German to Japanese hearts: tuning Mercedes-Benz W124

It so happens that fall in love with one car, ride on it, holish, cherish. And then I fall in love with another. What to do? And it would be desirable new and old can not sell. We have to improvise. It happened with the Mercedes in the back of W124 (yes, C124 coupe has an index, we simply use the more familiar name of the eye), which was the result of a unique love for cars of German and Japanese brands.

How to bring the Mercedes? Of course in Japan!

The passion for old cars 1980-90, especially Mercedes, went to the owner of the instance is inherited from the father. That he considers them the most beautiful, charismatic and reliable. Even given the fact that the family has always had a lot of different cars, one of them was definitely a star on the hood. This coupe – the third “Mears” in the owner’s collection (still had the legendary W123 and W126) and the only one that stayed with him after the move from Almaty to Moscow. This classic, well, he could not afford to sell.

The car was bought at auction in Japan in 2007. Surprised? In the Land of the Rising Sun’s own car with left-hand drive is considered prestigious, and Mercedes – it is generally a luxury. Such machines and special attitude. For example, in this instance Sportline equipment at the time of purchase on the odometer figure flaunted 69,000 km – and that for so many years! Condition of the car was close to perfect, and emphasized its beauty kit court “mersedesovskogo” the AMG tuning shop, 18-inch wheels and a lowered suspension. Therefore, the rate at the auction Alex put right such that no one really dared to kill her – so the car sunk into the soul. And the rate actually played the first time.

The history

Currently running is certainly increased, but only 20 thousand kilometers in eight years, the machine is used only during the warmer months, and as a car “day off.” How else?

There is no longer making this Mercedes-Benz W124 – with charisma, with character, with soul.

How much comfort in it! , Electricity safety belts for easy fastening, folding rear head restraints for a better view when reversing, body type hardtop (no B-pillar), lower the rear vents, “floating” Electric adjustable in all ranges, vertical cowl opening mode, and more. Car Alexei completely arranged, and still tuning has not bypassed by his side.

The first modification made was the installation of music system 2 kW. Alex likes to listen to music in the car, and completely different, so the audio system must meet the highest standards of sound quality. All new speakers placed in standard locations, and a subwoofer, and the rest of the bulky components of Lightning Audio – in the trunk of false panels.

heart transplant

Not to say that the weak stock motor W124 – 220 factory horsepower three-liter M104 is quite enough … as long as the brother of our hero bought a Toyota Chaser JZX100 Tourer V and did not give it a ride. Impressed by its dynamics Alex even began to look for a same V-shku, but at that time there were already four cars in his garage. Fifth place would be superfluous, and part with any of the existing desire did not arise. What to do in such a situation? The answer came by itself – swap!

Similar SWAPO, what can we say, quite rare, and the data on them is extremely small. There are only a few videos on this subject from the United States and Thailand, but they simply show a Mercedes “toyotovskie” motors, and information on how to do a project – zero. However, no one was going to give up.

swap-kit was ordered from Toyota Mark2 Tourer V: motor assembly with all attachments and PPC, wiring and electronic control unit as well as a pallet of Toyota Soarer, relay fuel pump and cardan. Work on installing a new engine under the hood “German” took place in Almaty from a friend of his master in a small service. Old engine was dismantled and began to think about how to mount a new one. And from that moment it began a complete improvisation.

Mercedes-Benz W124
Engine 1JZ-GTE (2,5 liter Twin Turbo)
Automatic transmission from Toyota Mark2 TourerV
Shock absorbers Bilstein B6
Sportline brakes (four-)
AMG body kit

As is usually the case, they used what was at hand: engine installed in his native sub-frame with the help of the clutches of the Toyota Supra in 70-m body and pillows from Toyota Mark2. Part of the engine shield from the turbine and CPR tunnel had to “finalize a sledgehammer,” so as not to cut metal. Matching driveshaft eventually was made up of two parts: the front part (from the transmission) – Mark, and the rear (to the gearbox) – Native, from Mercedes. The intercooler is located behind the grille instead of air conditioning radiator, because of what had to abandon the interior cool. But it is possible to make a short intake track, managed to avoid the cutting of the bumper and preserve the original appearance. The hardest thing turned out to solve the problem with the splice wiring and setting the fuel supply, but here all managed to establish.


In all the work it took about three months, and, importantly, it came to do without welding and grinder – a classic body remained intact. Of course, we had to install additional devices, including broadband lambda sensor and the exhaust temperature sensor to monitor the operation of the engine, especially at first, when the catch with throttle not yet been solved, and there were problems with the mixture. “Safka” for its adjustment installed the optional controller (control of the fuel mixture) A’PEXi Super Airflow Converter (SAFC), referred to in common. In combination with the boost controller is allowed to increase the boost pressure to 1.2 bar, then for a city car is more than enough, considering that even at a pressure of 1 bar, the design capacity should reach 330-350 forces, and the passage of “Quarter” around 13.7 seconds.

The final touch to the Mercedes at this point was to replace lowered suspension that already was on the car when buying at an even lower and tough.

That turned out such an extraordinary project. German classic with a Japanese heart, that looks and rides like many modern cars can not dream, but it has a charisma, which in the same modern machines do not even dream.

The list of improvements:


  • Engine: 1JZ-GTE (2.5 liter Twin Turbo.) From Toyota Mark2 TourerV
  • Candles: NGK 7
  • Inlet: custom
  • Issue: custom, 76mm, Bank Fujisubo Legalis, resonator A’PEXi N1
  • Throttle: A’PEXi Exaust a Control Valve 80 mm
  • Oil Catch D1 Spec
  • Intercooler: 63 mm
  • Blow-off: HKS SSQV
  • Radiator: 50 mm, aluminum, from MMC Lancer Evolution
  • Radiator cap: TRD
  • Engine Cover: HKS
  • Fuel Pressure regulator
  • Aluminium expansion tank
  • Two fuel pump: Bosch 044
  • Electric fans: MMC Diamant


  • ECU: Mine’s
  • Boost Controller: Greddy E-01
  • EGT: AEM


  • HKS volt
  • HKS oil temp
  • Defi water temp
  • AEM Analog EGT Metric Gauge
  • Blitz DTT DC
  • A’PEXi S-AFC


  • Cooler Transmission: custom
  • Automatic transmission from Toyota Mark2 TourerV
  • Shift-Kit: Transgo (quick shift)


  • Shock absorbers: Bilstein B6
  • Springs: Jamex -40 mm
  • Cooler GUR: custom


  • Brakes: Sportline (four-)


  • Gearbox Handle: AMG
  • The instrument panel of the Toyota Mark2 TourerV JZX100


  • The body kit: AMG
  • 17diski AMG
  • Rubber: Federal Evo 595
  • Expansion of the front wings: Sportline by AMG wheels
  • Front indicators: US Style
  • Headlights: E500


  • Head Unit: Pioneer DEH-P7000UB
  • Speakers Front: Alpine SPR-13C
  • Acoustics rear: Lightning Audio S4.525C
  • Amplifier-in-One: Lightning Audio S4.1000.1D
  • Subwoofer: Lightning Audio S4.15.VC2
  • Harness: Lightning Audio LCK4
  • Drive: Rockford Fosgate

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