From the ideal – the ideal: tuning Nissan Skyline ER34 GTT

Tuning can be different. Car enthusiasts modify their cars outside, add power, rework on your taste salon, set music systems … And it happens that the process and tuning it is difficult to call – rather, the car building from scratch, preparing for heavy loads of motorsport, to fight with rivals and stopwatch on the road. It was on such an uncompromising form and will be discussed today.

All good things come to an end

N issan Skyline GTT in ER34 body was acquired Sergei back in 2008. At that time, there were no signs of the dramatic changes that have occurred to him later. Skyline It was in perfect condition – practically collector. And what is especially nice, fully Stock video. Because there were only tuning oil catch tank and oil cooler well-known manufacturer GReddy / Trust. From myself Sergey has added a couple of strokes in the interior: dashboard and additional handle backstage box Nismo production gear.


“Sky” was a machine for every day. Almost a year car reeling kilometers on the odometer and gave its owner a lot of positive emotions even just when you look at their side. It was perhaps that in the winter – but not because it was broken. Simply it is very difficult to drive in the snow “of grip,” not at all, and the risk of break up this gem is very large. Still powerful engine, rear-wheel drive and snow – a dangerous combination.

The following season began with a scale that, and ended, unfortunately, in the heat of summer. Faulty fuel pump was the cause of very lean with long load on a high boost pressure, resulting in particularly affected by thermal stress (that is peculiar nissanovskim motors Series RB) six-cylinder piston literally stack tray, and it happened right on the ring road in St. Petersburg. Opening the power unit, as expected, showed the inevitability of a major overhaul. Scoring on the wall of the sixth cylinder depth of as much as 2 mm talked about the need for such procedures as gilzovka block, simultaneously with a repair cylinder head and valve tappets adjustment has been made.

The engine has been re-assembled, and went on to enjoy a happy owner of “Skye”. But fast driving in the city boring: what’s the point if you can beat almost all? Therefore, it was decided to release the beast in the environment where he belongs – on the race track. It was she who put everything in its place: Show the time on the track was much higher than expected.

From the ideal – the ideal

From that moment began the next chapter in the history of the Skyline, which sometimes borders on science fiction! After each subsequent exit on the road in a car that ever modifies in an attempt to play more and more hundredths of a second with a lap time. The turning point in the preparation of the car was one of the visits to the circuit ADM Raceway in Myachkovo when the result Loose inlet to the turbine, and the resulting excess air was another visit to the service for the next overhaul.

The lap time in the day was 1 minute 56 seconds.


Front brakes:
Carriages Project MU 4 × 4 Racing
Brake discs Project MU Racing 355mm Front Brake Rotors

The service took not only restore the engine, but also to prepare it to achieve results in 1 minute 40 seconds – and this is a very serious claim. In addition to the completion of filling, it was decided to make some work on the body. In particular, pre-installed carbon fiber front wings in the style of BNR34 Z-Tune from Seibon added expansion and on the rear axle. When the engine was assembled again, the yard was already September. It seemed an opportunity to roll out on the track and improve the outcome of the circle is still there, but … again past. It turned out that mnogodrosselnogo host adapters (having individual throttle for each cylinder), which are produced in Russia, given the antifreeze flow through the channels of the cylinder head, and all the iron had to rebuild anew.

The new phase of work on the Nissan Skyline Sergey very much helped by his position in the company, engaged in the supply of spare parts from Japan – without technical support “in the shop” colleagues, and also the presence of the base parts to assemble such a car would not be possible. Low season 2012-2013 began with a profound study of the issue. What you need to do, how to do it – in terms of the material studied can defend a thesis! Before you make a list of necessary parts and work plan, we had to rethink the approach and concept of the project. On receipt of the necessary information was gone most of the time, Sergei learned the basics of constructing a fuel, vacuum and electrical systems for the world of motor racing standards. The next revision of the car touched, literally, everything.

Exterior changed: the body has become much wider, even the legendary “Godzilla» – Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R. Salon owner arranged, so that he was left without modification, but completely updated: ordered new original panel, all the smallest plastic parts, “nissanovskie” fasteners and other parts. List of products turned out great.

