Living races: tuning BMW M3 E36

Typically, tuning – it’s a hobby. Sometimes tuning – is work. But sometimes there are cases when the tuning of a hobby turns into a sport, competition, and the car out of the car every day, or cars of the day goes into the category of “sports equipment”, ceases to ride around the city and proudly comes on a trailer on the racetrack, which shows all I was capable of. Today’s car and its owner – a case in point.

But first – Driver

Z When you have completed the entry with the lyrics, let’s move directly to our today’s hero of the story – they, contrary to custom, there will be two. It is not only this battle BMW M3 deserves attention, but its pilot – Felix Chitipahovyan, multiple winner of various competitions drift. In the season of 2016, after the break, he returned to the Russian Drift Series, which was one of the loudest “comeback” of the year. About his sports career and combat vehicle itself Felix told us personally.

He began his participation in competitions Drift in 2009, “Japanese woman» Mazda RX-7. The season was successful: according to the results could be a winner in the classroom Street championship “Formula Drift” and take third place in the championship NWDC (North West Drift Championship).


In 2010, Felix Chitipahovyan joined the «Evil Empire» team ( “Empire of Evil”), replacing the Mazda on the Toyota Supra, and in 2011 became the champion in the Pro-class Russian Drift Series. In 2012 actively participated in drift competitions taking place in Europe, and in 2013 managed the seemingly impossible. Thanks to Maxxis he first received a huge amount of tires, which could for the season to participate in 17 events in Russia and Europe. 2014 th became difficult from a financial point of view, and was able to speak “only” on a couple of steps Drift AllStars in Estonia and Lithuania and at the famous festival Gatebil, and become a champion for the third time in RDS-North.

And now – about the machine

Each pilot of the year develops, progresses, experiment and draw conclusions. This often leads to the fact that the machines are rearranged and again changed to either general or even other body model. Therefore there is nothing strange in the fact that Felix left in the season 2016 in the “thoroughbred» BMW M3 E36. Two of his partner Valvoline Drift Team piloted two Toyota Supra, but the decision to replace Felix Supra was irrevocable. Away from JDM bowed toward the Bavarians in the first place, my friends. Felix could see with their own eyes the difference in technical solutions: weight ratio Toyota Supra and BMW E36 – one and a half times in favor of the BMW, and the simplicity and ease of operation with its suspension will please any mechanic.

Drift-story BMW Felix started where almost finished basic civic life of the car – to the dismantling in Riga. The car found Harris from HGK Motorsport and other heroes of our story Ilya Belyaev, also known under the pseudonym Loopas. E36 then represented only one naked body, but it was definitely clear that it is “alive”. “Behu” immediately sent to a Latvian company HGK, famous for the preparation of cars for different types of competitions. Based on experience, the team from Riga and the help of several friends who like Bavarian brand, the process of construction of “thoroughbred” “boomers” literally boiled.

“Why do we talk about accented pureblood?” – You ask. The fact that the main idea to create a sports car of this was the use of units of BMW (such as the engine, box, frame and so on) for maximum rejection of components of other manufacturers and tuning companies.

The HGK Motorsport in the construction projects usually use ready-motors – power units, they do not collect. For assistance in preparing the engine Ilya Belyaev came. It was he who presented the “heart” of the car, modified for Drift BMW-shny S50B30. As the turbine was selected Garrett GTX30R – the perfect combination of power of 500-600 hp and early response. For proper placement of “snail” used special bearings production of HGK, as required to tilt the motor (if it was left in their native state, the exhaust manifold under turbine would have to pull forward, and it would certainly have worsened response). The setting made to stand in the horsepower is a favorite of the company from Riga – HGK.

Transmission took the three-liter diesel from BMW (was put on the body 36-46) brand ZF. The reason for the choice is simple: it works like a clock keeps good time and is cheaper than any analog.

