"Evil" from Oise Devolro: all the questions – honestly

The day before we had a talk with Eduard Orlov, founder Devolro, producing SUVs, on which you can cut through the bumper clearing. And it's not a joke. Devolro blew Runet notification of UAZ Patriot, which will undergo a comprehensive upgrade and will be sold in Russia. Apparently, during sleep the brain realized that do not specify one of the main issues – what does the name? The answer was found by itself in the first few minutes of waking. DeVolro … Read the contrary: OrlovEd.

We asked Edward about everything that interested us. And you know, what struck most of all? His quick answers, which sounded like vyzubrenny charter. And, importantly, sincere. Sincerity – a rare trait and characteristic of it or for those who really have nothing to hide, who are confident in their own words, or fools. But the latter is more seasoned and naive, and only in Orlov it is definitely not.

Photo: Eduard Orlov, founder Devolro. Initially Devolro emerged as a company engaged in the production of quality off-road equipment under its own brand. Now, 15 years later, Devolro – known manufacturer of cars based on production models of global brands with its own assembly line, production of automotive components, a staff of professional engineers and designers

UAZ Patriot. Genesis

First of all we are interested not so much the car itself – what it will be, and what will be the motor of its driving force, but the fact why Devolro chosen for the new project UAZ Patriot. Our assumption is that the company clearly felt the trend of resurgent patriotism, partly justified, but do not bet only on it.

Eduard Orlov arrived in Russia, as you know, is not just. He was on a visit in Ulyanovsk, where the eye on space for the future plant for the production of UAZ Patriot Devolro.

The pendulum has swung in the direction of patriotism – it is an important factor. The whole world laughs at our car industry, as you can already ?! Planes do crazy, tanks, and cars do … whether anybody is not necessary, or even that … the situation is not clear, and no one can answer the question, why do we have bad machine.

"I was at the factory UAZ three weeks ago. Quite a lot of attention paid to the administration showed the shop, had a tour of the company, fed in the dining room and told about the plans for the future … To be honest, I was a bit impressed – says Orlov – in our time, on such a large plant … not I expect to see this. "

In the photo: the power of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant

Next door. And not only

We asked Eduard Orlov, how and where will be collected Patriot SUVs Devolro. Cars will be releasing next door to the normal version of "donor". Devolro given a choice of one of the premises of the industrial park, located on the territory of the plant. We stopped on the box area of ​​3 500 square meters, which is enough for the production of 100 cars per month, but with a good scenario, Orlov says, "you can loose up to two hundred." Now attention – Ulyanovsk is not limited.

The plans for the next few years, including in 2017, to build three shops: in Ulyanovsk, Irkutsk and Ulan-Ude. This project is ready to invest big businessmen.

Several times during our conversation, Orlov noted that some components will be made in America, and some – in Russia. And from abroad will come the major share, and in Russia for a new incarnation of the Patriot will make attachments, bumpers, sills, and perhaps something more. In Devolro not cooperate with Chinese firms or Taiwanese. The components are produced in the US, Europe and Australia. "Expensive, but high quality", – says Orlov. When asked why he is so confident in the quality of components from Russia, he replied: "I know the owner personally. Plant with serious equipment before carrying out serious government orders. "

Our main difference from other establishments – we give on their vehicles three-year warranty (mileage is not considered). No other company will not provide a day. At least that is the case in America. You come and sign a contract in which it is written that there is no guarantee there will be, as in the engineering design of the plant climbed by choice and consent. We guarantee a car from bumper to bumper – if something breaks during the three years, we will replace it free of charge.

What will remain of the Patriot?

Recently, Eduard Orlov published on the page in Facebook post about what will happen to the UAZ Patriot once before it will get specialists from Devolro: new engines – gasoline volume of 4.0 liters and three-liter turbo diesel engine, other powertrain upgrade bridges, complete redrawing interior and revision of the equipment … We know what the engine is ready for the Patriot Devolro.

According to Eduard Orlov, at present the company decides on who will supply engines for the SUV. The candidacy of three: Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Toyota. The most likely are Mercedes and Toyota. While in Devolro busy experimenting with motor range.

The customer can choose between a manual gearbox and "automatic". Each of the transmissions will be aggregated with any of the proposed motor. At the design stage it is planned to create four machines: Patriot, Hunter, Van and Cargo. All processes associated with the transformation of UAZ, will take place in Miami, where the head office is located Devolro. Until the end, the ocean will take all four cars.

Orlov, judging by our conversation, categorical maximalist. He repeatedly said that will change literally everything. The more we dive into the mysteries of new items, the more clearly understood that the words "change everything" in general, there is no subtext.

Renders UAZ Patriot Devolro. Eduard Orlov said that real cars will be exactly the same as in the picture

"Change everything – went on to tell Orlov – razdatka, chassis, suspension … By the way, we will develop a new system of depreciation for this machine, again in America."

