Beauty for Drift: tuning Toyota Soarer JZZ30

Changing priorities

After spending all night on the Internet on sites of purchase and sale of cars, he came across a still unknown to him then model Toyota Soarer. Having carefully studied the subject and the construction history of the specific equipment for sale the car and learn its technical characteristics, it is realized that this is it, what is needed – rear-wheel drive, in-line tvinturbovy engine 1JZ-GTE, two doors and an outstanding appearance for this century similar to each other cars.

It was finally and irrevocably decided to change priorities, "the Germans" on a full-blooded "Japanese." While marketed Golf Pasha broke three times went to see the Soarer and once again go to the site where the hanging ads, I saw that it was gone. His experience upset beyond words. Golf it is still sold a month later, and classified with Toyota and did not appear, and the owner of the phone is not answered. But once the heart whispered call again. Fortunately there was no limit: go back tones, handset raised and said that the car has not yet been sold. The next day Paul took his new "bullet".

Concept and the beginning of the project

It was the end of winter, the season was coming, but I wanted to build from Soarera something new, because cars with enormous potential – at least in the drift go, even in drag racing and sprints. Watching foreign movies, Pasha "crush" on a purely Japanese style, overturning the notion of "soaring" business-class image of the hard drift cramp. Solved!

The car has got to him, to be honest, in the mid-poor condition, but with a kind of "tuning" the cabin and externally almost stock. Under the hood, you can plant potatoes, and the trunk is generally better not to look. But it did not scare, but rather is constantly forced to do something every day, transforming Toyota.

The changes began with a color substitution. It was originally gray, but the former owner, and, apparently, specialists with crooked hands and decided to do experiments over the old paint caused purple pearl chameleon. In general, the idea is not bad, and the material was not cheap at the time, but full of the idea was just awful, so Pasha decided to radically change everything. I began the search for new and unusual for our environment color data on Japanese motifs. Having looked through the whole catalog of nacre Sikkens, he chose a purple-pink.

At the same time makes the suspension and interior. After Pasha took up the auto power characteristics. Initially the engine was an absolute sink, except for the full release on the two sides, the front intercooler and fuel pump performance. Paul replaced the native version of the nozzles on the Toyota Supra 430 cc, and the "brains" – on bustapnye, changed cartridges turbines more efficient, has established a complete cold inlet APEXi and boost controller.

Sobral, ride and immediately brought out Soarer: took part in the filming of the television series "Physics or Chemistry" program "main road" and others spoke at the various tuning activities and shows.

It was 2011, improvements continued. The car has received the Vertex kit, raznoshirokie Rays wheels, bolted roll cage, suspension Tein Type Flex-pillars and girth. But the tuning industry has grown by leaps and bounds. Pasha has accumulated a lot of new ideas for improvements and still decided to plunge into the process of uprooting.

On and on

In 2014, he drove to the garage Soarer, and work has begun to boil. Paul first made out of car and drove to bolt it to the frame by welding of the security annex J (to participate in official competitions). Next engaged in preparation for painting the inside of the body. All "inside" Toyota is painted in a bright white color to visually highlight the frame and the elements. Then Pasha as possible back to the place of home interior: I wanted to leave the aesthetics and functionality, not to shake in a tin.

Due to the framework, of course, no detail climbed without elaboration, everything had to be customized. But in the end I managed to put even home carpet and pad put all the instrument panel. irreplaceable thing in the drift, paved all electrical equipment, wiring and control connected devices. Further custom inversion wheel was made (generally speaking it in this car model is critical not enough), modified suspension, and almost all the levers are replaced by adjustable with loops. In the end, the owner of the modified brake system (by reinforced hoses and more powerful brake discs), set the "heart" of cars (motor) and a box. Along the way, all bodies controlled air-conditioning have been removed from the engine and the oven interior. And after the car wound up, Paul began to adjust to the body kit.

Coping with all of it was not easy. Especially added pepper cold and frost, because the garage was no stationary heating – had to dress warmly and to include a gas gun. But Pasha did not give up.

He changed his stand on the CST Zero Drift c springs 1 Craft with very strict specifications (28K front and rear 22k), as Tein is not suited for the requirements. According to the motor: set more productive injectors Sard 560 cc, titanium exhaust Genjimiki on one side, a copper radiator Koyo, a custom induction charging system, a new original battery Toyota-Lexus, broadband lambda probe the AEM, injection vodometanola the AEM, and the computer has replaced Apexi PFC for adjustments. Next introduced stretch front and rear pillars (Cusco and Tanabe, respectively), carbon inserts in the dashboard for Apexi rsm, custom-handle at the checkpoint and the rocker moldings on Razo pedals.