With regard to one of the most important elements in the drift – Suspension in this direction has been done a long way. Felix says that between 2008 and 2012 years of trial and error, from homemade leverage to the Japanese company Ikea Formula production options, he came to the decision to use Wisefab (bolt-on kit that includes levers, thrust bearings, and other elements) . He really liked the development of the Estonian engineers, and since then he is a dealer of the suspension on the territory of Russia and Kazakhstan. Racks installed in BMW – Feal 441 from Odie Bahchisa (Odi Bakchis) – the pilot of the American Formula D.

“I go from 2012 to Wisefab and sell these and suspension parts, I am personally acquainted with the engineer who develops them. I do not deny that there are other solutions – for example, Toyota Supra my teammate Yaroslav Gavrikova is Ikea with my last car, which lives as a fourth season. Many pilots are poorly versed in the suspension settings, therefore, tried another embodiment, they are not having to master all, sell it and put the other. I carefully selected the settings and chose to stay at Wisefab ».

We drift cars are usually removed by wire-bench-hammers, hydraulic and gives the corresponding result only lock knob. Fixators, in turn, are often broken – that is, reliable cars in the parking brake is not there. The problem was solved in an interesting way: in the brake line of the rear axle is embedded ball valve which can be closed by pulling the handbrake, and then the axle will be locked. Now the trailer during the changing of wheels and in other situations vnegonochnyh have a reliable way to fix the wheel.

Another detail: the heaviest parts (fuel tank in a protective box and oil tank) placed behind – for proper weight distribution and increase the load on the rear axle.

BMW M3 E36
Brief specifications
620 l. from.
Garrett GTX30R

Decorates BMW body kit HGK Evolution Capless hood, front panel and wings, unique moldings on the front fenders and spoiler of HGK, as well as carbon hatch. All parts of the body, “the Germans” – on the cotter pin and sports locks, and rear bumper mounted on the wings through the springs, for mobility in the so-called «kiss the wall» – touches the wall during a controlled skid.

Now radical plans on the further development of the car is not. The only idea of ​​the future – go to the cam transmission. Felix is ​​considering the option of the Company Samsonas Motorsport, but as long as the decision is postponed until the off-season.

The list of improvements:

  • Weight 1000 kg
  • 620 liter capacity. from.


  • Engine S50B30
  • Vanos removed
  • Collectors inlet / HGK release
  • Turbine Garrett Gtx30r tialband
  • Tilt motor is changed to increase the space under turbokit via special engine supports HGK
  • dry sump system Moroso
  • The oil tank is installed in the trunk of Peterson
  • Radiator Mishimoto
  • Fuel tank 40 l Atl.
  • Pump Aeromotive A340 on swap
  • The main pump A1000, two filters of different purity
  • Fuel tubes of aluminum
  • Issue of collector and turbine hot part covered thermal insulation materials (3 degrees)
  • Exhaust and Screamer in wing


  • Dashboard Aim
  • The control unit Vems


  • ABC clutch Clutch
  • A five-speed ZF Gearbox from three-liter diesel BMW
  • gearbox M3
  • Lock 1.5 way
  • Drives BMW M3
  • Levers Wisefab
  • Racks Feal suspension 441 series
  • Stabilizers are absent
  • Steering gearbox 2/1


  • Wilwood Brakes
  • handbrake HGK
  • Crane to lock the rear axle


  • security Framework
  • Recaro buckets
  • Six-point seat belts SCHROTH
  • Steering wheel Sabelt on bystroseme Lifeline
  • The plastic dash HGK, covered with flock
  • Tilton pedal assembly
  • Shifter Wisefab


  • The body kit HGK Evolution Capless hood, front panel and wings
  • Unique moldings on the front fenders and spoiler HGK
  • dim light modules Hella
  • carbon hatch
  • cold air intake system with HGK roof
  • Design and pasting from Valvoline Ciay
  • Plastic glass filler derived through carboxylic spacer into the right rear window


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