Double revival: Tuning Honda S2000

The revival of the first scheduled

Constantine was looking for a car at all for a long time. I studied auctions, but to find the appropriate value of an option and could not, until one day he did not call Rinat RRR, and not say that in mind there S2000. True, she had one small caveat: the dead engine. And she does not reach the predetermined selection criteria: year of manufacture – 2001, and was sought by 2005, generation – of AP1, the AP2 and the like, and even gray that Kostya did not even consider. But there were two big pluses: a body without a single accident, and a low price tag because of a dead engine. Therefore, Constantine decided to take the car and the remaining money to bring him in perfect condition.

With the opening of the engine revealed that cranked radical loose crankshaft. We decided to replace only the "knee" in the new OEM and inserts a full set of ACL Race. The rest did not touch the iron, because the previous owner has already zagilzoval motor Darton sleeves and installed forged pistons CP-Pistons. But the gearbox was changed to a new one, set the PPC contract with minimal mileage, new clutch with all the accompanying elements and replace the drive. The car came to life, and Kostya began her ride, skated two summer seasons. In autumn and winter vacationing Honda in the garage.

But by the end of the second season burst valve plate (retainer), due to which he fell into a cylinder, and has met with a piston, which slammed him into the "head" and in addition a split sleeve. Besides all this "Entertaining Mechanics" tainted the owner and holiday, and appetite: three days after the day he Kostya Woman Born in MakAvto stopped, and in the middle of the meal there was a "fat", and the engine stalled.

I click on the start button – and the engine is stuck! I just said quietly, "the motor is dead." How then said my girlfriend, my appearance was full of frustration!

And no "symptoms of dying" in the engine has not been …

The revival of the second forced

Dragging S2000 in the garage, Kostya decided to see what would happen. First, he tried to turn the pulley against the knee of his normal movement: spinning, but then go crazy. After removing the valve cover, he discovered that the outlet valve of the first cylinder burst plate, but the valve stem to be seen, and after removing the exhaust manifold had the proverbial broken off leg in hand. Then Kostya lifted the cylinder head and saw that the piston valve is sticking on the "head" dent from him and cracked shell … It became clear that the winter will be fun!

After consulting with Rinat and Cyril of RRR Customz, the owner decided to gather a completely new bottom, leaving only the crankshaft, as in two seasons Honda dashed off a total of about 7000 kilometers. Everything else is to be replaced, including the cylinder head, as it was impossible to repair. To restore ordered new pistons CP-Pistons, h-shaped rods sun, new ACL bearings, new oil pump, new Toda chain tensioner Toda, all related consumables and small things. The unit is fully peregilzovali Dry liner from Markina. Kostya bought cylinder head assembly from the AP2 engine, with a small city, so it decided not to touch, only to re-grind the valves.

It was a version of the tuning number two, collected in February 2012 and regularly served two seasons. In the autumn of 2013 the engine began to smoke a little bit, and dipped the oil pressure at idle. It became obvious that it is time to go through the "head" and find a problem with the oil pressure. After opening was revealed wear valve guides and valve stem seals (poddymlivaniya reason), and the oil nozzle jammed in the open position (the reason for the drawdown of oil pressure at idle). new valves Ferrea Competition, valve guides Ferrea, Skunk2 plates, cylinder head porting made canals have been purchased and installed a new oil pump (the second), and oil jets. In addition, when the bulkhead replaced valve seals and polished bed camshafts and camshafts themselves.

From gray to white

The history of external tuning S2000 began almost immediately after the purchase, in 2009. Although unpopular color, repaint the car Constantine did not want to, because the body was in an ideal, so he decided to tighten the Honda in a white film. At the same time immediately ordered bumper Amuse – in his opinion, it is much nicer than a drain. Put the bumper, I bought the film …

Together with other bones obtyanuli vinyl car for the week, in the evenings after work. And in the winter of 2012 it was decided to repaint the car completely: the beginning of the film swell and peel in a few years. Before painting installed taillights and bumper AP2, and a new awning with glass roof. "Esku" completely dismantled, taken naked body (without a motor, interior and other fillings) in the dealership (suddenly) to complete the Nissan repainted in white. In winter, the exterior of the machine to add custom thresholds, splitter and ailerons.

Walking on hot asphalt

Meanwhile Constantine really wanted to try their hand at a race track. The offseason 2013-2014, just as for the S2000 collected a new engine configuration and fingered the cylinder head, the main idea was to catch the first stage of the Russian Hot Hatch Club Championship in 2014 at the circuit Moscow Raceway, to pass on «S-ke" one of the best tracks Russia. At the same time we decided to completely sort out the suspension and to a set of Ohlins dampers installed previously added new arms and bushings, as well as looked over the hub. Install and new brake pads and reinforced hose ProjectM Goodrich. By the time stacked back to back – spare parts were long enough.

