American Pie: tuning Toyota Mark 2 JZX90

The hero of our today’s story – Fedor Dzezhits, a member of the Russian Drift Series. Every year he is improving driving skills and your drift sport car Toyota Mark 2 JZX90. Some progress in this field is already there: in the season 2015 Fedor entered the top-16 drivers RDS West. During the interview, we questioned him, what is the secret of success right training Toyota Mark 2 to professional competitions, and it turned out that this process Fedi its approach, which is fundamentally different from the view of other owners of similar machines.

Japanese pastry

Initially, Fedor was a wonderful “old school” cars with the Japanese market – Toyota Corolla KE70 sedan 1980 release.

This machine, with varying success playing the role of guinea pig: on it constantly conducted experiments to get her to somehow stay in a controlled drift. It even turned out in a coupe sedan, but in the end and did not go as it should. Gradually all sorts of experiments on Corolla have been reduced to nothing, and it is a series of reflections on the new project. The upcoming elections of something more mundane: “Plum» (Nissan Silvia S15, S14) or “markoobraznye» (Toyota Mark 2, Cresta, Chaser). By happy coincidence his father Fyodor happened to be naked body JZX90 Mark 2 with the already established safety cage, and he offered to put it to a good cause – to build on this base car for drifting.

American stuffing

Father and son began to consider the budget for the construction of the machine. It was originally supposed to go on the most that neither is a classic way – to use the 2JZ-GTE engine and, of course, modify the hardware: install forged piston group, change the fuel supply, paving new transaction with the necessary engine control unit and so on. List loomed considerable, but here on the friends of a tuning shop received an alternative proposal: why not take a remarkable 6.2-liter eight-cylinder naturally aspirated engine producing General Motors – LS3?

In other words, for the same money, for which the contract was supposed to buy toyotovskie 2JZ, full bust it with new tuning parts and customize, it is possible to take a new engine from Chevrolet and just put it under the hood of Mark. The first option is, as usual, was fraught with a whole chain of the nuances that arise during the operation of the power unit and lead the continuous increase in the budget and labor. With LS3 everything seemed simpler: a standard motor that does not require surgery, the usual “brain”, the factory programmed prevent engine overheating and to save on the other troubles that may occur during the competition, when the concentration of the pilot on the race is more important than tracking performance parameters vehicle operation. Plus – Factory PPC Magnum T56, which is set from the factory to the Camaro SS, capable of easily “digest” of up to 800 horsepower. Good JZ modified with reinforced gearbox on one side of the scale and the standard LS3 with T56 PPC on the other. As we have already mentioned, a wonderful and already proven toyotovskie motor can be found in US-based tuning projects, German and even Russian car … But the hero of our story he decided to go the other way.

Construction alternatives

Having agreed with the friendly service of installation LS3 and general preparation of the car for competition, Fyodor ordered motor and box, on arrival which tuners have begun to SWAPO. Expectations were met: on the engine and PPC complaints have arisen – they quickly found a new location in the back of Mark 2. But the experiment in the absence of problems with the engine had to suspension.

First produced variant similar to that used Japanese drifters – sawn with ball bearings, but failed to achieve the desired effect: the inversion wheel the car just begins to unfold, her behavior was unpredictable. During the “rudder” car like shoots, and it was impossible to catch. Only by the middle of 2015 season managed to solve the problem on the suspension, and for this it was necessary to address to experts of the rising sun, which sent special additional plate to increase the inversion wheel. The shift lever were removed, and in their place were settled completely standard parts, but also with the most cherished plates. A similar configuration of the suspension on the use of its Mark 2 famous Japanese drifter Daigo Saito.

Racks Fedin in cars, of course, also do not stock. Originally used very hard (22 kg and 18 kg behind the front), and the machine is constantly jumping and during the rain did not budge control. Who is it set Emotion kit with more optimal settings. And most importantly, that the pilot feels strongly influences the behavior of the car at the time of importation, – the presence of a limited slip differential. “Samoblok” established in the middle of last season, and Mark began to behave completely differently: it is no longer constantly pull inwards during rudder.

High-quality cooling system is very important when the car goes sideways, and radiator are blown properly. Consequently, it paid enough attention: it uses an enlarged radiator from Auto Forward. Its construction was originally developed for his Nissan Silvia S15 famous Russian drifter, speaking at the first D1 competitions in Japan – George Chivchyan, and now the decision is available on the open market.

The fuel tank in the car was a standard, volume 60 liters – with the new engine it is very convenient, and it is charged only twice per day of competition. With a reserve of fuel do not need to once again wonder whether gasoline is over at the wrong time, while those who have installed sports 20-liter (or even less) tank refueling every 15-20 minutes.

On the road without stress

Fedor Dzezhits


To be honest, the past two years as the dashboard of my car is not connected and is not working, so I did not even watch the state of the engine during the races.

We decided to pay more attention to the race and not to follow the indicators. This is a big plus standard LS: with a strong rise in temperature “brain” of the coolant goes into emergency mode and automatically switches off the throttle and the accelerator pedal, so that you just can not overheat the engine. The same thing happens when the oil pressure fall.

In addition to the engine and suspension components, there are other elements that have undergone revision. Fedor says with a smile, which is the “lover gardreley and arches”, which means frequent accidents and physical contact with the car’s various protective structures on the race track. Therefore, after the next such situation and replace all iron rear end brand, it was decided to produce plastic parts counterparts. The front fenders now also installed plastic. In addition to all this, the tubular protective structures have been established to prevent fatal damage to the back and front of the car under the name “bash-bar.”

After all the changes, the pilot finally stopped struggling with the car – it has become more predictable, there was stability. It is the stability he wants to focus in the new season, putting the task as much as possible to continue to train and improve their skills. During the time of construction of the car Fyodor became friends with a close-knit team of GT-Shop, which is literally a family atmosphere prevails, and now stands in the championship with their logo and their technical support.

Fedor Dzezhits


If you take up the construction of the car for competition, the smaller read various automotive forums and not very listen to all kinds of opinions “garage” friends. It is necessary to pay attention to the parameters of the suspension, without departing from the standard too. And not much relief methods have sharpened cutting spars front and back, in the hope that the car will be better controlled. The optimal solution for the Mark 2 is to use upper suspension arms adjustable for camber changes and the use of plates to increase eversion. It is advisable to put back adjustable suspension, because during the races can always contact occur, but due to the availability of the adjustment is possible in the shortest possible time to compensate for “care” the parameters of the suspension. For example, if the lever is bent, the situation can be a quick fix, “removing the long ‘, which will continue the competition. Use JZ engine in this car perfectly in the case, when all else is balanced.

See it in action Toyota Mark 2 JZX90 Fedor Dzezhitsa will be very soon – on the suburban racetrack ADM Raceway in Myachkovo, which will take all the participants of the new season RDS 6-7 of May.

The list of improvements:


  • Engine General Motors LS3 6,2 l
  • Fuel Pressure Regulator Tomei
  • Increased radiator Auto Forward
  • Release, custom


  • Electronic dashboard Race Technology Dash2PRO


  • ILAC Magnum T56
  • Limited slip differential


  • The brakes on the turbo Toyota Mark 2
  • Gidroruchnik


  • Racks Emotion
  • Additional plates to increase the inversion wheel, Japan


  • security Framework
  • Buckets Bride
  • Rudder Stand21
  • Takata Seatbelts
  • Toggle switches on the control panel


  • The front and rear bars bash
  • Plastic front wings
  • Vinyl

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