As the Japanese masters: tuning Honda Civic EJ9

Initially, Alex planned to ride 75-strong Honda Civic EJ9 maximum of a year, and then buy something more cool and fun. In the end, it all went so wrong, that it is difficult to guess in a yellow projectile same hilenky Civic, and its sales are now not considered under any pretext.

Violently mil … will

His first car was a Mitsubishi Eclipse second generation. Proezdil it on it about a hundred kilometers …: faced with constant breakdowns, Alex almost immediately sold Eclipse. After that, the search began for more budget options – the list of candidates were the BMW 3-Series E36 in the body, Mitsubishi Lancer and so on. And as a result of the case, as always, I decided the case.

Alex saw on the street a small three-door hatchback without a nameplate – car looked easy, brisk and alert and immediately liked it. The short analysis revealed that this Honda Civic EG, and began the search for a suitable vehicle. They, unfortunately, have shown that to find a similar instance in decent condition is not just difficult, but it is highly unlikely – had to adjust course. Civic fresher, the sixth generation in the EC body, Alex liked, and he was in despair, but then decided the case all the second time.


Our hero friend called with the message that his friend is selling Civic in EJ9 body. Visually, this same the EK, and Alex was not enthusiastic about the idea, but the desire to get behind the wheel overcame. The funny thing is that the main argument of another were the words “take yes for the first time, then sell and buy anything more abruptly.” How wrong he was …

In view of Honda was nondescript chick dove – a condition not helped. Paint burnt, dead toning hampered movement, 14-inch “stamps” were depressingly ugly, and hood with wing and all sported primer instead of paint – after replacing the attention they have not paid. The only argument in favor of the accident at the time Civic was a good technical condition – and it is “pulled” the deal: it took place.

By trial and error

At the beginning of the story of the transformation of the car is worth saying a few words about EJ9 Unlike EK3. In accordance with their release years same body, and body parts are interchangeable. The main difference between cars – motor. EJ9 sold on the European market with engines D14 series in versions 75 and 90 horsepower, and EK3 had under the hood motors D15 series.

Civic Alexis is only 75 horsepower, and a fast ride out of the question, but it is very like the way this rulilas Honda. Because the happy owner went to the machine possess a very thorough: he began to study different projects on the basis of this car, ride on all kinds of exhibitions, festivals like Autoexotics. Interest heated amateur races, where a low-power Honda sometimes managed to beat much more powerful cars. Gradually the passion this machine has grown in its understanding. Alex grasped the essence of the Civic and loved the brand itself and its policies: to make accessible, balanced, reliable machines.

Of course, anxious to give vent to his hands and personalize your car. The first and logical desire to get rid of stampings and unpainted parts. Changes started properly – with the purchase of the ridiculous 17-inch black disc. Understanding this also took time – it seemed that they looked very nice, but now at the mention of the hand wheel Alexei herself attracted to the person, so it was ridiculous. Of course, the wing with the hood, finally got his share of the coveted paint. And then the happy owner went on the road again, which later admitted himself wrong – “Stans”. Discs with “shelf”, understatement, carbon spoiler “ducktail” – these elements at some time become mandatory attributes Civic. But when Alex came across on the Internet at the Japanese studio Spoonsports, he finally understood what should be his Honda!

Time for a change

Save money for the first swap, Alex decided to implement under the hood of the 145-strong motor B20 of the Honda CR-V and put the car in service. But soon he got a call from the owner of the service offer a little extra and install B18C4 engine on “English” Civic capacity of 170 forces and PPC S9B (no LSD, and with a long main couple). Without thinking, Alex agreed.

The next stage began tuning the suspension and brakes are expected – stock cars could not withstand constant heavy braking from high speeds. Then Alex was not so well acquainted with the technique, trying to do their own small operation feasible, but without starting hands in basic units. Nevertheless, it is through the efforts of his hands on the Civic emerged from the brake Honda Integra DC2 Spec98, as well as the GTZ and the vacuum brake booster from the Honda Civic VTI. In terms of suspension machine also looked very unbalanced, so the racks were replaced by Tein Circuit Master Type RA, stabilizers – with the option of EK9, and rear wishbones – on Skunk2. They added power rear subframe Blackworks, elongated lower ball joints BuddyClub P1 and the steering rack from the Honda Civic VTI. The list seemed good, but prohvatit the track, Alex realized that not enough lock and a couple of shorter – so the car appeared Gearbox S80 c main pair 4,7.

New skills – new horizons

A bit later Aleksei friend suggested to change the timing belt on his Subaru Forester. The guys managed to do everything right the first time, and what’s more, after replacing the car wound up immediately! In this landmark moment Alex finally realized that it is not necessary to be afraid of self-interference in the car and decided to consolidate the skills to work in sitting service. There he spent the next self-swap by introducing a new engine.

Striving for the better – the constant attribute of tuning: In the case of a motor like to have a “Red Heads” by K20A Type R. This engine is more modern and high-torque, with bo lshimi opportunities for further tuning and capacity higher than that of B-series, also? like swap in Russia – a rarity. With K20A factory set at Accord EuroR and Integra Type R by 220 liters. s., issued on Civic are 200 and 201 liters. from. The fastest commercially available engine found on the Honda Accord EuroR – its main difference from the engine, which was placed on the Integra is the oil pump. But to fit in K20A EJ9, change and modify it took almost everything.

