Instead of sex: amateur tuning of the Soviet era

Itching perfection inherent techies of all time. And the “iron curtain” in the country, the Soviet Union, where, as we know, did not even have sex, tuning still existed. And in different embodiments.

Lapping (in present – tuning) technology in the country a terrible shortage of vehicles was extended always – at least because of parts shortage was no less terrible. People were forced to “Tinkering” and master in order to maintain their ancient machines on the go. Adjustable components from other models, removed unnecessary details, cut, raked … no surprise monstrous battened “four firsts” with the bridges of “four hundred seventh” monstrous “GAZ cars” with wings of ZIL, not to mention the trophy BMW with welded trunk of “twenty-first” Volga and Pobeda with lanterns by ‘twenty-four. ” But today we will talk about not necessarily tuning, but the tuning of the soul. He was also, even in the most dense seventies, although today many causes only a condescending smile.

industry Help

As such products for motorists (as in Soviet times was called all the owners’ cars are “) domestic industry, of course, produced, but useful devices, accessories and other decorative elements and the more other excesses were frankly a little. Rare example – was developed in 1963 at the factory Stavrovskaya tractor- equipment kit windscreen washer for self-installation of the machine, where it is not – that is, all except the Volga. Because of widely available parts factory owners remained except fog. Especially quoted “GDR” (production of the GDR – German Democratic Republic) – shiny, stylish look. True, the chrome could be our lights, but also, at a time when the country’s working all the factories, literally “a bottle” othromirovat could be anything: a housing washers, air purifiers, engine valve covers … and motorists often did.

With regard to chromium – shiny wheel covers all conceivable types walked indiscriminately to all obsolete models, as well as trucks and “UAZ”, born deprived of chromium. It is interesting that at the turn of 1970-80 in the Soviet Union there was a fashion ride without caps – in sports as rallisty. In some regions, the traffic police struggling with this phenomenon, but by mid-1980 from this type of decoration began to refuse and car plants – VAZ, AZLK, “Izhmash”. On the other hand, I remember, in 1970-1980-in the country there were only a few models of non-standard wheel caps – two or three similar mersedesovskie then, and another – with convex sector-spoke silver, closing black background.

And speaking of the wheels, then, of course, you could buy in a store flippers (2.60 – 3.00 rub.) – White sidewall tires. However, for a long time we went with them only the true aesthetes, since the harsh road conditions USSR wheel with white elastic bands along the disc require special care. In addition, the quality was variable – some flippers turned yellow, the other was black, absorbing carbon black from tire rubber.

Naturally, in an environment where even the replacement turn signals similar to the familial model is specified in the SDA, of no external additional obvese it was not. The maximum that could be present on the cars – nylon clip-pads on the ends of the door with colored katafotikami designed to protect the paint from damage in the parking lot.

Do it yourself

Continuing the theme of wheels for amateur tuning, we can reach the most crazy Soviet tuners – those who did wheel- “splicing”. So called extended rims welded from two conventional – another way to get a little bit non-standard wheel was not there. However, the general rubber (and too narrow) and was not, therefore pulled splicing standard tires. When cornering at speed their protector arched arc and the car lost control – the beauty sometimes collecting their harvest unjustified victims …

Against this background, seemed quite innocuous exercise troubled motorists with mudguards. They decorate their own way, okovyvali stainless steel, suspended on chains, decorated reflectors and deer, was increased to unbelievable size by cutting out access rugs. Designers Sparco, probably still sleeping badly at night … Fenders relied each vehicle according to the traffic rules, their presence is checked with an annual checkup, so the carp even to the most pretentious constructions could not any policeman.

A textbook example of the Soviet tuning steel gear knob. I can confirm numerous surveys on this topic fellow journalists personal experience. A couple of years ago, restoring originality favorite “penny”, I planned to return to the place of the aforementioned full-time “knob”. During the three days of searching for demolition, the automotive market and flea series I saw dozens of different samples, “the handle” tuning – from the camp was a product of plexiglass with colored roses to the factory samples with chrome mikromodelkami under glass. Only one native Togliatti ball – who bought, despite the mediocre state.

Until about the mid-1980s in fashion was such, in general, a useful “option” as the steering wheel. Subconsciously, realizing that fat steering wheel rim convenient standard thin USSR drivers almost without exception wore their bagels in wicker covers. It is a mistake to think that this required a thin insulated wire and skilful hands – is, in the shops sold ready-covers, which only needed to “lace” for instructions. Later there were woven “leather” covers the buttons – the same factory, but more aesthetically pleasing. Where less frequent in the Brezhnev era can be found fur wheels, not to mention the seat – and to organize and pay for such tuning can not everyone. Yes, not everyone wanted.

Direct borrowing

For the paucity of other options was a fairly common one kind of tuning – setting the vehicle on the decorative details of other models. And it’s not only the above-mentioned wheel caps. Hereby it was chic to have on the trunk of “tea” from the 21 th of the Volga. But to get such a “bird” has always been difficult, so most have to settle for a similar purpose on the part of VAZ-2102. Incidentally, the Lada, which is necessary to hold the trunk lid of the button or key is inserted into it, this brilliant “dvoechnaya” foot really useful.

“Seagull” from the Volga to the trunk

You can not say, for example, nozzles svetomaskirovochnyh Army sample, which put on their lights some originals. Do not hesitate and borrowing other military accessory – ladder folding antenna by commanding “jeep”, which is the length of the missing from the front wing to the rear bumper.

Almost limit chic interior was setup under the dash of simple models VAZ Muscovites or “beard” from the “six” and “seven”. It could set a bunch of trendy dopoborudovaniya: radio, thermometer, some light bulb …

And someone just molded to your Moskvich or “humpback” Zhiguli “hromuliny”. Particularly widespread was the option with the lower moldings “penny” – many owners of VAZ shot them with their new machines, for fear of corrosion thresholds, and these parts are easy to buy with it. And how we loved all chrome “boom” with Chuck ZAZ-968! It is perfectly suited to the radiator and the Volga, and on the hood of the lawn, in general, the chrome – and it is in the USSR chrome, and although the origin could decorate anything. And to keep up with fashion, in the late 1970s it was possible to simply put beautiful football on the back shelf of a sedan – of course, leather, other then just do not do.

A modest but pleasing

Actually, that’s so in general terms, and he was – a massive Soviet tuning. Guileless, naive, available in principle to everyone. And what’s interesting – in the end wishing they were no less happy than the present-day owners’ merci “and” Porsche “with shildikami AMG or, say, Gemballa … But that is a topic for an entirely different conversation.

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