Once collected and put motor, Kostya immediately drove it to run in. During the first night, he rode four laps on the Ring Road, then – oil change and filter, and another 1 000 kilometers in two days. All this happened right in front of stage, in a non-stop, but the guys had: at Moscow Raceway machine was already in full combat readiness.

Take a ride on his Honda S2000 on the track, the owner realized that all the work has not been in vain! The car was just great, giving the driver a real pleasure from piloting.

I was very surprised at how it can go, in four years of ownership, it really hit me! I was delighted!

However, this revision of the car did not end there. Due to the fact that the machine is very low, there were many difficulties with movement on our roads and "speed bumps". Even in the Honda garage to call in only on the boards, and Kostya always carried them with him, just in case. Charter each year to repair the splitter, diffuser and side skirts, he installed air suspension: control unit Airlift Autopilot V2, pillows Airlift Sleeve 75 569, adapter for mounting them on the rack screw Ohlins, two compressors Viair 380c, receiver 25 liters and drier Camozzi. At the same time at any time pneuma can "throw" to put Ohlins – and forward to the battle!

For the season 2015 the owner added under the hood compressor Comptech kit, which also includes liquid intercooler, radiator coolant, all the necessary hoses, fuel pump, "cooker" for the installation, under the pressure rollers 0.4, 0.7 and 1.1 bar and a belt. To this he added a set of nozzles Deatschwerks 650 cc, coolant fan Spal 385 mm and an additional fan on maslokuler also Spal. Since the S2000 engine was on forging and sleeves, compression ratio 11.5 allowed to blow 0.7 bar without knocking. All Honda fit in without a problem – it's bolt-on kit for this model. So now Kostina beauty of 350 hp

Originally, the car was bought as a single for all purposes: travel around the city, a job, etc. Now, most of the time he is in the garage, in the warmth and comfort… But given that he clearly does not suffer from lack of attention, you can be sure that even in the difficult times he can, like a phoenix, reborn again and again.

The list of improvements:


  • Dry liner (Markin)
  • Pistons CP-pistons
  • Cranks Brian Crower H-beam
  • Inserts ACL RACE
  • Timing Chain Toda racing
  • Tensioner Toda racing
  • Valves Ferrea Competition
  • Valve Retainers Skunk2
  • Valve guides Ferrea
  • cylinder head porting
  • Gasket intake manifold Hondata
  • Cold inlet (custom) in thermal protection Thermo Tech + K & N filter
  • Maslokuler Mocal + fittings and hoses Goodrich
  • Oil Battery Accusump
  • Radiator three-layer Koyorad
  • Samco Coolant Hoses
  • Replaced valve stem seals
  • Polished bed camshafts and camshafts
  • Cusco oil catch can
  • Compressor kit Comptech liquid intercooler, radiator and pump
  • 650 cc injectors Deatschwerks
  • Spal Fan coolant 385 mm
  • Additional fan on maslokuler Spal


  • Instruments STRI
  • ECU AEM v.2
  • Front chamber and a rear-view
  • sensor egt
  • Boost Controller


  • Clutch Exedy stage 2


  • Front: Ap-Racing six-piston, Stop Tech discs, pads ProjectM hc +, reinforced hoses Goodridge
  • Rear: wheels Dexcel, pads ProjectM hc +, reinforced hoses Goodridge


  • Hobs Hardrace
  • Front upper arms breakup Hardrace
  • Rear breakup levers Godspeed
  • Rear traction toe Evasive
  • Polyurethane silent blocks caster adjustment
  • Spacers for ball bearings Buddy Club
  • Shims under the steering rack Hardrace
  • spacers drives
  • Air suspension: control unit Airlift Autopilot V2, pillows Airlift Sleeve 75 569, adapter for mounting on the rack screw Ohlins two compressors Viair 380c, receiver 25 liters dehumidifier Camozzi
  • For trips to the track: Ohlins shock absorbers with springs Swift 18 and 16 kg


  • Front bumper Amuse R1
  • Hood Mugen
  • Rear bumper OEM AP2
  • Diffuser J's Racing
  • Taillights OEM AP2
  • Thresholds by Dimon
  • Splitter + ailerons hand made
  • Stryker thresholds OEM Style
  • The towing eye J's Racing


  • Safety cage Spoon
  • Seats Sparco Sprint v
  • Seat belts Schroth
  • Gearbox Handle Spoon
  • Leather Nardi Torino
  • Carbon decoration center console, instrument panel
  • Radio 2din Pioneer app radio


  • Discs Advan rs, front 9j et25 r18 (tires Yokohama Parada 225/35), rear 10j et25 r18 (tires Hankook rs3 255/35)

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