B-series motor is spinning counterclockwise, and is left to the direction of travel, and the K-Series unit revolves, like all the other motors in clockwise and stands right in the direction of motion. Therefore, to install the motor K-series Alex pulled out from under the hood all the exception of a pair of brake pipes – and they turned out to be necessary to alter. The general list of jobs on the SWAPO discouragingly high. Judge for yourself: it was necessary to put the new engine mounts, throw ABS unit (otherwise he would be standing next to the exhaust manifold, causing brake fluid would be exposed to great heat), move the radiator coolant from the right side to the left, look for a new location for the expansion tank (in finally it hid between the bumper and TV), get rid of the washer fluid reservoir (instead he now runs an aluminum pipe for inlet filter zero resistance), remove the power steering (to get rid of extra hoses under the hood, and steering wheel without GUR more acute), or to pave coolant hoses, to alter the fuel system, install a modified fuel regulator and cut a new hole of the interior scenes for CAT cables (on the motor B-series instead of cables were thrust). Gearbox, of course, also replaced – by a six-speed manual gearbox from Honda Integra DC5 with LSD.

Honda Civic EJ9
K20A from the Honda Accord EuroR
Programmable ECU Hondata K Pro
Honda Integra DC5 six-+ LSD
from the Honda Integra DC2 Spec98
Wedge-bow style Honda Civic EK9

In order to reduce the cost of swap or buy special branded exhaust manifold, which is unreasonably expensive, it was decided to put the stock on the K20A and upgrade it a little grinder and welding to splice it with an exhaust route. How to make the intake tract, Alex peeped in the same Spoonsports, and then did everything himself: aluminum tube goes into the liner, which is hidden “nulevik” breathing completely cold air. The most difficult of all the work was not fit all the details and … to drill a body under the new technological holes – too it was a pity the car! Well, technically, according to Alexei, there is nothing difficult, the main thing – to think and do not doubt yourself.

Do not forget about the appearance

To update the appearance of his Honda owner chose a wedge-style bow Civic EK9 by selecting the appropriate “lip” on the bumpers and spoiler. Alex is very meticulous with regard to their machines and do not like the bumpers on NFS style and awkward tuning optics. According to him, the cars of the era, and already look great: in sports aggressively and without unnecessary kitsch.

The salon Alex set Recaro seats in red and Momo steering wheel. In the future he plans to add to the overall image of the red carpet and the door inserts in red. When choosing a new color for the body, first thought of the white, but the white Civic is full on our roads, so Alex decided to take the option juicier. Yellow, like the S2000, hit just right, especially if it add mother of pearl, and even yellow color is a trademark for … yes, Spoonsports!

Responses to the city of his Civic EJ9 or track, Alex did not give. He says that a machine for themselves, for the soul – he rides on it in the summer in the city and on the track, too, leaves. Suspension certainly stiff for the city, but to drive it a lot of fun. The main thing – Honda gives a lot of emotion, a smile of others, satisfaction and joy!

Video track

The list of improvements:


  • Engine: K20A from the Honda Accord EuroR
  • Engine Support: Innovate
  • Fuel pump: Walbro
  • Fuel Injectors: Acura RDX 410 cc
  • Protivootlivnaya plate: Project R1
  • Oil pump: from the Honda Integra Type R DC5
  • Fuel Pressure Regulator: Aeromotive
  • Inlet: custom
  • Thermal pads: Hondata on the intake manifold
  • Issue: collector of Honda Accord Euro R + katbek Kakimoto 63 mm
  • Aluminum Radiator: Mishimoto
  • Reinforced fan: Bosch
  • Total: 246 liters. from. and 243 Nm


  • Programmable ECU Hondata K Pro


  • Transmission from Honda Integra DC5 six-+ LSD
  • Strength: Lightweight aluminum flywheel Fidanza + reinforced organic Exedy


  • Racks: Tein Circuit Master Type RA
  • Stabilizers EK9: front 26 mm, rear 24 mm
  • The rear wishbones: Skunk2
  • Power rear subframe: Blackworks
  • The lower elongated ball bearings: BuddyClub P1
  • The steering rack from Honda Civic VTI


  • The brakes on the Honda Integra DC2 Spec98: front 282 mm, rear 262 mm (deleted ABS)
  • GTZ + vacuum brake booster from the Honda Civic VTI
  • Brake pads: front Rspec red, rear Rspec green


  • Seats: Recaro SR3
  • Rear sofa from Honda Integra DC2
  • Adjustable drawstring + manual transmission cables BuddyClub
  • Steering wheel: Momo of the Honda Accord Euro R


  • Wedge-bow style Honda Civic EK9 ( “lips” at the front and rear spoiler)
  • Repainting yellow Honda S2000 with the addition nacre


  • Discs: Volk Racing TE37 May 16 × 8J 114
  • Tyres: Bridgestone Potenza RE 002 205/45/16

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