Grilled vegetables: tuning Mitsubishi Legnum

We have already seen that the generalists – not always cars Weekend in the sense of a trip to the country with seedlings on Saturday morning. Sometimes the body with a “trunk full-length” – this is a great option for tuning. For example, the Mitsubishi Legnum. He was all-wheel drive, but dohlovatym. He was versatile, but not spectacular. Now this beast, turbo air suspension. Cottage is not canceled, but some weekend instead … you can go to the exhibition.

“All my life in a barn”

Kirill like “hey.” Yes, it happens, and it can be understood – they have their own charisma, well that sometimes the body is not only beautiful, but also practical sedans – and nothing to argue. After the sale of Subaru Legacy Wagon GT, he began searching for a new car. The aim was a rear-wheel drive or with the turbo engine, and preferably with the mechanics. Like both options were – here you and Subaru Forester SF, and Nissan Avenir, and Legacy BH and many other things, but the purchase did not add up. Examining memory brands and models of Japanese cars (a car like it comes from the rising sun), he remembered Mitsubishi Legnum and, surprisingly, just found what was needed.

Hello, vegetable

There was: factory 6A12, 2.0 l, 163 l. from.
Began: 6A13TT, 2.5 liter, 280 hp

It was a typical all-wheel drive, “vegetable”, Holim and cherished the previous owner. I drove the car only in summer, but the winter spent in the garage. Status Legnuma fully consistent with price. Well, almost: there was no front bumper, “automatic” stand up in emergency mode, buzzing tensioner pulley, and the windshield was a gaping crack. But Kirill saw the car its advantages: Evolution of the brake and, more importantly, svapnuty motor. 6A12 Factory capacity 163 liters. from. was changed to 2.5-liter from the legendary 6A13TT modification Legnum VR-4 and 280 horses under the hood was a great bonus! And the car came equipped with many details – including the missing bumper Evo-style, however, unpainted. This problem was quickly solved Cyril – and immediately began to further tuning.

Bring to a readiness

Bringing the vegetables until tender began with the installation of fashionable termination banks silencer and cooler for cooling to automatic, and then Cyril decided to improve the intake system, showing creativity. Conduit for low resistance filter, he gathered from the old computer case (and you’d hit upon this idea ?!) and pasted design thermal protection. It sounds easier than done – in those days, roulette and jigsaw become literally an extension of the owner’s hands.

Further more. As you remember, Cyril wanted a car with the “mechanics”, so I ordered for SWAPO kit manual transmission from Legnum VR-4, which included: in fact, she PPC razdatka, flywheel, clutch disc, basket, clutch release bearing, drawstring, rope, airbag control unit and manual transmission. To throw off the box, it was necessary to disassemble the machine polmordy both outside and inside. In the garage, Kirill was no lift or pit, or even manual for the car, so “Japanese” went into the garage to the other, which of the three items was at least a pit. Pending PPC whale soon guys leisurely day three took off box razdatku, scenes and different coins. When the long-awaited parcel arrived, Kirill seemed that the clutch disc is not in the best condition. Oh and if you do, then the conscience: it was decided to take a new one from Misubishi Lancer Evolution 7-9.

The assembly was held painfully but successfully. Guys rightly decided that the time others can, then they will master, and despite the lack of experience of SWAPO set to work. Lucky that all the details perfectly fell into place – can say a bolt-on. In the end, after assembly and wiring to connect the machine immediately started up and went. No gods pots! Difficulties arose only in the fact that under the hood rather closely, but in general for the necessary information and manuals in many ways helped the guys from the club VR-4 owners.

After such a powerful step forward, you can refine the car further. Point number one on the list were required bumper bystrosemy. The car was so low (Cyril sawed spring), which sometimes had to remove the bumper in order to pass and not break it.

With the purchase of oil trap D1 Style started the next adventure. Before you put maslopomoyku, it had to be collected. It is obvious that the Chinese “garbage” are empty, but the fact that they do not have even elementary partitions, Cyril did not expect. As a result, he hooked up the phone and stuffed into the metal sponge for washing dishes, so they detained the pair of oil. The very same trap barely got where he wanted: a place under the hood with the engine 6A13TT not there.

Mitsubishi Legnum
Brief specifications
6A13TT from Mitsubishi Legnum VR-4, 2.5 liter
ILAC from Legnum VR-4
Brembo from Misubishi Lancer Evolution 7-9
chetyrehkonturnaya air suspension, custom
Sound System
Alpine 530bt

It is obvious that all this was done in order to not just drive a car, and drive fast. The next step towards the objective was the acquisition of a cooler for cooling the engine oil, which was put directly in front of the front bumper – like the JDM-style machines in gratyan. Effectively and efficiently: now the oil temperature rarely rises beyond 90 degrees.

