From games to reality: Tuning Nissan 350Z

Often the history of tuning projects begins not at the time of purchase of the car, but much earlier. By the end result brings a series of events that eventually we can confidently say: randomness – are not accidental.

Need for Speed: from game to reality

About dnazhdy Anton realized that actually he liked cars since childhood. He even talked badly when his father taught him to paint the wheels are square and round, but in trying to master this skill a little Anton plagued by album of the evening, and a pack of markers in the week. As time went on, paper machine were replaced with plastic, then iron, then radio-controlled … Of course, followed by Anton discovered the world of computer games in the face of TopGear 2 SegaMD 2, and the first serious games have become Need for Speed, SegaRally and Carmageddon. And that NFS literally took possession of his mind: the supercar for its personal use, trotting race on the flow city … Anton began to actively pay attention to interesting cars – on the usual route from home to the subway he often saw a red Mitsubishi Eclipse second generation and thought: “The body – a blast. “

As time went on. Upon reaching 18 years without any problems, Anton received law – impact on the father’s education VAZ-2106. That’s just his car while it was not … The way the driver started later, when having served faithfully and a little tired, in the use of Anton moved his father’s Saab 9000, and an older brother helped bring it into shape.

Shortly after parting with Saab and adding a bit of money, Anton still could realize a childhood dream – to buy aspirated Eclipse 2G on mechanics. Then it seemed that this is a real “gun”: the tachometer needle spun to 7000 rev / min, the appearance was just perfect, interior – original, and it rulilas … not a machine, and a fairy tale! And then came the first “Fast and Furious” with green Eclipse Brian O’Conner in the lead role – in a wild body kit with spoiler, wheels and spectacular … turbine. Anton my car did not want to, but after watching the “Fast and the Furious” understood the main thing: the car – a designer who can collect the most.


Then, in his youth, money enough for a serious tuning volume still were not found, but there was something to bring the image of the car failed. Rims, front bumper, headlight lenses, red calipers, underbody lights, a huge “bank” silencer – in the course went all the harsh classic styling. Then, after reading reviews on the boosting of the atmospheric engine, Anton decided to purchase turbo car – 147 horsepower under the hood was not enough. Sold “the atmosphere”, he bought a “turbo” Eclipse – also the second generation, with manual transmission, sunroof, carbon-fiber hood and buckets Sparco. However, overestimating their knowledge and power and dismantling the machine after breakage of the gearbox, Anton sold the unassembled soklubniku.

Warmer … hot!

By this time it was released NFS Underground 2, the story begins with … Nissan 350Z. Assessing the car, Anton began to study online classified ads “zetok,” but beyond that it did not matter. Then came “Fast and Furious 3” – and there is the “King of Drift ‘was again 350Z – baggy, with inflated wings. Thus gradually breakdowns “effect of 25th frame,” and after a few years, when the family was a question of purchase of the second car, fate would have it, that the beloved wife of Anton reminded about the dream of youth. “Today I saw a wheelbarrow cool -! Nissan 350Z» It was a sign.

I wanted to find it and it was a black car on the machine. “To drift – and on the machine ?! Loser! “- Is heard in the hall. But there is no mistake: Anton is looking for a car with automatic transmission – the desire to “pull the handle,” he has gone, I just go for fun in the city.

Contrary to what is usually the case, the appropriate instance to get found quickly. True, according to the canons, he was a little out of shape: no shoes, almost all suspension dead Salon overwritten, and the body slightly “pokotsali”. But do these little things – the most important in the legendary Japanese sports car?

Nissan 350Z
Brief specifications
Stroker kit BrianCrower 3.7 liters.
Maslokuler Autobahn88
Tein coilovers (height adjustment, and stiffness)

When the emotion subsided a bit, the owner became more and more closely to look closely to his new car. The insanely cool design of the body at that time wanted to add a few strokes: Anton changed the stock 17-inch wheels on the “eighteenth” components Work with a big rack, then “waved” tail lights to LEDs restyled, hung polyurethane lip on the front bumper and colored pens black. I could only enjoy the car. Well, enjoy the …

“I will say a few words about the car, which may have some plans to buy. Keep in mind that in the lineup until 2006 cabin ergonomics tends to zero. Not even the glove box. Yes, you heard right – no glove compartment. Instead – very poor cupholder-transformer, which is composed in three deaths, and on its last legs at best once clumsily out of a hundred will represent something like a cup holder. “Emergency gang” is at your elbow. He wanted someone to blink in gratitude? No, look at the road, you would not find at once the button “emergency gang”! Between the seats there are no niches to put the phone, documents or anything else. Also nothing like the door is not – in the best case you can stick in a small pocket in the door a pack of paper napkins, which will wipe away the tears and sad, crushed by misery dorestaylingovoy salon. This machine did not choose the head and heart. “

Tuning Nissan 350Z: 420 power for the V6

So that part of it was a spontaneous purchase. Prior to that, Artem went to the Toyota GT86 with exclusive styling that includes vinilografiyu, wheels, body kit, etc. All that came to her external …