Front wings:
Seibon Carbon Z-Tune Front Fenders

That winter the main control unit was replaced by dorogushchy Motec M800 Gold. But the cost of the unit itself pales in comparison to the value of the mountain “custom” sensors, sensors, connectors, and other peripherals, which had to buy more in the process. However, it all turned out to be completely useless without professional installation and calibration. In fact, to all connected for the first time to run the engine for Motec, required – just think – more than a year! Of course, this has been made possible, not without “help” of third-party services, which took for their work a lot of money, but all the spoils, leaving the owner of the car had a bad standard wiring and broken new. For example, expensive computer was somehow connected to the wire with electrical tape and just lay at the feet of the passenger. On the correct operation of this “installation” was out of the question. Ultimately, do it all and run the same motor trusted man of the World Rally, Igor UDALOVA for Sergei immensely grateful to him until now.

Meanwhile, the party was held one more season …


As to address the priorities of the work required of dismantling the power plant, at the same time it was logical to “shake up” all the Skyline system in order to complete the diagnosis and completion of certain units. The car was dismantled to a “body, chassis, doors.” Once again, was commissioned by a huge list of items consisting literally of hundreds of names of parts of the fastener (original bolts, nuts, washers, brackets, various threaded adapters), hoses, fittings, sensors, hundreds of electronic connectors, kilometers of cables of various sizes, types and colors, several parts of attachments and DVS software systems. Spare parts were so many that the usual for our category “tuning” list of improvements at the end of the material barely fit here!

Since the principle of construction of the car at this point was more than serious, it was the turn to replace all the hoses. Now, in the car audio no rubber pipe – they are made of PTFE resin material (PTFE / Teflon). These hoses have superstability to all fuels, highly flexible and ultra-light weight – PTFE material came to us from the world of Formula 1 and supercars.

180 mm Carbon Rear GT Wing

Disassembled RB25DET NEO sent to the sink – and not just as many are accustomed to, in a basin with petrol, and in a special washing installation Magido L102. Then, the engine was completely boring – all sizes, all gaps, everything that can be measured for the understanding of his condition, has been fixed. The nuances associated with the assembly “nissanovskih” the RB engines, really a lot of (the selection and installation of the oil restrictor cylinder block, installation of additional drainage system with oil cylinder head, and so on). If you look at the spec sheet, sometimes it may seem that the company is a sponsor of the Tomei Sergey – so many of their components were used. Unfortunately, it is not. Just their parts are of the highest quality and, compared with other Japanese brands, are readily available.

Nissan Skyline ER34 GTT
Brief specifications:
The cylinder block Nissan RB25NEO
Clutch Ogura Racing Clutch ORC ProCarbon Twin Plate
Brake master cylinder NISSAN BM57 Brake Master Cylinder
Includes adjustable coilovers Tein Monoflex Coilover Kit
Motec M800 Gold ECU
Air lines of the front bumper Carbon BNR34 N1 / V-Spec Front Bumper Oil Cooler Vents

Many of the works have been carried out using a CNC machine, and the involvement of engineers. For example, the banal setting of fuel injectors Injector Dynamics ID1300 in the fuel rail Tomei demanded manufacturing brackets for the collector as rake originally developed under the RB26 engine, new injectors have a very compact size. Such nuances were a lot, which once again proves the seriousness of the project is delayed and an invaluable wealth of knowledge.

Even when seemingly everything was ready, and the motor can be put in place, to identify a huge number of bugs, forcing something elaborate or even to alter the location or mounting of peripheral devices, hydraulic lines, actuators and wiring harnesses.

In the meantime it was in May 2015.


Sergei realized that did not have time to start the engine until the fall, if it is to continue to work on the electronics of the car as usual – to connect all computers and production of wiring harnesses alone he did in his spare time. On the Internet failed to find a man famous for the creation of the magnificent ring wiring for Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. To him that Sergei and asked for help. Paul Begizardov – a true professional in their field, but even to him to complete the implementation of planned modifications of electronic systems Skyline took about five months! In parallel, the process of going to Paul’s work and the rest of Nissan components to the opportunity to go to the setup occurred as early as possible. As a result, “Sky” on the dyno drove all day, and the result was 603 horsepower and nearly 700 lb.-ft. of torque on the product 98-m gasoline.