from KAMAZ
20 liters

Look what special feature of this instance? True, clearance! Cyril bought from a guy from Legnum club custom rack made from Kayaba runoff by installing special plugs, pads, cups, washers and gaskets. Then he bought a set for self-connecting air suspension, consisting of a receiver by KAMAZ, Berkut compressor, valve block and needed to connect all of the tubes. But connect it all turned out quite simple! The compressor pumps air into a volume of 20 liter receiver, and from there – in the rack. However, the first time to achieve the desired result has not turned out: like the machine is even lower. To get rid of excess centimeters, had to disassemble the rack and remove extra bumpers, as well as to reduce the length of the sleeve. This time Legnum literally “lay down on the belly.” Eventually they were added manometers – they help to monitor the pressure in each cylinder. However, now on it will not determine the exact height – you have to get out of the car and carry out “VIC” – visual and measurement control. This, of course, a non-optimal way and because Cyril already planned purchase of a special controller and sensors that can not only keep track of the pressure in all cylinders, but also to pump the air when he was less than desired, as well as to raise and lower the car to a certain height (pressed button – and you’re done). The owner said that the air suspension is soft and comfortable, but only for the city and the track does not fit in any case: to her car in the turns and bends very well roll.

Another stroke in the formation of personality Legnuma Ciber was the installation of thresholds 1. Came copies were shorter than you need, almost two and a half centimeters. What to do? Of course, a hairdryer to heat and stretch! Next it was set Vogue spoiler, while the rear bumper adds G-square lip and diffuser. To these two elements become one, had cut his lip under the diffuser. Yes, on the one hand, the blasphemy, but it is the tuning. Next styling, bonnet the Monster, was six months instead of the promised two to three weeks – here, as they say, well, that even arrived.

Well, the most important thing in the image of the car – wheels. There is a 17-inch Rota Grid 9.5J 20-m flight. And Cyril ordered a “bronze”, but nearly six months expectations have come … black. But the style is the style – had to be sent to the wheels repainting. Tires dimension 215/45 barely pulled on the wheels, but it looks like!

Tyres: Nankang NS-2 215/45
Wheels: 17-inch Rota Grid 9.5j wheels is 20

Since Legnum Cyril – a car for the soul, the next item on the list was the creative activity of the audio system. First Cyril just moved the car from the previous 15-inch woofer and a battery, and it seemed to him that the system sounds good. But then he met with the owners of a Mazda, in the trunk of a 18-inch flaunted “sub”, causes the machine to go shake (the feelings at the time), and it became apparent that in reality its installation – baby talk. So Cyril ripe for more serious music. Although at the time he did not know how he ordered a new set was not serious in fact … In Legnum installed subwoofer Obsidian audio, an extra battery and a generator, but the same effect as in the Mazda, did not work (affected different body). In the end, after some time, experiments Cyril burned subwoofer JapFest (seems to have overlooked the power) and gave it to the coil rewind. And while it repaired, I bought more evil “sub” and the power under him, and ordered a box. But the pleasure of a new audio system, too, was short-lived: a new problem with the head unit. In Legnume stood head unit of Toyota Land Cruiser 100, and everything worked fine until a certain volume, but after reaching the limit of the State to fail. I had to buy a new unit, and behind it and a pair of batteries (power supply for car audio is never too much) and configured to drive again.

So crank it up in the end

It would seem that the project is ready – but no, Cyril went on. Standard “Barbie size” turbine TD-03 it replaced at a snail TD-04 from the Subaru WRX. It appeared difficult to establish the oil supply pipe to the new turbines, and for actuators had to make spacers. But the estimated capacity of the new config – 450 l. from.

Note that in Moscow zatyunennyh Legnumov not much, but something similar to the car and did not have Cyril. Of course, swap the motor on the machine from the VR-4 – it is popular, but the car looks not just original and unique, and is of great interest and respect, even among teammates, which is usually the hardest to impress.

The list of improvements:


  • 6A13TT engine from Mitsubishi Legnum VR-4, 2.5 liters
  • Walbro fuel pump 255 l / h
  • Turbines TD-04 from the Subaru WRX
  • Blow-off HKS
  • Filter AFE low resistance in custom thermo-box
  • The cooler on the inlet Piping aluminum
  • The cooler on the oil GUR
  • The cooler oil on ICE
  • Issue: without catalysts and resonators Bank Noname
  • Oil separator D1 style
  • Nozzles STI


  • Blitz boost controller
  • turbotimer FET
  • Additional devices


  • Automatic replaced with manual transmission from Legnum VR-4
  • Clutch from Misubishi Lancer Evolution 7-9


  • Brembo brakes from Misubishi Lancer Evolution 7-9
  • Pads Ferodo ds2500
  • Brake discs: Ventilated grooved front component


  • Chetyrehkonturnaya air suspension, custom
  • Racks Kayaba + custom
  • Compressor Berkut R20
  • Receiver Kamaz 20 liters


  • Front bumper Evo-style
  • Thresholds Ciber 1
  • Strap on the rear bumper G-square, and a diffuser
  • Spoiler Vouge
  • Hood Monster


  • Buckets Bride
  • Four-point safety belts Takata


  • Alpine 530bt head unit
  • Speakers Rockford
  • Four amplifier Blaupunkt Speakers
  • Subwoofer Sundown Audio z 18, v4 with duct
  • Power Sundown Audio saz 3500
  • Posting Shok Industries
  • Battery XS power 3100 110 A / h


  • Rota Grid 9.5j et 20 17-inch wheels
  • Tires Nankang NS-2 215/45

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