"In fact, from Patriot, we leave only the body to maintain awareness model", – concluded the founder Devolro. Nevertheless, there is an option that is more native and frame, but the company thinking of replacing it, as it can not withstand the anticipated loads – the vehicle must be uncompromising SUV maximum reliability.

Salon also not be left without attention, and then, as you already know, like "redo everything": dashboard, seats, all the trimmings, will set the climate control. It was announced a good sound system. As Eduard Orlov said provider already defined – it is an American company JBL.

Render UAZ Hunter Devolro

Patriot Devolro. Not for the poor

We honestly say that the price sounded on modified Patriot on Facebook (about 35 000 dollars), to put it mildly, scary, and there is an idea: "But who it for the money do we need?" But Orlov again replied without hesitation, as though reading harvested before the business plan.

"You know, that series production at UAZ up to 60 000 per year? We plan to produce about 2000 UAZ for the same time period. The cars will cost between 25 000 and 35 000 dollars. Our volumes are not large, because nobody wants to overproduction, but to date we have Devolro about a hundred pre-orders. Of these one hundred – 15 of America. If we have now been 80 car, we would have sold them for a week, I think.

You have no idea what's going on my page and in the group Devolro on Facebook every day I get a lot of emails with questions such as "Where to transfer money?", "How to order?", "How to turn up?" And the like.

People are absolutely not afraid of the price, because they know – if the machine is made in Devolro, it will be a very different UAZ.

It is the same situation with the Toyota Tundra, – continued to tell Orlov, – car factory is about 46 000 dollars, our car – three hundred thousand. And people buy and for six months in the queue waiting for. "

Who are the judges?

It is one thing to create a car, the other – to sell it. Target audience of the Oise Devolro? Among the first names Orlov government agencies. And he says with confidence, referring to the fact that negotiations have been a lot. Second, it "private entrepreneurs" who have money. "This is not secret information, – says Edward – our cars stand in the presidential garages in 15 countries. Recently, 5 October, the head of the Chechen Republic's birthday. His friends gave him Devolro. Some of the largest companies, both Russian and from neighboring countries, there are our machines. "

In the photo: Devolro Diablo. Created based on the Toyota Tundra. The car body is treated with a polymer coating that protects it from corrosion and UV. The engine has a capacity of over 532 hp

What will Oise Devolro

Yes, we have laid it on the dessert. And this is really "sweet" because exclusive. We have mentioned that Devolro «will take to turn" The Patriot, Hunter, Van and Cargo. On the basis of Cargo will be prepared in three versions:

  • fire truck, compact class, the water capacity of up to two tonnes to the conversion unit, and on it the company already has orders;
  • rescue vehicle for the Ministry of Emergency Situations;
  • "Ambulance" terrain.

Preliminary negotiations with the relevant Devolro already leading institutions. After the cars will be built, they will be brought to Russia for "demonstration", and it is likely that they will be in the state order.

As for "civil" UAZ, the testing of new products will be created nine cars, two Hunter, two pickups, two and three Patriot Cargo. We know that two of them will be sent to a kind of rally-raid through all the States – from Miami to Seattle. Accompany them will be three UAZ Cargo: Accident two cars, and one – with medical staff. This adventure will not end – Oise Devolro go by ferry to Vladivostok, where they will get to Moscow or Sochi. Which city will be the final "checkpoints", we have not yet decided – the issue under discussion, but the balance inclined in favor of Sochi.

We plan that this will be organized at the end of 2016. Is it possible to come up with the best test to check the quality and the demonstration ?!

Jet aircraft of the pelvis

In comments on the Facebook page, we clung to one – whether Devolro will undertake the transformation of Lada 4 × 4? Orlov said that the company can modify anything – "even from basin jet will do," but the most important factor in demand: "If you come to us with a proposal, as it was with UAZ, then definitely consider it. Problems with the creation of new cars do not have, because we have available good specialists – Equipment engineers and designers. It all depends on demand. "

Then we were asked to wait at the interlocutor was the second line. Phoned a little later, but to talk about the machines is somehow not like – the picture was painted in full, and the artist had only to put his autograph: «Devolro».

"Devil" from America

If there are people who believe in the magic of numbers, we must, in part because of their profession more immersed in the magic letters. Here is an example … Devolro … read quickly. With the accent on the first syllable. In consonance with the English «Devil», is not it? «Dr Theodor Voland» was written on the business card at the main troublemaker in Moscow in Bulgakov's novel "Master and Margarita" – perhaps a coincidence, but it was too attractive from the point of view of the parallels. About Devolro probably heard in Russia, as well as about Woland. Orlov appeared as Woland, suddenly. And the noise done. Fair and honest, does not sow the darkness and horror – does just what its jurisdiction … And let Devolro remains without peace and the new light Oise deserved …


We really were not kidding when they said that on the Tundra from Devolro can cut timber. Tundra can, Tundra can anything … and to be a lumberjack.

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