By the end of last year, the car has got the final form of the previously ordered parts assembled interior, its legitimate place occupied by new body panels. A couple of months left in the elimination of minor bugs – and now, after so many years of painstaking construction, crazy amount of manpower and resources invested, the Skyline was on full alert, and the street was a warm summer and attracted a dry asphalt.

Sparco Corsa seat passenger
Driver’s seat Sparco Circuit II

However, the adventure continued. At the first road tests Sergei faced with slip on the first and second gears. A temporary solution was to teach the computer to calculate the current program, knowing the speed and momentum, in order to limit the boost in the first two gears 1.2 bar. Still not in vain Motec worth so much money – it works like a clock, “brains” determine any transmission at any speed without error, and is now in second gear at a pressure of 1.2 bar car is not stalled. In the future, it plans to set up a full-fledged Sergey Launch Control with Traction Control function and the adjustable steering wheel with supercharging in assists. To reduce the acceleration time is already configured function Flat Foot – gear changes without resetting the gas.

Well, the first full-fledged test will identify and eliminate some of the shortcomings, and in front – bench calibration of the engine program in sports fuels. Sergei meanwhile preparing for a more serious and severe tests at the circuit MoscowRaceway.

Hardships generate experience

Summing up all the vicissitudes of life vehicle and its second creator, we can say that it is rightfully one of the most important projects in our country, which is, perhaps, even in many ways superior to the usual level of professional motorsports. During the work the owner received invaluable knowledge on each node of a specific machine, and in particular the principles of the functioning of all the systems as a whole. So in their case not only Sergei “pump” their cars, but cars thoroughly “pumped” to its owner.

The list of improvements:


  • The cylinder block Nissan RB25NEO
  • Nissan RB25NEO Crankshaft
  • Bush crankshaft JUN
  • Studs crankshaft bed ARP
  • ARP Cylinder Head Studs
  • Pistons CP Pistons
  • Inserts ACL
  • Cranks Tomei
  • The restrictor Tomei lubrication system
  • Additional oil drain from the cylinder head JDM Parts
  • Gasket cylinder head Tomei
  • Increased valves Ferrea
  • Double valve springs Ferrea
  • Titanium plates Ferrea valves
  • Tomei camshafts
  • Valve Cover Nissan RB26
  • Oil pump Tomei
  • Water Pump Nissan N1
  • Timing Belt Tomei
  • Gear exhaust camshaft Tomei
  • Gear NVCS GReddy
  • Oil thermostat GReddy
  • Intake manifold JUN
  • Throttle RC-Turbo unit
  • Exhaust manifold DocRace
  • Termoekran exhaust manifold stainless steel JDM Parts
  • Turbocharger Garrett GTX3076R
  • Fuel rail Tomei
  • Injectors Injector Dynamics 1300cc
  • The bypass valve TiAL Sport MVR
  • The bypass valve TiAL Sport Q-BOV
  • ARC Intercooler
  • Radiator cooling KOYORAD
  • Oil cooler Nismo
  • Termoekran turbocharger
  • Insulation Earl’s
  • Insulation XRP
  • Fittings and Earl’s hoses
  • Fittings and hoses XRP
  • Fuel Pressure Regulator Aeromotive A1000 Marine
  • Crankshaft Pulley Ross Tuffbond
  • JDM Parts Ignition System
  • Spark plugs NGK Racing
  • Inlet Piping, custom
  • Front pipe and a bypass valve, a custom
  • Exhaust system StillWay
  • ICE supports and PPC Nismo
  • Fuel module Radium
  • Submerged fuel pump Tomei
  • Fuel Pump BOSCH 044
  • Fuel filter Aeromotive
  • cooling system separator ARC
  • Fans of the main radiator Flex-a-Lite Radiator Fan * 2
  • belt tensioning system GUR Ross Tuffbond Power
  • Radiator GUR EARL’S
  • Tank GUR BILLION Racing Power
  • Coolant expansion tank B & S Industries Custom
  • Dehumidifier crankcase ventilation system B & S Industries
  • Intake system APEXi
  • Generator Circuit Sports 100 Amp


