Himself engineer tuning Lada Samara old school

Domestic cars have long been a favorite target for improvements. And improve initially the same machines we have quite different ways: some aero fit, “stack” and the forward flow, the other stuffed interior kilowatts of music … Finally, some seriously interfere with the engine and other equipment, adding VAZ hurried and sportiness.

With ergey – not the owners of these categories. A chartered mechanical engineer, he at the same time is a strong supporter of the standard appearance. But it is constantly and infinitely modernizes own car, constantly improving its consumer properties, and in the home. Just buy some item and attach it to him uninteresting, but the first design and then make a “uluchshayzer” – is another matter.

This approach was very popular in the Soviet era, but today the “old school” is almost forgotten because many useful “pribludy” long mastered Chinese and other suppliers of parts and accessories for domestic cars.

The owner of the “fifteenth” he, incidentally, was not because he could not afford any budget foreign car. “Uninteresting” replies our hero. Especially because in the family since the seventies has always VAZ. That’s Sergei, trains on the two used the “nine”, the transition to the new machine once again opted for a vase. And again – Samara, only “with the trunk.”

Articles / History
Tuning VAZ-2113 Deutsche Lada: Memories of the Future

Back in 2007 already newcomer “trinashka” colors “Milky Way” has replaced an old garage in my 20-year-old VAZ-2108. Model selection was deliberate: like the same winged Samara, but … new ….

Sergey confesses simple approach – if any full-time part is not working quite as it should, it can be improved. Invent design, produce the desired product at the appropriate equipment, experience and … move on. Let completion of his car ignorant viewer may seem insignificant and unimportant, each of which has a positive effect on the performance of “tag.” And unlike many home-grown “kulibinyh” Sergei really knows what to do. And he does it in the factory, rather than on the knee.

Rest zone

The first trip to the nature of the show, that “tag” it is difficult to make a comfortable sleeping space. Correct the situation was inventing and manufacture special wall brackets- “hands”, by which the rear seat transforms into a spacious bedroom lodge. This leans back down and turns the other side airbag and mounted “backwards” through the very arms.

It is enough to remove luggage from the trunk – and you can go to your head forward (against the course of the car), put his foot through the doorway under the rear shelf. It would seem that only a small alteration, and comfort during the overnight stay in the car has grown significantly since the “box” has gained a secure base.

The regular version of the

The two-door heritage: the front seat backrests recline VAZ-2115, as the “Group of Eight”

Another “know-how” – cut in half “bagel” rear shock, prevents creaking and moving back

Under the hood, and a number of

As a mechanical engineer, the owner is very skeptical about the gas distribution mechanism of the new model, which received the video clip and the plastic single-row bearings. Indeed, many owners of “chisels” pretty hardship with this part, faced with an unpleasant “slipping” the timing belt side. This leads to rapid wear of the belt and its mandatory cliff.

Sergey is on a completely new car immediately changed the mechanism to “vosmerochny” – that is, set the video type 2105 with a metal clip and double-row bearings. Moreover, the item is not simple, and made in France under famous brands SKF. “Eskaefovskie” wanted to set the bearings in the rear hub, which also was done almost immediately.

Trailer of the new sample

To set the roller in timing mechanism were machined (of course, his own!) The necessary details – stud, distance washer, nut. Being pedantic, Sergey to the nearest tenth of a millimeter put all distances, threaded studs on the respective segments. As a result, the belt into place just perfectly, and all these years does not attract any attention.

To facilitate access to the engine compartment, the nominal “stick” has given way to stop gas springs. Brackets – of course, the original design and “his” production. Carefully designed details, it was possible to achieve an ideal work stops both up and down, and with the hood rises without any distortions.

As in Ukraine, where the owner lives, from October 1 to May 1 outside the settlements need to move with headlights, Sergey decided to make daytime running lights “as Grant.” What does it mean? Enable beam through a helix with a single button threads allowed in the end get a full running lights 20 watt (selected via resistance).

