As a result, to identify with a new garment Silvia S14 can only person who knows all the rest – this muscle car is originally from the United States. On completion of the image in the car Maxima Twardowski works inherent in these monsters of the last century with a characteristic roaring V8, with nothing comparable to the exhaust sound. Being an original, not a common remark, Rocket Bunny Boss stood almost perfectly to the Japanese body, again changing “her ugly” according to the owner of the S14.


Attention to technique

At the time of appearance modifications and decided to shake up the engine: now he breathes in deeply through the inlet from the company mnogodrosselny Jenvey, in working forged valves and custom camshafts, and for the uninterrupted supply of oil under the most severe racing conditions is responsible maslopodachi system dry sump Peterson. Cooling System, contrary to the trend to transfer the heat sink in the luggage compartment, is in its original place and consists of an electric pump instead of the native and increased radiator. Powered by a 102-m gasoline Monster publishes heartbreaking sounds that can literally burn to disc and listen to the house – so it is good. By the way, he uses this fuel with a big appetite, so to exclude gasoline by injection in the long corners, in addition to racing 20-liter tank was installed a small protivootlivnoy.

Setting up the machine control unit via Adaptronic allowed to squeeze out of the power plant 600 wheeled power and 830 Nm of torque. Under this power, and the corresponding transmission – cam gearbox G-Force, ACT clutch and gearbox on the Nissan Skyline R32 GTR. To say that the machine was fast – to say nothing. A fast car needs a high-quality suspension. The new kit is not allowed to use the front suspension Wisefab, so that the details of this company were just behind, and in front of Max components have been installed. Now they adorn coilovers Feal with specially selected during lengthy tests springs.


Charisma and success

The car turned out very charismatic: impressive and, more importantly, the unusual appearance is supported by the sound of the true V8. “Sylvia” radiates power and fury – and always attracts attention. For the first time Maxim was convinced “effect Rocket Bunny» on Gatebil 2016 – this is the first exit for the updated car and showed that in addition to the appearance it also has huge potential in terms of sports. In the first test on the track it became clear that power is now always enough, and the car is controlled with informative and understandable. Fortified by these observations, and for the entire season of participation in the Russian Drift Series in 2016, where Boss Maxim Twardowski held more than confidence and allows the pilot to show good results.

Nissan Silvia S14
Brief specifications:
General Motors LS7 V-shaped 8-cylinder 7.2 liter
ECU Adaptronic
Cam ILAC G-Force
Front arms and fists Max
Brembo front and rear Nissan
The body kit Rocket Bunny Boss

Above all, from the standpoint of the competition – the car was reliable. Simple inherently aspirated engine without whimsical turbines and compressors, new wiring, assembled on the best accessories – all this allows you to eliminate unnecessary problems and worries during the race and concentrate on flying. At the moment, “Sylvia” is absolutely complete, well-trained instrument drift, and therefore no plans to change the design at Maxim – there are only maintaining the vehicle in proper condition and timely preventive maintenance. And be sure – continued participation in competitions, both Russian and foreign, than he could wish for good luck.

The list of improvements:


  • Engine General Motors LS7
  • Stroker kit by volume of 7.2 liters.
  • Mnogodrosselny inlet Jenvey
  • Racing valve plates and springs
  • custom camshafts
  • maslopodachi system dry sump Peterson
  • Electric pump
  • large radiator
  • 20 liter tank
  • Protivootlivnoy tank


  • ECU Adaptronic
  • Configuring Mr. Y Denis Polovinkin


  • Cam ILAC G-Force
  • ACT Clutch
  • Reducer of the Nissan Skyline R32 GTR


  • Front arms and fists Max
  • Behind the arms and fists Wisefab
  • coilovers Feal


  • Brembo front
  • Behind Nissan
  • handbrake HGK


  • security Framework
  • Sparco steering wheel
  • Recaro buckets and Sparco
  • Takata Seatbelts


  • The body kit Rocket Bunny Boss
  • Plastic hood, fenders, roof, doors
  • Maximum sawn metal elements
  • Spoiler Duck tale


  • Discs 7Twenty 18h9.5 front, 7Twenty 18h10,5 back
  • Tires Toyo R1R front, Westlake behind

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