  • Motec M800 Gold ECU
  • Motec E888 Expander
  • Motec LTC 4.9
  • Phormula Two-Channel Digital Knock Analyser
  • Motec combustion engine oil pressure sensor
  • Motec DVS sensor oil temperature
  • Motec sensor rear differential oil temperature
  • Motec sensor Gearbox oil temperature
  • Motec antifreeze temperature sensor * 2
  • Motec MAP sensor
  • Texys temperature sensor
  • Motec fuel pressure sensor
  • Motec fuel temperature sensor
  • Motec Hall Effect GT101 sensor * 2
  • Motec CAN Communication Cable
  • Bosch knock sensor * 2
  • Motec Thermocouple K-Type * 6
  • Motec LSU 4,9 wideband oxygen sensor
  • Nissan oil pressure sensors, oil temperature, coolant temperature, boost pressure
  • Penny & Gilles TPS
  • JDM Parts wiring harness Mil Spec
  • Motec warning lamp 5 *
  • Motec 12-position rotary switch
  • Motec 11-position rotary switch
  • Motec four position rotary switch
  • Motec button * 3
  • JDM Parts
  • Multirulevoe wheel, custom
  • MAC three-port solenoid
  • Nissan VTCS solenoid


  • Clutch Ogura Racing Clutch ORC ProCarbon Twin Plate
  • Nismo clutch Releaser cylinder
  • Magistral clutch Nismo Line
  • Rear Differential Cusco Type-RS
  • GReddy rear gear tray
  • rear differential cooling pump Tilton
  • rear differential Radiator EARL`S


  • The front calipers Project MU 4 × 4 Racing
  • Project MU Racing 355mm Front Brake Rotors Front brake discs
  • Brake pads Project MU HC + Front / Rear Brake Pads
  • Brake hoses Project MU Teflon Front / Rear Brake Lines
  • Rear calipers Project MU 2-piston Rear Calipers
  • Rear Project MU Racing brake discs 323 mm Rear Brake Rotors
  • Pads Handbrake Project MU Hand Brake Pads
  • Hub studs ARP Reinforced Hub Studs * 40
  • Brake master cylinder NISSAN BM57 Brake Master Cylinder
  • Project MU Brake Fluid Brake Fluid


  • Includes adjustable coilovers Tein Monoflex Coilover Kit
  • Springs Tein Racing Springs
  • Anti-roll bars ARC Front / Rear Stabilizer
  • stabilizer Whiteline Adjustable Stabilizer Links
  • Front upper arm Cusco Front Upper Arms
  • Front trailing arms Cusco Tension Rods
  • Rear breakup levers Cusco Rear Control Arms
  • Rear toe levers Cusco Rear Toe Arms
  • AL front / rear lower arm Cusco Front / Rear Lower Arms Pillow Bar Joints
  • Stabilizers torsion center Moonface Front / Rear Camber Adjustment Ball Joints
  • AL kulaks Rear Suspension Cusco Rear Knuckle Pillow Bar Joints
  • Hobs rear subframe MeganRacing Rear Subframe Bushings
  • Washers rear subframe MeganRacing Rear Subframe Collars
  • Steering Linkage IkeyaFormula Front Tie Rods
  • Steering tips Ikeya Formula Front Tie Rod Ends
  • Rear traction toe Cusco Rear Drag Rods
  • Power front subframe Cusco Tension Rod Bar
  • Titanium strut front plates JDM Parts Custom
  • Strut rear cups Cusco Rear Strut Brace
  • Power Rear Body Nismo


  • Driver’s seat Sparco Circuit II
  • Sparco Corsa seat passenger
  • Seat belts
  • Custom Harness Bar
  • Steering wheel Sparco Suede 388
  • steering wheel hub HKB Boss Kit
  • Sparco Steering Wheel Spacer
  • Sparco Steering Wheel Quick Release
  • Pedal Nissan BNR34 V-Spec NUR
  • door panels Nissan OEM BNR34
  • Nismo interior Carpets
  • Dashboard Nismo
  • Additional dashboard Nismo
  • Handle PPC Nismo

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