CheRnaya horse: Tuning Volkswagen Golf Mk6 R20

One of the benefits of tuning in that it is suitable for virtually any vehicle. In Russian folk tuning was love at first shifted in the direction of the Japanese technology, but gradually we “tasted” and “Europeans”. Not so long ago in this category has been the fifth generation Volkswagen Golf – now we are moving forward on the time line and present to you the story of the project based on the sixth generation Golf.

From Prejudice to understanding

In zglyad Michael on the Volkswagen Golf R20 has fallen by chance – one might even say, unexpectedly. As a person born and raised in the Far East to European cars he treated with prejudice. At the time of his childhood, his father went to the Toyota Supra 2JZ-GTE with and Toyota Celica GT-Four c 3S- GTE – these machines and formed in it opinion on what should be a sports car. In addition, a contribution made tested once Mercedes C 55 AMG, which simply “did not go” after Japanese cars with the “bustapnutymi” engines.

Michael has already decided on the choice and was looking for a thoroughbred “Japanese» – Subaru Impreza WRX STi, but once was strange. A ride on the Volkswagen Golf R20, he fell in love with this model at a glance and from the first passage behind the wheel – and immediately began to purposefully look for a longer Golf R.


Here is a little distracted, and noted that the Volkswagen Golf R20 is the top range of the sixth generation and is distinguished from the “comrades”, above all, the presence of all-wheel drive, sold through the Haldex clutch, dual exhausts through the middle and EA 113 engine (270 hp. . in the European specification), which is based on the unit of Volkswagen Golf GTi and fifth-generation turbine Borg Warner K04. To all this is added the function launch control, all of which makes a small hatchback real urban flare.

However, the love of Michael was quite pragmatic than emotional flame: he simply tried Golf R20 and realized that it was his car.

From the passenger seat, he did not feel the vibrations and accelerations, which were always in his Mitsubishi Evolution 9, but when I got behind the wheel, I realized that golf is not less rapid and DSG box and very finely tuned traction control work wonders.

“For me, Volkswagen Golf R20 – it is a machine-a compromise that can” throw all the money, “but it remains invisible in the flow – only the owners of the same courses, as a rule, know that the” barrow “travels around. It is a comfortable car, but it is well rulitsya, and most importantly – it is weatherproof. Many sports cars are fast only on good, flat and dry pavement – but not the Golf R20. And one more important fact is that it does not show. Let me explain: if you have a Nissan GT-R or other turbomonstr, which can be seen and heard from afar, as if you are sending the promise of other road users that you “all the tear.” The Golf R20 is not. He – for the pleasure of the driver and passengers, while in city traffic really hard to find the car faster: turbine Borg Warner K04, which spins very rapidly, and four-wheel drive doing their job. “

So, the ideal car was found – it’s practically sleeper, not just “dark” and “black horse” which quietly furnish almost all the Moscow Ring Road on the racetrack. It would seem, jumped into the saddle – and spurs the pedals!

Ask oats!

However, Michael enjoyed his short Voronoi steed. No, it was all right – just feeling dulled with time, and wanted more. Fortunately, mechanical horse, unlike the present, can be modified – and that the owner was engaged.

The first stage of improvements was the ECU firmware Stage 1.5 from APR and paste in the high-pressure fuel pump from Autotech. These minimum intervention in the design of the machine with as minimal financial cost given the very significant increase in power and dynamics. Inserting a pump increases the pressure under which fuel is injected into the fuel rail and thence through the nozzle is fed into the combustion chamber, which is critical with increasing engine power. Insert this is a piston-pusher with increased working surface. In the reality of 2014, when the exchange rate of foreign currencies has not yet risen to the current values, it was the budget and, most importantly, effective solution. Firmware APR stage 1.5, coupled with the insert in the high-pressure pump is given the power increase from 270 to 330 liters. from.

However, to obtain the desired result had to sweat. Due to the fact that the R20 – version rather rare, while in Russia, few people can properly maintain and even more so modifying these cars.

Even in a very publicized offices in practice at times it appeared that the mechanics do not know basic things. At some point, the indirect hands of such masters brought many problems to Michael and his project.

Just when you install the insert in the high pressure pump “mechanics” was damaged rubber gasket, fixing pushing the piston into the pump, resulting in gasoline began to fall in the oil, the fuel pressure has dropped and the engine control unit saw variations in the system work and become “pour “gasoline, which in turn led to a loud explosion in the catalyst. It was impressive, but it is not effective. In addition, due to the fact that the computer does not detect activity errors, diagnose the problem turned out to be very hard.

In general, according to the owner of the most challenging golf construction project was to find specialists. Through much trial (and error) Michael still managed to find two highly qualified technical center, to employees that he still trusts his car. In particular, there described the situation corrected with a broken pump, and it was there that produced the current maintenance and repair Course.