After some time, absolutely no experience driving a rear-wheel drive car, but believing in yourself, in a protracted turns on city streets Anton “went on the attack” very tall and gathered border all the shelves on wheels, and along with a couple of meters plowed exhaust lawn. In early November, the car stood in the repair service, which, as it turned out, drank a lot of blood in most soklubnikov. Discs sent in for repair and repainting, for machines ordered new levers and subframe. Waiting for parts Anton stumbled upon an advertisement for the sale of the compressor, computer, forged piston and nozzle, and employees of the aforementioned service was persuaded to buy: “Bury Affairs a couple of months – Departure spring, like a rocket!” But then followed by 1.5 years of inactivity, for which we have not done absolutely nothing with the machine …

Breathe deeply

Finding reliable masters Anton took all the parts (compressor, a stroker kit to 3.7 liters, “850 th” nozzle, fuel pump 320 l / h, rail, two wide-band lambda probe, additional devices, computer, and the sleeve set to gain automatic transmission) and transported them with the car in a different service. Because of problems with the compressor assembly is delayed with the promised 1.5 months at 5: constantly torn drive belt that made it impossible to set up the machine. Another open question remained overheated boxes – the temperature rose to 130 ° C. But even in such a “raw” state of the engine is already gave 342 liters. from. RV and 487 Nm of torque vs. 211, “Forces” and 300 “moment” in stock.

And then, by chance, fate brought Anton with the guys from the third company where he still continues to build and “eggplant”. The name of the car has received a new custom color, in which as a result Nissan repainted. The problem with the engine decided by purchasing one compressor and one of the two collecting, swapping with all new bearings and machined pulleys, as well as making additional stops the compressor and mounting plate to the motor. Overheating Automatic eliminated by placing the cooler in the overall “sandwich” with Spal fans.

Converts “Zetka” and externally. She was standing VeilSide rear spoiler and carbon-fiber hood, which added a body kit VeilSide with. The wheels were replaced by 19-inch enchanting Leon Hardiritt Bugel. Next it was installed “scissor doors”, a rearview camera and held full shumovibroizolyatsiya. After the break-in were revealed minor shortcomings, which appeared due to the ongoing assembly / disassembly – of course, now they are eliminated, and the 350Z is waiting for measurement at the stand. By the way, pressure of the compressor is increased to 0.9 bar, and it outputs a peak of 1.1.

Tires: 255/35 / Dunlop Sport TT Maxx and 305/30/19 Bridgestone Potenza
Wheels: 19-inch wheels Leon Hardiritt Bugel (10j et -12 and 11j et -4)

The only future update exterior – wheels: current now on sale, and instead ordered new. It will also be Leon Hardiritt Bugel, but in a special edition with wild parameters: 12 inches wide in front and 13 rear, as well as the departure -4 / -67! Yes, it’s not a typo – minus sixty-seven!
But innovations are not only from the outside: already ordered APS tvinturbo whale with more productive cartridges, which in theory will allow to remove the motor from over 700 horsepower and 800 Nm of torque at 1.5 bar supercharging. Waiting in the wings and buckets Bimarco Cobra 2 with four-point seat belts Takata.

As you can see, there are no secrets built fast and beautiful car is not there. To the question “Have you had some kind of tactic, and you held it?” Anton confidently replied: “Yes! I have from the very beginning there was some tactics, and I stuck to it! ”

The list of improvements:


  • Darton Sleeves
  • Stroker kit BrianCrower 3.7 l
  • Inserts ACL
  • studs ARP
  • Oil pump Cosworth
  • Pump Gates
  • Thermostat Mishimoto
  • Maslokuler Mishimoto
  • Radiator Mishimoto
  • Fans Spal
  • Reiki Cosworth
  • 850 cc injectors Deatschwerks
  • Gasoline pump Deatschwerks
  • Valves and springs JWT
  • Compressor ProCharger C-2
  • Intake manifold Kinetix Racing
  • zero resistance K & N filter
  • Aluminum pipe from the filter to the throttle
  • Intercooler Autobahn88


  • Ravnodlinnye collectors Borla
  • Manifold heat shield (TR edition)
  • Test Pipe
  • Dummy lambda probes
  • Cut back Invidia


  • Additional equipment AEM (boost, mix, automatic transmission oil temperature)


  • Maslokuler Autobahn88
  • A modified hydraulic unit
  • Repackaged packages clutches
  • reinforced hose


  • Tein coilovers (height adjustment, and stiffness)


  • Brembo


  • Podium for three instruments
  • Black Alcantara ceiling
  • Courtesy black
  • Shop by Restayl
  • The total noise and vibration


  • Headlights Depo restyling (black edition)
  • Hood VeilSide
  • Spoiler Veilside 3
  • The body kit Veilside 3
  • Scissor doors
  • Hood Locks


  • 19-inch wheels Leon Hardiritt Bugel (10j et -12 and 11j et -4)
  • Tires 255/35 / Dunlop Sport TT Maxx and 305/30/19 Bridgestone Potenza


  • 2DIN JVC AVX-900
  • Acoustics Bose (drain)
  • Aux armrest
  • Rear View Camera

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