Interestingly, the most difficult in the project were searching for and installing the largest (possible) extension of a body for Toyota Soarer. Hind wings BN Sport Blister 2 with extension 55 mm were ordered from Japan. Then by chance in Vladivostok fell under analysis drifting Coarer same bodywork BN Sport Blister 2, but without the front and rear wings, Pasha took off his front and rear bumpers and sills. The front fenders 35 mm bought at auction. Khabarovsk purchased trim on the hood of D-Max. For all the time spent searching and waiting somewhere a little more than 3-4 months and a lot of money. But Pasha did not regret a penny of spent, as it allowed to bring at least modifications and get the desired quality. Thus, particles that he collected an evil kind of brutal for his cramp.

The wheels were able to buy such that Paul could not dream, but only seen them in pictures. Here is how it was. In Tokyo, an exhibition of tuning studio 326, exhibited VIP Toyota Crown disk Work Meister S1 3P. After the exhibition the Russian guys, including the Flank friends bought this machine and cut into parts (barbarians!). Of course, they were put up for sale and the wheels, but the price tag is very surprised – as they say, it was "just a space." However, thinking and deciding that other suitable options especially his project there, and that we live once, Paul took the money and bought the wheel. When they arrived, he was extremely happy: wheels were new, it was still home stickers on the tires, and came complete superlight nuts Rays. Yes, and the parameters of body kit and wheels all came and stood a hair's breadth.

New color for the project was chosen by Japanese drift videos and photos. I wanted it to be bright, juicy, unusual and at the same time, conspicuous in any weather. In the last painting color gamma was slightly changed from pink to blue-violet, due to what turned out very juicy hue shimmering in the sun. At the end of the 2015 season at the exhibition for the auto-tuning Soarer ranked first, even after receiving the prize money, which the owner was extremely happy: work and has done such a long way for a reason.

Beauty for Drift

Seeing this "candy", I can not believe that it is built for drift competition – it is a pity such beauty as "throw in the corner", a meeting with concrete blocks! Still Pasha is going in the next year to try his hand at drifting. Plans for future improvements there, and it is not fashionable now the swap, and the transition from tvinturbo on big single (one big snail) in order to achieve 500 hp Now, by the way, under the hood of Toyota Soarer 376 hp on wheels. As we see, everything was beautiful, tough and safe – Paul happy, and it can be understood!

The list of improvements:


  • Low resistance filter Apexi
  • Intercooler Apexi
  • Piping intercooler, custom
  • Blow-off HKS SSQW
  • Koyo Radiator 55mm
  • Fans Spal
  • Silicone tubes Samco radiator
  • Sard injectors 560 cc
  • Custom fuel rail
  • Fuel flow regulator
  • Gasoline pump 255 l / h Walbro
  • Custom exhaust manifold +
  • Release Genjimiki titanium
  • Candles Denso 8
  • Cartridges turbines Garrett
  • Shrovetide cooler kit Gora custom
  • Oil separator, custom
  • Cushions and support of the engine and gearbox, custom
  • Expansion tank drain
  • Injection vodometanola AEM


  • ECU Apexi PFC
  • Apexi rsm
  • Boost Controller HKS EVK 6
  • Broadband lambda probe AEM


  • Differential brewed, custom, steam 3.9
  • CAT Toyota R154
  • Clutch Exedy stage 2


  • Gidroruchnik Wilwood
  • Hoses reinforced gidroruchnika Goodridge
  • Brake Lines Goodridge + custom
  • Brake hoses Goodridge
  • Carriages Toyota Supra RZS 323 mm four-front, two-piston rear
  • Brake pads NIBK


  • Coilovers Cs Drift
  • The front lever on RC + custom
  • Stretching the front pillars Cusco
  • Stretching Tanabe rear racks
  • Steering knuckle, custom
  • Shortened fry wheel hubs
  • The rear arms to the AL, adjustable
  • Hobs leverage standard polyurethane


  • Wings expanded: the rear 55 mm, front + 35mm
  • Bumpers and sills original Bn Sport Blister2
  • The hood lining + custom D-Max
  • The front right headlight custom (induction charging system)


  • The driver's seat Sparco Rev homologated
  • Passenger seat Sparco Rev homologated
  • Safety belts homologated Takata 1 pc.
  • Rudder Raid
  • Gearshift knob, Vertex / custom
  • Safety cage homologated RS-customs
  • Torpedo Stock + custom
  • Scuff Razo pedals


  • Rims Work Meister S1 3P front 10,5J ET-0, rear 12.5 J ET-20
  • Wheel spacers 20 mm (front) Tpi
  • Wheel nuts Work
  • Federal Tires Front 595 rsr 225/35/18
  • Rear Tires Federal 595 rsr 255/35/18

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