High Shogun: Tuning Nissan Silvia S15

Onboard history

All its cars are unique, but we are in today's article will be discussed is about the Nissan Silvia S15 with a memorable vinyl Japanese subjects. Depicted on board Silvia drawings take us to medieval Japan, and roof adorns the coat of arms of the founder of the dynasty of shoguns – Tokugawa Ieyasu. If you delve into history, we can know that the Tokugawa shogunate was a powerful feudal military government of Japan, founded in 1603. After a period of feudal disunity and civil wars between different kingdoms, known as the Sengoku Jidai period ( "The era of the warring provinces"), Japan was again rallied in a single state through the efforts of Oda Nobunaga and Toyotomi Hideyoshi (Azuchi-Momoyama Period). After the battle at Sekigahara in 1600, the supreme authority in Japan has passed to Ieyasu Tokugawa, Japan completed the process of association and received in 1603 the title of Shogun. He became the founder of the dynasty of shoguns, which lasted until the mid-19th century. So it is not surprising that Valera chose this theme to the magnificent body of his guises fighter in the category of drift – Nissan Silvia S15. And now let's go back to the fate of the car itself and the history of its construction.

Familiarity with drifting and iron

It all started with the fact that Valerín Nissan Skyline was held the next stage of improvements in the service of his friends. It was there that Valeri said one of the cars produced in its infancy (at that time) in a Russian drift competitions and interested in what is drifting. Once a friend of his showed that Skyline is a good idea to "give an angle," Valera immediately went to the parking lot and tried to "twist the coppers." However, a new game to him, though, of course, liked it, but not yet "hooked."

Then one day one of the pilots of the Russian Drift Series, William Ghukasyan, invited him to take part in competitions in drifting. Valery shrugged – not particularly like "torture» Skyline, and the experience there was no drift. On this William replied that sells Nissan Silvia S14, but the soul to this car Valera absolutely lying. However, William is still convinced him the main thing – to try. Well, life is tossed and the next "gift": suddenly found an advertisement for the sale of Nissan Silvia S15. To be precise, it was not even the car, but only a body without a motor, with a blue posharpannym bodywork and with welded safety cage of the "Moscow" – but it was exactly what you need! The car was purchased and immediately cast in a familiar service.


The car body is completely smoothed and winged body kit, and after all the details painted in true JDM-color – white. Any Japanese often leans when choosing color of the car is to this option, because according to legends it symbolizes and embodies all life from beginning to end. Well, after preparation and full color car went to other service professionals to perform technical work – it had a "trick".

The fact is that by coincidence for Silvia engine Valery … already had. In general, this engine was built in reserve to Skyline and just kept in the garage – that's the owner and decided to put it into action. Since S15 got a purebred nissanovskiy RB26DETT with a number of improvements: forged pistons CP Pistons, forged connecting rods and Spool ACL inserts with increased maslopodachey. Even during operation Skyline was found a weak link in the config – oil pump, so that Sylvia him immediately replaced by reinforced GReddy production.

Of course, only one connecting rod and piston group it is not managed. The fuel injectors are high-performance steel – "thousandths" of the Injector Dynamics. The engine was coupled to a check point "not killed" by the 25th motor. The whole carnival crowned two turbines HKS GT2530, and management of trusted electronic unit Haltech. In order not to fall out of the ordinary seats while moving sideways, Valery set Bimarco Futura buckets with seat belts Takata. But for the successful inhibition of the front brakes Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8 and the rear of the Nissan Skyline GT-R R33 was introduced. Rims Valera bought a whole heap – 12 pieces CST Zero-1 in different colors.

Study, study and study again

Nine months later, the car was fully prepared and went to the setting on the cardinality stand. In the courtyard was the spring of 2013. During the setting is when the neighborhood boys from Team GT-Shop approached Valera and asked if he was going to participate in friendly drift "pokatushah" "Matsuri", and then in the first stage of the Russian Drift Series. "Why not take part!" – Said Valery. "A drift that you do?" – Came the answer. "No!" – Valerie admitted, "but the" coppers "can twist." "You're doing fine! We teach and advise, "- supported his children from the drift crowd. That day cardinality stand showed the result of 520 horsepower at a pressure of 1 bar of boost.

