Green candy with different fillings: tuning Toyota Mark II JZX90

Once Eugene, staged a mechanic in Delta Customs, told his fellow colleagues about the discipline of motor racing, where time, speed, lap times and position at the finish is not important and in the first place is the skill of the pilot, the amount of smoke from the wheels, the angle of drift and entertainment . As you know, he told them about the drift.

Sideways on the "machine"

His wife always liked "markoobraznye": and Mark, and chasers and Crosses, well, namely Toyota Mark II JZX90 he bought, to be honest, just because it has turned up a suitable option. Initially, the car had to take him to school and just ride around the city, although the thought of drifting, of course, arise. Under the hood was aspirated 1JZ-GE 180 hp, gearbox – "automatic", and is still on the first day of ownership by Mark Eugene tried to put it sideways. is to replace the gearbox version with blocking.

About two years later he began to think about how to engage more seriously drifting. Since the lock is expensive, Jack questioned those who drive on the gearbox brewed, and all in one voice said: I do not think – and act wali sideways. Reducer he brewed, set screw Tein dampers with adjustable height and stiffness, and is where it all started …

However, to "put in the corner," it was necessary to shake the car well, and it was not easy to do. Then Jack bought and installed bipod to increase the inversion of the front wheels, silent blocks replaced the polyurethane and chose the rack harder – HKS. In this configuration, it is travel to the end of the season and has already performed at various events and competitions, showing good results: for example, in the Battle of the two capitals in St. Petersburg took 11 th place in the qualification of the 42 participants, which is pretty good for a beginner pilot and okolostokovogo car. But, anyway, Mark Power was not enough, which led to the decision to replace the motor for the turbo, to modify the suspension and change the "machine" in the manual transmission.

This path is examined and passed by many, but the mechanics Delta Customs had to make such a swap for the first time. The choice fell on the engine 1JZ-GTE, and he was placed on the body of the next generation Mark II and some not suitable for fastening and electrical to JZX90, but these guys just added complexity of enthusiasm. ILAC chosen toyotovskie – R154.

Start of the project

In came from Japan, the engine had a contractual TO: Replace the timing belt, drive belt with rollers, gaskets, hoses, cooling and candles. Pull out the old motor was easy – it took about 50 minutes. In fact, after removing the box (and this process is not an issue: Turn off the 8-10 screws and cardan with pillows, disconnect the tube and catch the box in his hands), he kept only two pillows, but before it had to turn off the cooling system, air conditioning, vacuum system brake booster and fuel pipes, radiators and get fit "goose".

After removing the unit, unscrewed all that remained of the air conditioner, and sent the car to the car wash to wash "deep full age" dirt in the engine compartment. Next Mark II has lost much of the interior – because it is no longer useful, and overweight drift punishment to anything. At the site there was only the torpedo and the front seat replaced with sports. Completely disassembled pedals, replace the brake pedal (at the option of the "mechanics"), put the clutch pedal and removed a huge mechanism of the foot parking brake, replacing his usual "handbrake".

When you install any of the motor should pay attention to the seats, and all connections. In the specific case of mechanics are faced with a situation where the next subframe bodywork different motor mount, which means that the new power unit simply does not fasten in JZX90. The options were three solutions: Replace the engine mount on the new ones from the same body, put another frame, to make the new mount itself. For reasons of price and quality-win stretcher bought from the "hundredth" body, but I had to disassemble the entire front suspension make for its implementation. And this move also proved advantageous, since it was discovered that the eccentric bolts that regulate alignments, soured, and the quiet also changed.

The steering rack in the Toyota Mark II is set on a stretcher, under the motor, so the guys immediately and installed it, and gathered all the tubes Góra, then to simply fasten them to the pump. Further to the new motor hang lightweight flywheel set of ceramic dual-clutch Ogura Racing Clutch (ORC), and using the same "goose" lowered the engine to its rightful place and fastened to the sub-frame cushion. Do not connect until the car was hanging on the lift, we continue to introduce new items. Next was Toyota manual transmission with the factory marked R154, which established the basket and ORC clutch discs. Having tried a box outlined the place where the metal body of the tunnel prevented the passage of the scenes, and trusted solution to the problem of "Bulgarian". R154 was in place, and could only tie the yoke and a pillow case.

Go ahead. Differential Toyota Mark II the factory was the size of 7.5 inches and fastened to the car with three bags: two to the body and one to the subframe. All of this was designed to calm and moderate drive, but not for sport, so that these elements are subject to change. The new eight-differential brewed, like the previous one, picked him reinforced the drive and, of course, set a second pillow in the sub-frame – for rigidity. Her Jack has created his own hands with the help of metal and welding pieces – reliably and angry! Driveshaft also require replacement, because the old and the new boxes totally different lengths, and hence this step is not turned sidestep.

