Tuning BMW 318i E46

The fourth generation of the BMW 3 Series at the time caused quite a stir in the automotive world. However, in the first stage of the Russian Drift Series on the race track ADM Raceway not less noise done the car out of our present story. Moreover, in a figurative and in the literal sense: a powerful bass sound this car made many participants and spectators seriously interested in its technical component.

Opinion is divided on several assumptions. “Perhaps there is an M-motor on the compressor,” asserted one. “Nooo, there’s probably a big V8 from BMW», assured the other. “There’s definitely something extensive and evil”, ingeniously suggested others. Strictly speaking, under the hood could be anything, and even more, but, Sergei casino, as well as one of the heroes of our previous articles, Fedor Dzezhits, went the other way.


Bavarian 46th body, especially in the performance coupe, BMW among fans as one of the most beautiful models of the brand. And the man, far from avtotematiki highly appreciate design, developed in the late ‘nineties, “chief designer Chris Bangle. From the standard car car Sergei differs considerably: a tremendous wing, wide arches, huge air vents in the hood. But, of course, the BMW, which the owner has nicknamed Chucky after the hero of a horror movie, was not always in the form in which is presented today. Like the character “horror”, he transformed from an ordinary stock of the city coupe at the evil monster, ready to join battle with any opponent. Now, first things first.

beaten path

Home Sergei drift career occurred in 2013. Then he first tried his hand at professional Russian Drift Series at the BMW M3 E36 in the body. However, skated a season, I realized that the power from the motor is too small. By the time the championship has already started “arms race”, and “Beha” became less competitive compared to cars of other participants. So the idea of ​​construction of a new project was born.

BMW 318i E46
Brief specifications
LS376 7,0 l
Cam gearbox G-Force 4-speed
BC Racing Racks and arms round the Wisefab
six-piston Wilwood brakes
ECU Autronic SM4
The body kit from HGK Motorsport

After the end of the 2013 season, Sergey bought BMW 318i E46 in the back of 2001 issue. Yes, by the way – we do not accidentally missed describe agony of choice, which is often plagued enthusiasts: Sergey has always preferred the brand BMW, so the choice was obvious. At the same time I wanted to do the original combat vehicle, and therefore immediately after the purchase, he sent the ward in Estonia for further modernization. There’s the work started …

From dudes monster

First thing in the back compartment safety cage welded in accordance with Appendix «J» – this is a pretty standard item without him on the presentations and speeches can not be. But then followed a place where non-standard solutions, which we hinted at the beginning. Place staff took real US engine «small block», pearl Chevrolet Corvette – LS3 engine. He remained atmospheric, was not deprived of attention: stroker kit installed in it (forged crankshaft, connecting rods and pistons), which together with the boring unit allowed to increase working volume from 6.2 liters to 7.0 liters.

BMW 318i E46
18th wheels XXR527 9.75 (tires Federal RSR 595 and Toyo R1R – on the front axle)

Stroker kit and boring – not the only motor news: yet there is a pulley Super Damper and chokes from the company Jenvey, selected for the purpose of lifting capacity. Caring for the cooling radiator and charged maslokuleru Mishimoto. Gearbox was changed to a cam on the company’s G-Force and implemented by NASCAR gearbox with interchangeable pairs. But with the suspension did not have to experiment – initially put round the Wisefab: according to Sergei, this is one of the best solutions. Also round the racks installed by BC Racing.

Inside, everything is simple and concise: seat Sparco Evo Tech2, Sabelt belts, Sparco steering wheel and handbrake of HGK. It also moved the battery and added a fire-extinguishing system of Sabelt. The owner likes to style was all over, so the interior complement the mascot doll Chucky from the film and anti-slip pedals and floor patterns.

As for appearance, in order to maximize ease of plastic car made entirely from carbon fiber roof and door inserts. To give a more sporty and aggressive look body kit installed by the Latvian company HGK. Initially, BMW was painted black, and now it is tight in the now fashionable vinyl graphite gray.

Long way to the track

Season 2014 Sergey had to miss because the work on the E46 was delayed. To leave was only in August 2014. To see how it behaves on a track freshly built car, the pilot took part in the Petersburg «Drift Battle of Two Capitals”. The event revealed shortcomings by taxiing and problems with the gearbox, on the removal of which took time. The fact that the electric power steering has been connected to a generator, and as a generator to charge the battery, it switches off – thus disconnected and the steering wheel. The question decided by connecting the steering wheel directly to the battery. Most of the time it is left to the detection of causes of the problem, so that the next departure occurred in September 2015 in Belarus G-Fest in Logoisk.

In the offseason, Sergei practiced at events in winter drifting on the St. Petersburg circuit on his BMW E36 (after the construction of a new project she stayed with him as a training vehicle). But when all the problems on the E46 was finally eliminated, he was able to roll out for the season 2016. Behind has two full events: the first stage in the RDS Myachkovo and the first stage of EEDC in Minsk. After a long break was initially rolled-difficult, but it is – only an occasion to grow and develop further. The most important thing – that the car finally behaves consistently. And in front of the whole summer!

The list of improvements:


  • Engine LS376
  • Stroker kit from 6.2 liters to 7.0 liters, forging
  • Chokes Jenvey
  • Pulley Super Damper
  • Radiator and maslokuler Mishimoto


  • ECU Autronic SM4


  • Racks BC Racing
  • Levers Wisefab vkrug


  • Six-piston Wilwood brakes
  • Handbrake HGK Motorsport


  • Cam gearbox G-Force 4-speed
  • Clutch Tilton 3-disk
  • Reducer NASCAR


  • Safety frame for the application «J»
  • Seats Sparco Evo Tech 2
  • belts Sabelt
  • Sparco steering wheel
  • Tilton pedals 600-series
  • Anti-slip pedals with a pattern
  • Fire extinguishing system by Sabelt
  • Battery moved to the salon


  • The body kit from HGK Motorsport
  • Carbon roof and door inserts, other parts of the body plastic
  • All windows except the windshield, replaced by a sapphire-coated polycarbonate
  • Vinyl


  • 18th wheels XXR527 9.75
  • Tires Federal RSR 595 and Toyo R1R – on the front axle

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