Brabus presented an incredible convertible


The German company at the endurance race “24 Hours of Le Mans” presented an improved version of the Mercedes-AMG S63 cabriolet, which she calls the fastest and most powerful among the four-seat models.

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This model is developed in cooperation with Motul. For its performance meets the engine V8 with increased volume from 5.5 to 5.9 liters. The power system has received many other changes, including new turbochargers and an exhaust system. As a result, the convertible produces an impressive 838 horsepower (625 kW) and 1069 lb-ft (1450 Nm) of torque.

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Acceleration from the place to 100 km / h is 3.5 seconds, 0-200 km / h takes only 9.4 seconds, and the top speed is 350 km / h. It is worth noting that the cabriolet could have developed and high speed, but the maximum was limited to electronics. The upgrade package also includes a number of body upgrades, 21-inch forged wheels, an updated suspension that reduces ride height. Many changes can be found inside the car.

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