Returning to the engine intake system engaged. Included with the motor do not even have to buy the factory intercooler – it is too small, so I gained a lot of front-mount intercooler Apexi with all the hoses and pipe. Set not possible without modification, as a contingency item, so it had to develop a special attachment to him. Standard enormous box of the air filter slightly disturbed pipe cooler, and said goodbye to him, replacing it with a filter of zero resistance AEM, which allows the motor to breathe better. The next step was to connect the engine cooling, namely the radiator. Old, too, was very small and would be unlikely to cope with the task of "cool down" more than 300 "angry horses" under the hood, so that the return has been set on the radiator turboversii larger size.

New engine requires more fuel and higher performance exhaust system, and therefore, pulling out an old gasoline pump, it was replaced by AEM capacity of 320 l / h and set Fujitsubo exhaust pipe with a diameter of no less than 90 mm. Now we need in order to establish a Cusco strut at the front and rear pillars to improve handling and stiffness of the body, wait for new brakes and pick up from the repair stand HKS Hyper Max shock absorbers, which gave to the bulkhead.

Next to the work connected by a qualified electrician. His task was to start the engine, the wiring to connect the interior with a new computer, connect the speed and speed sensor and install the turbine pressure sensor and turbo timer. ABS, TRC, ESP and other safety systems have been removed long before the SWAPO. For everything electrician Delta Customs Oleg spent two days: a lot of time spent searching for information and books on the vehicle electrics at least in English, rather than scrap the consciousness of the Japanese language. Learning which wires are responsible for certain functions and obtaining the desired scheme, he perepinoval "chips", and the new herd under the hood Make finally wound up. Then followed the required quiet running, well then – once the battle! In this configuration, Jack skated the regular season and in the fall began again for tuning.

The second phase of construction

Since it was decided to participate in official competitions, where there are strict requirements in terms of safety and not just the first thing that needed to add to the car – a homologated safety cage, which is manufactured Custom Art Studio. They also made the seat mountings and tow hooks. Next car went to Racebox workshop on body work, namely setting up body kit BN Sport, bonnet, bumpers and front wings with the extension – everything from tuning studio Obertka (in common ByOber) from the city of Omsk, spoiler OriginLabo, and for the manufacture of front and rear bash bars (in the first place to protect the radiator coolers as contacts in the drift – is not uncommon, and for ease of construction).

Further, since the power available in the competition is now at its peak, and the cars on the 800 hp has long been no surprise, once again svapnuli motor. This time the choice fell again on the 1JZ-GTE, but "zatyunenny" in Japan, c turbine TD07-25a, GReddy intake manifold, wastegate Trust, camshafts HKS 272 deg., 640 cc from Sard injectors, pulley power steering ECU GReddy and the AEM. Thus, instead of the previous 280 hp guys got 500 hp with engine and 430 hp with wheels.

New CPR chosen from Toyota Supra – six-step "mechanics» Getrag 161, clutch and flywheel is now the TRD, plus korotkohodnaya rocker gear. The suspension also changed – bought a full kit known in the Power 326 Japanese firms, including the coil racks, all levers, sub-frame is further enhanced by understatement and stabilizers. Color for the updated Mark II chose a very long time, inspired in the end game Forza and Green Candy.

This is not the end

At the same time the guys still huge plans for the future! The thoughts on the replacement motor 2JZ-GTE on the turbine shaft and an even greater expansion of the body, possibly carrying a radiator in the trunk, and much more …

The list of improvements:


  • Engine 1JZ-GTE
  • turbine TD07-25a
  • Westgate Trust
  • Sard injectors 640 cc
  • Bosch fuel pump capacity 320 liters / hour
  • HKS camshafts 272 degrees
  • Front intercooler Autobahn88
  • Two maslokulera Autobahn88
  • Fans Spal
  • Radiator of the 2JZ-GTE Supra 60mm AJS
  • zero resistance K & N filter
  • All fittings Autobahn88
  • Cold intake, expansion tank, exhaust byObrez


  • The AEM ECU, by tuning Semen, 430 forces from the wheel to a pressure of 1.1 bar
  • Additional devices Defi
  • Broadband lambda probe Innovate


  • Clutch and flywheel TRD
  • Differential brewed


  • Suspension 326 Power: a complete kit with racks, reinforced subframe, stabilizers
  • Leverage all adjustable, partially replaced by N1
  • Bipod for increased eversion wheels


  • Brakes Alcon Grex 4 pot
  • Gidroruchnik the cylinder wilwood DKlab


  • Welded rollcage CustomAS
  • Seats Bride and Sparco FIA
  • Leather Nardi
  • Seat belts Beltenick camo
  • Seats Bride & Sparco EVO FIA


  • Bash-bars, paint, plastic windows, a relief body Racebox
  • The body kit, hood, fenders byOber
  • Fender CLINCHED
  • Mirrors Ganador


  • 17-inch 5Zigen Inperio 10 j et 20 wheels
  • Front Tires Yokohama Advan A042 225/45/17
  • Rear Tires Extreme Perfomance Tyres Type S 245/40/17

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