Hot red square: tuning Honda Civic EF2

A Civic is fine too

Even before obtaining a driving license, Alexander often traveled to various automobile events – exhibitions, then popular drag racing and other – and dreaming about the Nissan Skyline GT-R or a Mazda RX-7. However, after the first official salary I realized that such a luxury is not cope. Moreover, the car was originally planned to buy a further tuning. In the end the choice, as it often happens, the case has ordained brother Sasha worked in the service for Honda and once drove him to Civic EJ coupe with the engine B20 VTEC, and that very much, as "knocks» Honda. Then Sasha rolled on the "square" – Civic in the back of EE-9 ( "European" with a native engine the B16A – a very rare grade), and the second time the car hooked even more: like the way the rides, and the forms in cubism style is called , sunk into the soul.

In general, you have understood: the choice in any case fell on the Honda Civic. The bodies of EK and EG Alexander did not really like, and "very much they have spread, and to build a" square "- that is truly rare project" – he reasoned . However, the old Civic – this is not the "Seven", and even took the step of buying a car for two years. Every working day begins not with coffee, and with the search for the black and not very "squares" on the Internet, but, as befits a car of twenty-five in the representation of the modern consumer, most of the machines were found in various stages of decomposition. In spite of everything, Sasha did not lose heart – the dream of living, enthusiasm grew, and lined up a plan for the construction of the vehicle in the head. As a result one day in St. Petersburg found a "vegetable" instance "muzzle" on top configuration SiR. The guys asked local friends to see the car, and when they heard that on the whole, well, drove her to pick up.

As usual, a few owners of such cars appreciate what they have. The majority refers to such vehicles simply as a means of transportation. Here and this time a rare Honda used as a "right-hand drive eight", and the state it still was not all that well. The left side was much stoppered with a bang in the rear fender, front bumper is cracked, and the interior is not without "miracles" in the form of a mobile phone and derzhalok "sport" covers on the seats and steering wheel in body color with elements of "a la the skin." His age does not hide the car – everything that is not included in vysheoboznachennyh "left side", it was also littered with chipped and small Scratchy. Cherry on the cake was the alternator belt, if installed in the last decade of Edward Scissorhands. But Sasha still bought the car for 60 thousand rubles, and went back to Moscow already for right-hand drive. I'm used to fast: half an hour – and as though all his life went on, "prule".

The first stage of revision, which explicitly asked the car, was the removal of all previous "improvements."

Happy owner the next day climbed to throw out the whole "farm" from the salon. To the great joy of his burns under covers appeared back in very good condition. Everything else, he, too, is gradually returning to the sink: the complex went through suspension, he replaced all silent blocks, changed the brake fluid, gaskets and other consumables, and not very "stuff" to the machine can be more or less comfortable to move.

With red "head" – but on the track to …

Some time later, Alexander was able to buy a "donor" – one "square", but with the motor B20 VTEC from the same Civic EJ, where once upon a time it drove brother. "Donor" was flatly disassembled for spare parts, as the most valuable for Sasha was there only tuning – to the engine and manual transmission S-80 from the Honda Integra Type-R Spec 98, and the body he sold. Native dvuhkarbyuratorny 90-horsepower engine and automatic transmission D15B2 were thrown out without regret, and place under the hood EF-2 took the new power unit, which is a block B20 from the Honda CRV and the cylinder head of the B16A Honda Civic VTI. To install the motor on eBay were purchased Hasport pillows and an adapter with a cable to hydraulics, as the drive manual transmission from Integra Spec 98 – hydraulic.

When SWAPO process is successfully completed, Sasha put Tein desk and went to the Civic updated almost every day to get to work and school, ride on any type of road events JapFest, acquainted with like-minded people. And he did not miss the track days or club championships for circuit races, such as on the racetrack in suburban Myachkovo. Sasha came, looked, talked with the pilots, and eventually realized that he wanted to move in the same direction and to prepare his Honda at the track.

However, before starting to drive, the car had to be taken for perevarku body and painting, as arches and sills behind the steel much rot (at all weaknesses Civic, and even more that age), even though Sasha even like very faded and scratched "combat" the sight of his "square". As soon as he took the car out of the painting, continued improvements. rear stabilizer was installed (in the sink picking it did not exist, so we had to make custom), clutch replaced on Competition Clutch stage 4, introduced a lightweight flywheel of the same company, and laid the new fuel circuit. The exhaust was transformed into a «Zero Fighter» style (available in Japan this race team on Civic): Now from the exhaust manifold is a straight pipe with a diameter of 63 mm.


All the harder modifying and improving the car and putting it in more forces and resources, Alexander began to understand that his Civic is less like a car for every day. First he ceased to operate in the winter, and in the offseason went on foot. A car waiting for new changes in 2015. In April, Sasha arrived at the track-day Myachkovo – as usual, just to look and talk, but without meeting acquaintances decided Katnut on the track itself. Very worried, whether the technique to cope, for a good time not even hoped for, but it was terribly interesting to try their hand at the racetrack.

As a result, the time he still was upset, but happy with the received emotions. During one race, he understood the problems of the car and soon changed to BC Racing suspension with a bunch of adjustments, replaced the fuel tank, confuse weight distribution, put in a pan and protivootliv maslokuler. The following departures on track days only rejoice: they made it clear the brink of their capacities and skills, machine settings and where to go in order to improve the result.

With each departure, Alexander improved time and equipment, and gradually realized that all the buzz of the machine on public roads do not get it. And move on it through the streets became uncomfortable: power was removed, placed "dry" rake rigid grip … Add to this the constant hum, consumption of gasoline, traffic, camera, poor roads – and get a prescription of the resulting track Civic. By the way, in R2Racing I managed to set up a small Honda 200 hp and 200 Nm.

So Sasha came to buy a second car for everyday use, and the "square" has turned into the car for track days. But the main thing in this story is that the transformation of its rarity Civic owner is very pleased. And for ideas, advice, assistance, support and positive in many respects thanks to all the friends-of hondavodam Redliners club.

The list of improvements:


  • B20 Block of Honda CRV, B16A cylinder head of Honda Civic VTI
  • Exhaust manifold from the Honda Integra Type-R Spec 98 + custom
  • Pillows engine Hasport
  • Release (from the collector circuit) 63 mm custom
  • The intake manifold from the Honda Integra Type-R Spec 98
  • custom oil separator
  • Gasoline pump on the Honda Accord Euro R
  • A fuel highway custom
  • Maslokuler CRP
  • Protivootliv in custom pallet


  • ECU Hondavert


  • ILAC S-80 from the Honda Integra Type-R Spec 98
  • Lightened flywheel Competition Clutch
  • Clutch Competition Clutch stage 4
  • Traction gearbox side scene Hasport


  • Front-reinforced brake hoses
  • Two-piston front calipers on the Honda Legend KA-8
  • Brake Pads Ferodo DS-2500
  • Brembo front brakes
  • Rear disc brakes on Honda Integra Sir-G
  • The rear brake discs Brembo Max


  • Racks BC Racing
  • Strut front pillars Cusco
  • Strut rear racks
  • Adjustable rear toe and camber arms Hardrace
  • Rear "eared" Energy Suspension bushings


  • The driver's seat bucket Bride
  • MOMO steering wheel, a steering wheel Boss adapter
  • Gearshift knob Skunk-2


  • Rims Enkei Sc-14, R-15 et + 35 7JJ
  • ARP studs Hub
  • Wheel nuts Muteki
  • Tires Hankook Ventus RS-3 195/50/15

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