In the Soviet Union there was no such: rally tuning VAZ-2106 in the style of VFTS

"Domestic" started

The history of this vehicle began in 2006, when Denis went to university and had just received a driver's license. As he did not think the time about any motor racing and was looking for a car to just learn to ride around the city. And then she appeared in his life.

Patriotic "six" of 1995 of release, he bought an old man, the stories of which it almost all the time stood in the garage. Run the machine at the time was little more than 30 000 kilometers. Dennis was delighted, adored his "classics" and behaved like a prudent Soviet motorist in winter did not go on it, drove to the cottage, set in a warm garage, and looked forward to the spring.

So two years passed, during which the machine is often rescued the whole family when the main family car broke down, and there was an urgent need to go somewhere, to come to the aid of the VAZ-2106. Yet Denis has become more comfortable and as it then seemed, faster Hyundai Getz, and in 2106 moved to the background, standing idle most of the time idle. In the autumn of 2008, the family council decided to send "six" in the village in the Ryazan region, where she performed the role of the tractor to the trailer and help with the housework. In 2009 Denis became interested in each rally-sprint and called him to a race. It was then, and began a new chapter in this story – rally.

We rode all night on the VAZ-2107, jumped on the parapet, adrenaline beat over the edge. Even then I started thinking about that and I need a specially prepared car to have fun at such events, but was not yet ready for anything that either morally or financially. Yes, and illegal street seemed more romantic then.

Denis Balakshin

matured idea

Still, he became interested in motor racing: as a navigator in the crew Sergey Kuzmin / Denis Balakshin he drove a couple of Rally 3 category ProX 1000 miles. Meanwhile, it was already 2014, and the "Six" was still in the village and look bad, gradually equalizing the age with his condition. It was decided to sell it, and even found a buyer. It only remained to surpass 2106 in Moscow, but three days before the trip for her garage opened, and "six" have removed everything that could be removed: the instrument panel, a battery, radio, speakers, podium for speakers, and more. A potential buyer wanted to bring down the price of the car in such a state to the penny that Dennis does not suit. It was then and it is understood that it is time to make the once beloved "classic" rally car for trips, and to finally act as a pilot. Inspired by Denis suggested other Anatolia Danshin organize your crew and build a rally in 2106, and he took the idea with equal enthusiasm. And the machine has a huge svezhearendovannom garage in Moscow. Friends quietly gathered the necessary tools, and work has begun to boil.

In the process of construction guys have faced a lot of difficulties, as the car wanted to give the appearance of legendary VFTS, but the body had a VAZ-2106. Doors and wings, though very similar to the VAZ-2105, but have a different shape and external decoration. We had warm, customized hairdryer, pull studs – in general, to do everything so that the kit stood as accurately as possible. Many of the others said: "Denis, sell it and take the normal" penny ", to which he always replied categorically" no ".

Repair – Riding – repair

The building of the project on the basis of the VAZ-2106 started with a complete replacement of the brakes on the new (pads, tubes, discs, calipers, cylinders), because all the old braked very mediocre. This was followed by a total replacement of the suspension to a more assertive and energy – came to the aid has already become a kind of "classic" set of shock absorbers Plaza Sport springs from the Niva. During the installation process changed and ball bearings on the red TRS. The guys still know how to practically nothing, and therefore constantly asked to help mechanics Volodya Melnichuk, and for answers that require more experience, turned to Alexander Melnychuk, who became their teacher and mentor in motor racing. If not for these two men, then a "six" nothing would have happened, because Denis and Anatoly had no idea what to do and how.

As the age of the machine is already approaching 20 years, breakdowns were frequent companions of travel – often had to redo something, to invent and to seek ways out of non-standard situations. First check the updated VAZ took place in the winter of 2015 in January. Body only smoothed out, and the car was like an enamel bowl from which the enamel was removed, but the thirst drive overpowered common sense, and friends do decide to go to the sprints at Lenin hills (Moscow region). On that day, a navigator from the old broken seat (the seat of old age, but not co-driver), a car five times visited parapets and drifts, because he was out of control on pure ice, and the pilot has no idea what to do with this setting suspension. In that season the crew, of course, did not win anything – just riding for pleasure and learning. After a month of pokatushek interior completely "blossomed", and had cleaned it again, but the guys absolutely nothing spared.

Spring was the shock: Denis and Anatoly did not leave the garage, made and built, simultaneously ennobling the garage to the status of this workshop. When the machine is purchased by type of combat body kit, new wheels and lightweight interior guys for the first time took up the engine settings in search of flexibility and stability of his work at the top. This was achieved by adjusting the valves of the unit and reconfigure the carburetor. Consumption, of course, turned out to be far from the word "economy", but nevertheless the car went significantly better than the standard Lada.

