Let the Japanese obzaviduyutsya: tuning Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE85

Toyota AE85 / 86 for anyone who is even slightly familiar with the drift, is an icon, a kind of physical embodiment of this discipline of motorsport. It is on these unpretentious typewriters began their journey on the mountain serpentines first Japanese drifters. And it is to him is directed everyone’s attention to any competition and thematic get-togethers, even if the neighborhood are tysyachesilnye monsters of the modern automobile industry. In these vehicles, the soul and an incredible charisma, forcing people to buy them and restore, and sometimes – literally from the ashes.

Not from the ashes

Fortunately, this car – not the case. Owner Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE85 of our today’s story bought it in quite passable condition. And the search took surprisingly little time: just a few days from the date of awareness of the fact, “I want to collect the legend drift” – and now – Up to declare the sale and departure for inspection.

Of course, expect that you will meet perfectly preserved specimen Hachiroku (86) or Hachigo (85), at least silly. Years inevitably take their toll, and when the previous owner does not restore the machine from the ground up, “sores” in any case will be. Question one: how many? This AE85 from a distance of a few meters look more than acceptable. Only a closer look, you could see all sorts of imperfections – including rotten rear arches and time already battered paintwork. But there are still in the fact that when you buy a car for the project, you know well: still all have to disassemble and repair.


So it quickly came down to the main event: the job is done, the machine is purchased. In the load to it the seller also gave a number of parts that had to be called Gazelle: Rear Axle, two doors, four or five of the front fenders, hood, front bumper, two cardan and even mountain detail, just now, and I do not remember … Itself Toyota tolerably moved independently.

Let the Japanese obzaviduyutsya

But not for long – after about six months Ilya completely disassembled it for bulkheads and total recovery. I wanted to collect a piece of candy to even Japanese obzavidovalis! The most long and tedious process expected recovery of steel and prepare the body for painting. It has been completely cleared of old paint, rust all places, of which, surprisingly, turned out to be quite a bit, were podvareny and the front “TV” overcooked – Ilya ordered a new, as “native” has been badly battered life. All of this was treated with an acidic soil in order to avoid corrosion in the future … and the project got six months. The fact that friends of the service, where the body was placed, moved – and during the relocation and resettlement of the new Toyota places no one did. When work resumed, the body painted white with black elements, under the well-known coloring Hachiroku – “Panda”.

After painting passed to the assembly. Instead of the old motor 4A-GE Red Top, replacing once the factory but assembled unclear who and how and, frankly, has breathed its last, it was installed 16-valve 4A-GE Blue Top (first generation) with a capacity of 130 liters. from. Actually, it is such an engine standing on the AE86 model from the factory, so the adherents of authenticity can sleep peacefully. To make sure Ilya personally went through it, replacing all consumables, gaskets and seals. The new engine is hidden from prying eyes by a carbon fiber hood, which is got from the previous owner. Well, to the engine to breathe more easily, it has been installed a completely new exhaust from companies OBX: 4-1 exhaust manifold and direct flow path.

Instead of the old bridge with drums Ilya implemented bridge from Toyota AE86 with disc brakes and differential lock from TRD company. The front brakes and fuel tank – also from the 86th: more powerful brakes, and the tank has protivootlivnye partitions, which play a critical role in the fight against fuel outflow from the fuel pump in the corners and relining. From the same model dashboard in the cabin was bought. It differs from the standard 85th in the presence of regular oil pressure sensor – which is something to hide, very useful information.

Updated Ilya and cooling system: bored under the hood of the radiator of the Moskvich was gladly thrown in the trash, and in its place stood thick and far more effective aluminum from Prosport. He also established a new expansion tank, water pump, thermostat and washer tank – all the “original” Toyota.

In the course of the assembly and holding the car just free time, including at night, before the eyes of the owner began to emerge JDM-picture: the real, to the bone Japanese sports car – just like the ones with the serpentines of Tsukuba (Mount Tsukuba), Haruna and Hakone .

To rulilsya car and as uncompromisingly and furiously looked like in the suspension installed screw stand firm D2 Racing, put the jet thrust of the rear axle and Panhard rod on the AL firms Megan Racing, as well as Tenshi front arm – also on the spherical joints. With this suspension, driving, such as a coin, you can easily determine its merit and the amount of sushi and sake, which you can buy with it. Acute taxiing contributes fully renovated steering rack, from which literally rained when removing the sand.

The passenger compartment remained virtually Stock video – with the exception of the already mentioned the instrument panel from the AE86, the driver’s bucket Bride Vios with original slides Bride specifically for the AE86, the passenger seat Bride Ergo II and driving company Takata seatbelts.

Also, additional devices are added OMORI – they show the oil pressure, oil temperature and coolant. In general, nothing superfluous – only what you need to achieve results on the track and monitor the condition of the car.

Well, where do without the classic wheels: Hachigo emblazoned on the 14-inch Black Racing discs and rubber company Toyo PXR8R.

Difficulties and joy

car assembly took about two months. The most difficult to work with such machines is, perhaps, the process of finding and purchasing of parts. Cars old and many of the components are no longer manufactured. Therefore all parts Ilya searched the forums AE owners, domestic and foreign, disassembly and auctions. However, unfortunately, the availability of parts, even in the case of such an iconic model is a huge challenge. Get at least the windshield – well not have it anywhere else. However, fans have found a way: experimenting, found that well suited glass on … who would have thought – Daewoo Nexia! Not bad, but not perfect: in the area of ​​the roof turns the gap, greatly complicating inserts, not quite matching the dimensions translate into cracks in the moldings. Try this method, Ilya eventually got a cracked windshield and decided nevertheless to make new glass to order.

First check the updated machines in the light of the exhibition “Moscow Tuning Show” in 2016, where the car has always gathers a huge number of visitors. This is not surprising: little left AE85, and those that can be put on exhibit – even less. And particularly pleased that such machines are found in our country, where to keep them for many reasons, particularly difficult.

Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE85
Brief specifications
16-valve 4A-GE Blue Top (first generation)
130 l. from.
Dimensions (L x W x H):
4205 x 1625 x 1335 mm
2,400 mm
Ground clearance:
155 mm
Fuel tank capacity:
50 l

The list of improvements:


  • 16-valve engine 4A-GE Blue Top (first generation), 130 l. pp., from the Toyota AE86, moved
  • New water pump, the original Toyota
  • New thermostat, the original Toyota
  • Aluminum radiator company Prosport
  • New expansion tank and a new washer tank, the original Toyota
  • Exhaust manifold 4-1 OBX
  • Exhaust trail OBX
  • Filter APEX’i
  • The fuel tank and the fuel pump of the Toyota AE86


  • Additional devices OMORI: oil pressure, oil temperature and coolant


  • Helical suspension D2 Racing
  • Reactive traction rear axle, to the AL
  • Panhard rod in the AL, Megan Racing
  • Tenshi front lever on RC
  • The rear axle of the Toyota AE86
  • The rear axle differential lock is installed firm TRD


  • Disc front brakes on Toyota AE86
  • Disc rear brakes of the Toyota AE86


  • The driver’s bucket Bride Vios, original slides Bride specifically for AE86
  • Takata Seatbelts
  • Passenger bucket Bride Ergo II
  • The dashboard of the Toyota AE86


  • carbon hood
  • The new front bumper
  • New lower lip on the front bumper
  • The new “television”
  • Body repainted white coloring “Panda”


  • 14th Black Racing wheels
  • Tires Toyo PXR8R

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