Daytime running lights are switched via this block. Connection – via a spiral.

In this case the side lights or low beam immediately switches off the DRL, ie full-time work scheme Forward Lighting headlamp is fully preserved. To running lights do not “put the battery” in the parking lot when the ignition circuit is turned off.

Another “electrical” refinement – forced on the radiator fan separate button. No, the regular scheme works fine, but as the 1.6-liter engine itself is more “hot” than “poltorashka”, the owner turns on the fan proactively, without waiting until the temperature approaches the critical point.

Left – DRL power button on the right – forced on the radiator fan

Seven years of silence: no audio in the Samara has never been!

The engine cooling system is generally the object of attention of Sergei. To achieve its work “in the book” could, gathering in the factory cover the inside of the expansion tank cap from Volkswagen.

For accurate valve opening setting Sergei created a simple device that measures the threshold. The coolant is constantly cleaned separate fine filter.

The device for adjusting the valve cover expansion tank

“A little-known in our time solution – focus electrode spark toward the valve using a thin washers. In Soviet literature claimed that so improving combustion in the cylinder. “

More improvements for electrical special was not – unless hooked up “weight” from the battery to the generator a separate wire, while janitors appeared adjustable pause – course authoring.

More “weight” to the WHA will not prevent

To facilitate the “breathing” of the engine in the front end panel is made extra hole for the intake of cold air at the inlet, and the plastic lining of a few cropped.

Cold inlet

Do not forget, Sergei and clean air in the cabin instead not too efficient staff “stocking” he established a more efficient filter of VAZ-2110, which had to use a special adapter. Faced sale very high quality finished product, not the owner was “reinventing the wheel”.

The adapter VAZ-2110 cabin filter – the finished product purchased by the Internet

Quite a large area air vents on the front of Sergei closed mesh, which effectively protect the radiator from flies and small stones. A trifle, it would seem, but it is necessary to clean the radiator is much rarer.

Any “zubilovod” knows how annoying itch may make the shift lever at gas dump or load. Critically assessing the staffing structure, Sergey designed and manufactured its own sleeve and installed them. The result – the silence in the cabin.

Another traditional sore Samar – oil leak in the area of ​​stem scenes KP. Many people set up additional oil seal or endlessly changing staff. After studying the question, Sergei acted differently: picked polyurethane seal with a suitable inner diameter, and the difference in the outer dimensions of offset aluminum sleeve – of course, carefully fit the size. By setting a seal on top of the regular gland, managed to get a perfect seal parts.

Some detail on this model look too “on the tractor.” That is why the wheel bolts are covered with caps. Detail of the most common of automobile dealer, but her mount through the U-shaped bar and the central secret nut – custom.

From the attentive gaze of engineer was not lost even such a trifle as fixing door handles nuts. It would seem that completely nonsense – replacement of conventional fasteners on the cap. But now, during the washing machine sponge and hands are not damaged.

Door handles inside are attached with cap nuts

For lubrication for the engine and transmission Sergei also own approach. The car used materials based on molybdenum disulphide, which is beneficial to the operation of the unit. Simply put, because of additives able to get rid of the “family curse” of any zubilovoda – “corporate” hum and howl gearbox.

Instead of signaling

Finally a few words about the anti-theft systems. Putting the usual “signalization” Sergei did not, but regular immobilizer activated APS-4, that very few people do. The second “electric” addition – power off the fuel pump Flush tumbler. And it is quite simple, but effective way to counter potential hijackers – Mechanical lock of the steering shaft. Put “where necessary” pin specially made, with all its primitiveness, securely locks the wheel from turning. Of course, it is possible to find and pull out, but all take time.

The “anti-theft” pin has a special attachment to detail was always at hand

Such machines and such car owners now almost can not be found: no one would never engage in “fine tuning” the car, the more domestic production. Auto decided to buy, comfortable to ride and, as far as possible, emphasize the status. Well, the more valuable and interesting are some instances that seem transported us to a time machine out of a second in 1992.

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