Under such circumstances, our hero went to the race track and ADM Raceway in suburban Myachkovo. At first it was difficult: the car is constantly unfolds, and because of the rather soft suspension is strongly heels and behaved unpredictably. Other pilots constantly suggest what to do and sharing with Valery necessary information to regulate the car in a controlled drift. So it all started. After training and competition elderly grip the HKS, inherited Valera, along with the body of the car, ordered to live long, and had to be replaced with a new dual-ceramics ORC. After a little TO its Sylvia Valera after the first phase of RDS and went to the second – on the road "Nizhny Novgorod ring".

Later, at the Festival of Japanese JapCarFest cars Valera met with the organizers of the championship drift RDA West and certainly in parallel with RDS and began to participate in it. All 2013 he attended all sorts of drift competitions, as well as learned to control the car in a controlled drift in the early morning on the parking of the city. By Silvia, whose suspension was soft enough, and eversion of the wheels is only slightly different from the standard through the installation of additional spacers, with difficulty resisted training, and at the end of the season Valera decided to take drastic measures. In preparation for the new year combat Tein suspension with the parameters of hardness: 8 – to 6 – back, changed to D2 with parameters 10.5 and 9.5, respectively, and at the same time set the D-Max arms and lower arms extended to increase the inversion wheel. And for peace of mind cooked bash front bar.

At the first competition in 2014, Underground Drift Party VVC, Valera felt that control of the car changed. He compares it with the behavior of karting: a clear, predictable, you can go with a small angle of drift, but at any time to increase it, as the supply of inversion wheel allows it. All 2014 th Valera leaving for two championships – RDS West and West RDA. In 2015, the pilot focused on RDA D.Visions and by the end of the season ranked sixth. However, competition is not uniform – it is necessary to rest, and Valery was also attended by a number of demonstration show: Yokohama Festival of Speed ​​on the MAKS 2015 in Zhukovsky, Festival Drive in Cherepovets and Vologda and Race War in St. Petersburg.

Refinement is not required

As for the technical part of the Nissan Silvia, is its "heart" runs like clockwork. Ironically, many doubt the reliability RB26DETT, but in defiance of doubters Valera three season this engine operates in extreme conditions, only changing the oil three to four times per season. However, at the end of the season in 2015 one of the HKS turbine, which began "chasing" oil had to be replaced. The rest of the car was the same. The plans of the owner and the pilot appears full refresh paintwork and continued participation in various drift competitions.

The list of improvements:


  • Engine RB26DETT
  • Block wasted and prepared
  • Forged Pistons CP Pistons
  • Forged connecting rods Spool
  • Inserts with increased maslopodachey ACL
  • Greddy Oil Pump
  • Protivootlivnye curtain Tomei
  • Lightweight pulleys Greddy
  • Super-Tech Guide
  • Tomei camshafts 260, 9.15 IN and EX
  • Cutting gear TOMEI
  • timing Nismo
  • Timing Cover Greddy
  • Reinforced ARP studs (everywhere)
  • Cooling system Greddy oil
  • Koyo Radiator
  • Fans Spal
  • Intercooler NoName
  • intercooler pipe
  • Urn crankcase Mishimoto
  • Air filters AEM
  • Greddy breather
  • Turbines HKS 2530
  • Exhaust manifolds OBX
  • Outlets HKS
  • HKS downpipe
  • Blow-off Greddy R
  • Exhaust system APEXI N1
  • HKS fuel rail
  • Injectors Injector Dynamics 1000
  • Coils Spitfire
  • Candles Denso 8
  • Oil Cap Nismo
  • Aeromotive fuel regulator
  • Aeromotive fuel pump 340 l / h


  • ECU Haltech 2000
  • Dashboard RacePac
  • Wiring and sensors Haltech
  • Cooling fans Spal


  • Manual transmission from Nissan Skyline RB25DET
  • Clutch ORC


  • Racks D2 Drift
  • Levers D-Max
  • Steering knuckle Drift Works


  • Front Brembo four-on Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8
  • The rear Brembo brakes from the Nissan Skyline GT-R 33
  • Aluminium handbrake B & S
  • reinforcement Goodrich


  • Security Framework "Muscovy"
  • Buckets Bimarco Futura
  • Takata Seatbelts
  • Momo steering wheel
  • Bystrosem steering NRG
  • disconnect switch Omp


  • Bash-bar front
  • The body kit – part of the D-Max and Vertex
  • Body painted white
  • Vinyl with the image of the Tokugawa


  • Discs CST Zero -1. 12 pieces

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