If VFTS exist today: tuning VAZ-2105

At that time, both AvtoVAZ announces the all-new car with the prefix «Sport», and Lada Vesta wins home round of the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC), we want to tell you about one interesting instance of the rally. But let us start with history.

Soviet Sport …

In the Soviet Union such a discipline of motorsport, as the rally appeared in the 50s of the last century, but up to 60 competitions were in the nature of amateur races. Things have changed since the release of our athletes on the international scene. However, on the high places count at the time was not necessary. The reason was quite simple – the car racers Soviet lacked power.

Compete on their machines 60-100 strong against foreign opponents who possessed much more “charged” engines have been extremely difficult. In addition, the existing rules of the class, which was attended by our athletes, was tied to the standard specifications. If the plant raised power production cars, it would be reflected in the resource, which in the end would not approve an ordinary consumer who buys a car to get around the business, and not for racing. But that all changed with the creation of the famous “moskvichovskogo” engine M-412, in which a talented engineer Igor Okunev has great potential for speeding.

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But we have something we do not about the Muscovites … For AvtoVAZ turning point was the founding of the legendary Soviet racers Stasys Brundza at the end of 1970 units for the preparation of sports cars at Vilnius car repair factory. Later, the office was named “Factory of the Vilnius Motor Vehicles” or abbreviated VFTS. This abbreviation still makes fans of the national motorsport and automotive industry with bated breath to remember past successes of VAZ car production. Until 1981, in VFTS produced model Lada 1600, representing a VAZ-21011, but with the CAT and the motor from 2106. But in 1982 there appeared the very VFTS Lada, which was homologated to the FIA ​​World Rally group B (vehicles specially constructed). This VAZ-2105 was equipped with an engine capacity of 160 liters. sec., the cam transmission and original aerodynamic. In this version the machine can accelerate to 200 kilometers per hour and acceleration to the first “hundred” takes less than 7 seconds.

… And a modern sports

Currently, vases with the appearance VFTS are increasingly involved in all sorts of amateur competitions, professional rally and races classic cars. Unfortunately, the original 2105 VFTS were few, but we can say with certainty that the love of the legendary car makes fans create great copy, sometimes surpassing the original.

today’s hero of the story, VAZ-2105 VFTS, was seen by us at a Moscow rally shows and, of course, has riveted the attention. Aggressive spoiler, wider wheel arches, imposing diameter wheels, which is rarely seen on domestic classics – all this from afar hinted that the car is clearly very quick. No, no, do not think that the author was bad, if it identifies the external high-speed characteristics of the machine by the presence of a spoiler and larger wheels.

Brief specifications:
The cam six-speed gearbox with sequential shift production Dutch company Drenth
Rear axle from Volvo
Subaru Impreza WRX STi
Tilton pedal assembly
The body kit VFTS

The fact that within competitions are held all rework machines, of course, are not random and are made not just for the kind and impressive wheels, shod in “poluslik” clearly implies the presence and high-torque motor, capable of smartly they scroll – because the expense in races It goes to second.

After a cursory examination of the “five”, we had the chance to ask tricky questions car owners and find out what lies under the hood. It turned out that the car is built in Estonia in the best traditions VFTS, with the introduction of some modern technical solutions.

VFTS 2016

Initially, it was the usual VAZ 2105 1985 model year, but in the course of preparation for participation in the rally almost all components and assemblies have been replaced or improved.

The engine here – on the model of 2106 volume of 1600 cubic centimeters, and he is seriously modified. Pistons are American, made by special order, camshaft and connecting rods are also made to order in Hungary, but the crankshaft – the original, vazovskoy. As the intake system installed Jenvey British firm knot with four throttle butterflies, which is connected to the receiver and a carbon fiber air intake, which is located directly next to the headlamp. As sports “brains» DTA Fast (England), and the entire engine electronics control unit further implemented. After setting the engine on the stand in such a configuration has issued 160 horsepower.

Of course, the CPT is far from standard: set cam six-speed gearbox with sequential shift production Dutch company Drenth. Rear Axle – from Volvo, steering rack and power are taken from the Volkswagen, and the brakes – from Subaru Impreza WRX STi. Suspension is fully implemented on the joints and shock absorbers are made to order in Finland. All aerodynamic body kit, including wings, molded fiberglass garage rally team and bonnet made of carbon fiber.

Inside, all in sports austere but comfortable. The inclusion of the necessary instruments classically displayed on the toggle. For the driver and navigator Sparco racing buckets are installed, the same company and the steering wheel and pedals – Tilton. Tachometer and additional instruments issued by AutoGauge. An integral part of the car – roll cage – cooked considering the class rules requirements E9, where the car is most often acts in Estonia.

During a rally competition held in most cases on dirt roads, “five” shoes in the 15-inch wheels, but we were lucky: in the Moscow stage of the asphalt machine appeared on the beautiful drive OZ Racing 17 diameter poluslik Pirelli width of 225 mm. C such wheels the car looks spectacular, and this does not prevent even the short wheelbase.

Be, not seem to be

“All this, of course, looks impressive – but what about the actual performance in the competition?” – Asks is deeply interested reader. You want to know? Sumptuously.

At the Moscow Rally Masters Show even a spectator, far from the motorsport and came just to spend a weekend with new experiences, notice how the black rally VAZ faster than the other members of his class stormed the S-shaped turns and hairpin special stages. The secret of success, of course, lies not only in technology but also in the pilot, which can squeeze the most out of the car. And manages this 2105 VFTS Estonian racer Yanar Tyanak acting in rally since 2012. In the piggy bank Man achievements already listed the first place at any stage of the Estonian Championship and bronze in 2015 in the national class E9. By the way, they have a family: his brother – the famous rally driver Tyanak Ott (Ott T nak?), Acting in the World Series Rally WRC.

After these names is not surprising that the results of Rally Masters Show 2016 a great tandem Yanar and VAZ-2105 was able to become the fastest in the overall classification Historic category! The result is worthy of respect – respect and transmitted it to the very people and vehicles that inspired Yanar to build the car. Those that bore the name VFTS.

The list of improvements:


  • The engine of VAZ-2106
  • Pistons are made by special order, US
  • The camshaft and connecting rods are made by special order, Hungary
  • Chetyrehdrosselny inlet Jenvey, England
  • Carbon receiver and air intake
  • Release, custom


  • ECU DTA Fast, England
  • Tachometer and additional equipment company AutoGauge


  • The cam six-speed gearbox with sequential shift production Dutch company Drenth


  • Rear axle from Volvo
  • Shock absorbers are made to order in Finland
  • All on AL
  • The steering rack and steering from Volkswagen


  • The brakes of the Subaru Impreza WRX STi


  • Toggle Switches
  • Sports buckets Sparco
  • Sparco steering wheel
  • Tilton pedal assembly
  • security Framework


  • The spoiler on the trunk
  • Roof spoiler
  • Aerodynamic body kit, including wings, is made of fiberglass
  • The hood is made of carbon fiber
  • Locks on the hood
  • Locks on the trunk
  • Flap (intake) on the roof
  • All windows except a frontal replaced Polycarbonate
  • The expansion body


  • 17th OZ Racing wheels
  • Pirelli Tires

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