Mario, Cadillac and moss: tuning Toyota Supra JZA80

Was born in the distant 1993, the fourth-generation Toyota Supra was simply doomed to success. Powerful engines, rear-wheel drive and a tremendous opportunity for tuning, refining the force and – all of this, combined with the good looks, secured her fame, love and popularity. And when the Supra became the heroine of the movie and games, the audience of her fans has grown by another order of magnitude. Need for Speed ​​and the “Fast and Furious” promoted its no worse than stock 2JZ-GTE.

Introduction – like in the movies

P ozdnee appearance Toyota Supra on the night of illegal races on the quarter mile for anyone was not outlandish. On the Internet every now and then flashed the projects on the basis of the car, with huge, and sometimes they do not fit under the hood of the turbines. Rear-wheel drive and turbo surround literally screaming that the car from the factory prepared for racing by the acceleration in a straight line. Because even after the arrival and popularization in our country this discipline as drift, few athletes regarded as the Toyota Supra car for the drive side. But over time, things have changed: there were created different projects, one of which even won in 2011 the first place in the Russian Drift Series Western Division. And in 2016 in the competition RDS-west we can see as many as three cars of this model. One of them, the car commands «Toyo Tires Gorilla Energy Techno Cartel», we describe in more detail.


In 2001 the band released the first movie “Fast and Furious” series, where one of the main roles was assigned Toyota Supra. The first appearance of this machine in the picture was … as the metal pile, which is brought to the tow truck hero Paul Walker. Why do we remember about that? Yes, because our current machine fell into the hands of Paul Busygina (now the top pilot RDS) of the rising sun in roughly the same form. The car was completely dismantled, no engine, transmission and interior. The only thing that could boast this the Supra, was a self-made metal body kit, new racks Tein, StopTech brakes and … carpet of moss. Do not be surprised – the body was abandoned a long time stood in the damp.

From flower beds to cramps

Toyo Tires
Wheels Volk Racing te37

With the transformation of the “beds” in the drift cramps had pretty tricky. But all the details are solved, if you – the technical director of the garage, and who is Paul on the nature of their activities. To start the machine has been cleaned of all kinds of waste and abundant flora, and only then began refinement. For the season 2014, in which Paul Gagarin for the first time took part in the Russian Drift Series, Toyota Supra acquired motor 2JZ-GTE turbine Precision t61, «raskochegarennym” up to 500 liters. s., and a reliable PPC a Getrag, and to increase the angle of inversion wheel was installed a complete set of well-known firms in Wisefab drift circles. According to the mandatory requirements of the rules of competition in the welded body and rollcage (already exclusively on their own) so called bash-bar on the front and back to prevent serious consequences for the car in the event of contact with the fence route and rivals.

Metal kit has been replaced with a lighter on the TRD, and the machine itself seriously easier: all you can ruthlessly saw off, cut and sealed. For example, all of the iron behind, trapped under the TRD pads, removed (which is 4/5 of the entire wing), cut the floor in the trunk and so on. Instead, we set new bumpers and sills, securing them to the quick-locks of his own design from Techno Cartel.

The integrated trunk extremely compact sports homologated fuel tank, securing it on a special podium. And in order to separate the space of the driver and passenger from the pieces of rubber and smoke flying from under the wheels of the rear of the machine (which is inevitable in the drift), and, of course, for safety, for buckets installed partition on which flaunts gay icon of the popular Mario video game character.

Inside, all the austere, but very functional. Instead of the aluminum front panel constructed “podium”, which placed the necessary switches. On the steering column fit extremely compact and useful thing – electronic dashboard Race Technology Dash 2 pro. Place an exclusive ladles Recaro: they pereshito Alcantara brick color, and the average of the seats stitched diamonds.

This prepared Toyota Supra, Paul was able to show the result of 23 minutes of the 56 participants at the end of their debut season in the RDS. But progress does not stand still – for the season 2015 it was decided to produce a new major revision.

Helps Cadillac

In order to increase capacity and reliability, which is the same number in the priority characteristics, revised 2JZ-GTE conceived change to one of the American compressor “engine” of a large volume. Therefore, the United States was commissioned by a new V-shaped eight-cylinder engine from the LSA Cadillac CTS-V. The Supra engine stood as a mother – of course, on homemade pillow. It’s amazing, but the builders did not have to cramp rasp motor shield, and on the location of the new engine, “sat down” even a little deeper than the native 2JZ. For better weight distribution Mishimoto radiator cooling system was moved to the trunk. Gearbox also replaced – by a cam on the G-Force.

When Paul went to the updated configuration of its Toyota Supra for the first time, he felt more comfortable: the right moment is present throughout the rev range-now you can just go and enjoy. With each stage of 2015 Russian Drift Series pilot received the necessary experience and “roll forward.” And it paid off – for the year, Paul finished fifth!

For the season 2016 global improvements with the car did not happen. We changed only the compressor pulley on Lingenfelter to increase boost, but changed all manifolds and exhaust. Now, the engine produces 700 horsepower and 950 Nm of torque. The engine control unit is left standard – even in such a configuration, it is fully functional and allows you to accurately monitor the status of the motor. In case of overheating or other critical situations automatically activates the emergency mode simply will not ruin the engine. Of course, the management of the program still had to be adjusted online.

Toyota Supra JZA80
Brief specifications
V8 LSA 6,2 l
6,2 l
Cam PPC G-Force
six-piston front brake StopTech
Helical suspension Tein Super Street
TRD body kit

The only issue is not settled to this day – a clutch: in fact the wheels have to pass almost 1000 Nm of torque. It took to try several sets of different manufacturers, but is a perfect option could not be found.

Converted and the car body – or rather, his war paint: now it is not vinyl, and graffiti, made from ordinary Montana paint cans. This decision is a very practical and low cost, but it looks good. And most importantly, if a collision occurs during the competition and damage the body – image can be restored as soon as possible, the benefit of the team is always a bunch of masking tape and cartridges.

The list of improvements:


  • Engine V8 LSA 6,2 l
  • Lingenfelter compressor pulley
  • Collectors, Kooks
  • The exhaust system of its own production
  • Radiator Mishimoto, moved into the trunk
  • The fuel system of own production
  • Two fuel pump Deatschwerks
  • The fuel tank of its own production, 20 liters.
  • Gasoline pump Bosch 44
  • Injectors Bosch 780 cc


  • Switches: weight, head light control, fans and windows – on the pane of Custom
  • custom wiring
  • Electronic dashboard Race Technology Dash 2 pro
  • Firmware (Igor “Powerful”)


  • Cam PPC G-Force
  • Clutch Monsterclutch / Spec / Tilton


  • Six-piston front brake StopTech
  • Gidroruchnik HGK


  • Helical suspension Tein Super Street
  • Wisefab vkrug
  • Steering gearbox 1: 1,5


  • Safety cage Muscovy
  • Buckets Recaro SPG, pereshito Alcantara
  • Takata Seatbelts
  • Tilton pedal assembly
  • A baffle plate made of stainless steel
  • Steering wheel OMP


  • TRD body kit
  • Bash-bars
  • Complete relief
  • Graffiti


  • Wheels Volk Racing te37
  • Toyo Tires

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