The low, clean, blue: Tuning Volkswagen Golf Mk5 R32

Better Golf could be just another … Golf The idea of ​​building the project on the basis of Volkswagen Golf Mk5 huddled in my head for a long time, Dmitry. He at one time had already been finalized fifth Golf, but with the engine of 1.6 liters. And then good luck …

As we have said, R20 – the first European car in the hands of Michael, so that the whole process of tuning for it was uncharted space. The modifications of Volkswagen cars in general are fundamentally different from the approach to the JDM cars. In the case of JDM tuning, as a rule, begins with the installation of a boost controller and fuel pumps improved performance, and only upon reaching certain results in the increase of power raises the question about the “brain” of the replacement. In tuning Volkswagen all depends on the firmware of the engine control unit and gearbox, and the first tangible results can be achieved, even without lifting the bonnet – just download another firmware into the ECU.

In search of information Mikhail search through internet, but always remember that people’s opinions might be wrong, but because he studied the experience of tuning of these machines not only in Russia but also in other countries, to come to a common denominator. But at some point he just preferred the already proven on its experience as the Japanese brands. So, it Golf – perhaps the only Russian in the inlet HKS.

Volkswagen Golf Mk6 R20
Brief specifications
EA 113
270 l. from.
Power after the firmware:
360 l. from.
Borg Warner K04
Acceleration from 0-100 km / h:
3.9 with

Most of the time it took to think about each step, each decision and its feasibility, which again implied a search for various options and read domestic and foreign forums. For instance, some in the manufacture of exhaust from the turbine is used Chinese “sport” nameless corrugations, and the American Forum Mikhail learned that it is more expedient to put the corrugation of the Mercedes C 63 the AMG, as it is milder, better dampens unwanted resonance and vibration and, therefore, longer lives . As he found the “right” when such an idea was accepted with enthusiasm, and the guys cooked very high quality exhaust that without the Helmholtz resonator and only one “bank” muffler perfectly fulfills its function and does not create unnecessary vibrations and sounds, as it often happens in such cases.

More oats!

However, after some time, Mikhail decided he asked his black horse enough oats … It was decided to continue to make improvements and firmware APR stage 2+. However, for the next increase in power was to prepare the car, improving the reliability of certain components. To improve the cooling of the engine compartment, the hood was replaced with carbon with “gills», Seibon company.

In the familiar service a custom fabricated exhaust pipe without catalyst (downpipe) for improved exhaust system, upgraded fuel pump and ignition coils added by Volkswagen V10 diesel engine (they are designed for higher pressure and temperature). Downpipe has a larger diameter compared to the drain and exhaust system has no obstacles and bends in the form of catalysts, which increases the efficiency of the turbine and a requirement for stage 2+ from APR.

The next step was the installation of the suspension Magnetic Ride – this is a very rare, but still factory solution. Now you can change the stiffness of the suspension and the acuteness of the reaction on the steering wheel out of the salon! Then added a polyurethane insert Whiteline in support of the engine – it delivers improved throttle response and smoother gear changes – and a lightweight crankshaft pulley Neuspeed, and then, finally, again flashed ECU. Now the estimated capacity is 360 liters. s., and 0-100 km / h takes 3.9 seconds …!

Black, beautiful, completion

Renewed stuffing – an updated appearance. Golf received a body kit (front splitter, side skirts and profiled rear diffuser) and a flat bottom, made to order in a single copy.

The current configuration of the Volkswagen Golf R20 – the final stage of tuning for this car. Golf satisfied owner of all: taxiing, reliability, appearance … And the most important – enjoying the dynamics at the level of the 500-strongest sports car, the Golf is very useful for daily and all-weather operation.

“The German engineers were able to connect to this machine incongruous things. From the beginning, I did not plan to do in Golf “show-stopper” such as stencil designs, and all external improvements dictated only by efficiency. Still, as a result of view, it seems to me, it was very effective. “

The list of improvements:


  • Inlet HKS Superflow
  • The high pressure fuel pump Integrated Engineering
  • Ignition coils on the Volkswagen V10 diesel engine
  • Complete exhaust without catalyst and cavities of the turbine
  • Gofra from the Mercedes C 63 AMG
  • Reception pipe, custom (made in Mojotech)
  • Katbek Borla
  • Neuspeed lightweight crankshaft pulley


  • Firmware ECU APR stage 2+


  • Magnetic Ride Suspension of Audi RS models with electronically controlled valve
  • Insert into the motor support Whiteline
  • Reinforced bolts in the frame, from the custom Mojotech
  • Hobs from the Audi TT RS
  • The rear upper strut (in the trunk) Wiechers


  • Discs and pads ATE ceramic


  • Seibon carbon fiber hood with “gills”
  • The aerodynamic body kit and a flat bottom from KR Tuning


  • Wheels OZ Racing Superturismo GT
  • Tires Bridgestone Adrenalin RE 002

We express our gratitude to the WSS-Service for assistance in preparing the material.


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