The first successes and big plans

In summer, the crew participated in rally sprints in Kaluga and Zelenograd. Initially, the purpose of departures was simple – take a ride, feel the car and practice, but in fact turned out and create competition, and winning two stages and get a silver cup as a result of the championship. It was a great experience for the whole team SDRally: team learned not to act just like a bunch of like-minded people, as well as a full-fledged single mechanism. As for the car, Dennis finally felt exactly what I expected from her: handling, assembly, engine elasticity of 4 to 6500 rpm, the correct operation of the rear differential lock. Suspension to be honest, get a little not the same as the pilot wanted to, but this configuration is – this is a great option for beginners: it allows us to neglect the many on the road, confident and collected keeping the car on unpaved surfaces.

Future plans for the project are clear: homologated safety cage on the application of J, the new homologated engine and buckets 1.9 liter on the basis of the same engine VAZ "classics" with counterbore block from Niva. Most likely, the new engine is fuel-injected, but the classic VFTS issue with saw cut tunnel gearbox, as it did in the Soviet Union.

Denis Balakshin


In July 2014, we teamed up with friends in SDRally team. Senior Pilot Sergey Kuzmin team only gained when his Renault Logan Cup, and we planned to check out the first training – the old crew at the new battle horse. But in the morning downpour began and training, of course, canceled. I remember it: sat in the kitchen drinking tea and thought that it would be necessary after all once called himself. «Sport Drive Rally» – a phrase that is to anything not tied, chose it mainly for the accord and that was clean and simple meaning. Friends, of course, make a joke, saying that SDRally – is "Sergei Denis Rally", but it is not so. And once we have chosen a name for himself, all started to turn as if by magic. I was able to bring out of Ryazan in 2106, we teamed up with our mechanic Volodya Melnichuk, we were joined by my co-driver Danshin Anatoly appeared enthusiast George Egoshin, charming navigator Volodya – Maria, we were able to find a place to settle. The staff we very friendly and well-organized, everyone knows and understands their role.

Team – is the main thing that pushes me down the path of motorsport. I'm very glad I got to gather and unite people who are willing to give themselves fully to this difficult path. Sacrifice has to sleep, personal time, and sometimes even health. Many weekends go to clubs, my friends, going out, hang out, and we are in the garage for 12-20 hours continuously work in full swing. Recently, we were joined by a talented photographer Ekaterina Ignatieff, who was able to quickly integrate into the team, feel the mood and show the whole spirit of what is happening on the road in the photos. In the future, we plan to launch a video blog on training and competition, the basic idea is simple – show all amateur rally sport from the inside. It is not enough people, and organized venues for training and competition, it would be desirable to motorsport in our country ceased to survive and began to flourish. The ultimate goal is SDRally full part in competitions in the rally in the Baltic States, the presence of all the staff at the legendary race Rally 300 lakes, Rally Utena and many others. But Moscow was not built in, so long as we train and fills the hand here, with us. The next step for the team see the crews participate in the Cup Mini Rally and so on the rise, to the Baltic states.

Of course, now, during the economic crisis, motor racing became much more expensive than it was before. Visits to a large rally in the capital poured "penny" for each crew. Nevertheless, we do not lose the hand, and try to go further. Now I am actively looking for partners and sponsors, but many companies are not ready to support young enthusiasts, again due to the crisis. Friends help us actively, for example, Vadim Kvass from VDM Customs and our teacher and leader of the team AMSport Alexander Melnychuk, for which they thank you very much! I believe in the fact that all our dreams come true and the team will be able to go to a proper level.

The list of improvements:


  • The engine VAZ-2106
  • Carburetor Solex
  • The exhaust pipe 51
  • Exhaust manifold 4-1
  • Bank of Bosal Saab


  • Additional devices AutoGage


  • PPC from the VAZ-2101 1982 city of
  • Clutch Sachs
  • lightened flywheel
  • Rear gearbox with the main pair of 4.44 and a screw lock VAL-Racing


  • Shock absorbers Plaza Sport
  • Springs Niva
  • Stabilizer "TechnoMaster" rear axle
  • TRS Ball joints
  • Increased upper rear support struts


  • Complete relief of the body and the removal of the factory mastic
  • Seat Mounts on Rules J
  • Seats from the Subaru STI
  • Torpedo of VAZ-2107
  • Four-point seat belts Sabelt
  • Panels: the dash, side doors, rear bulkhead between the passenger and the luggage compartment


  • Classic kit VFTS from VDMCustoms
  • Towing eyes, steel


  • Forged wheels VSMPO Astra 5,5jx14 4h98 et 35 dia 58,6
  • Forged wheels VSMPO Solaris 5,5jx14 4×100 et 35 dia 58,6
  • Tires NIISHP Rally 2000
  • Tires Nokian Hakkapeliitta 4
  • Tyres Kumho Solus

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