All I want to: Tuning Volkswagen Golf I

Tuning in recent years – a fertile field for fans of expression. Projects – more than there are stars in the sky: if you want – there’s your stance of, if you want – drift, you want – Lada recovered. However, in the pursuit of universal approval, many tuners have become hostages of public opinion on how should look and drive cars of a particular style. What if I want to ride on the machine on which I want, and do not listen to anyone? Please – trips and did not hear: for example, that the first-generation Volkswagen Golf created by the owner is on this principle.

Many years of waiting

P USSIAN car fate began with the fact that some sailor brought it from abroad. For some time the machine has stood idle in the garage, and then a man, whose name history has not preserved for us, bought it as a gift to his son. Guy new “toy” quickly tired, and the result is a long time golf was no movement at all, until he met the current owner – Roman. And now with the new owner of an older Volkswagen lucky enough.

An old, unremarkable minicar 1983 issue (volume of the engine – 1.5 liter capacity -.. Only 70 hp, five-speed gearbox) immediately attracted Roman. Moreover, initially no plans to fine-tuning and even more global rethink car was not at all. On Golf supposed to just go and use it as an ordinary city car. But fate decided otherwise …


One has only to start

Repurchased Golf from long inaction simply refused to be got, so do they still had. The initial aim was a traditional “bring the old man in a suit more or less state”: he touched the motor, digested thresholds and the bottom, and then plastered and painted. In the meantime, we were these works, Roman already was involved in the process and decided to approach the issue of recovery of the global car.

Volkswagen Golf I
Brief specifications
Year of issue
1.5 l, 70 l. a., to move
a manual five-speed
Screw H & R
Front caliper from Volkswagen Sirocco, the rear disc of the Volkswagen Passat B4
The front Recaro seats from Opel

I thought about the concept, the owner took over the production of custom fiberglass bumpers, the adaptation of the thresholds of the second-generation Volkswagen Golf (they are a little longer than that of the first generation) and the addition of the “gills” (ventilation holes) in the front wings, which unlike many similar sham solutions actually perform their function, and output hot air from the engine compartment. Then the appearance of the car a little cheered by setting the upper and lower rear spoilers, specially commissioned from Poland, Kamei air intake on the hood and front “cilia” on the grille. Changed and mirrors, at the same time moving them with virtually door center (where they are located from the factory) to a familiar place. According to the owner, all parts are made specifically for the first-generation Golf – there is no “collective farm.”

The machine considerably younger, and now it is literally begged the updated interior. For luck, a friend gave the two front seats for the Recaro, taken from some of Opel. And then – on thumb: for seats followed by remaking them and the entire interior, including the ceiling, the color of the Nardi steering authentic, for which the owner went to the store and picked up the materials, then to transfer them to the master-professional. The result was a stylish brown-blue interior. At the same time, in addition to the standard have been established more precise additional instruments showing oil pressure, coolant temperature and voltage.

Complete the picture on completion of the internal space of the cabin full sound and vibration insulation installation of high-quality audio system, which includes Alpine head unit, DLS speakers and amplifiers, the Connection capacitor, JLAudio subwoofer and all necessary for qualitative work this set. Speakers fit into standard space under the tweeters had to make a special niche, and a subwoofer, amplifier and a capacitor occupied the whole rack!

Discs Kerscher Carmona
Tires Nankang

Work on the car went slowly – target time for a certain date, or some kind of event was not all done exclusively for inspiration as they appear. There was even a time when all the work stopped by as much as one and a half years – Golf all this time stood in the garage alone. But as soon as a fresh idea or come some new spare part, the inspiration came back, and work continued on. It is not surprising that the process of transformation of Volkswagen to the kind that adorns now photographs taken nearly seven years.

Company’s secret

By a happy coincidence, the Roman sister lives in Germany – right at home baby Golf. Of course, tuning options, and a high-quality parts for this model, there is not an example more than in Russian stores. It is through the sister car were custom headlights and taillights company Werk34, as well as great wheels Kerscher Carmona.

Lights also not without modifications: In “Angel Eyes” introduced bi-xenon lens called “the eye of the devil”, but not the red and blue – at the tone of the body. Disks were ordered directly at the company specifically for the parameters of the Volkswagen Golf. Wheels diameter of 16 inches and a width of 7.5 and 9 inches front and rear, respectively, the Germans picked specially commissioned Roman requesting vin-vehicle code.

On such a small car, a Golf, Kerscher Carmona looks very impressive, but it is easy to fit to their arches that seem to have a factory designers intended. In such wide wheels Nankang tires were put on the 45th Profile width 165 mm front and 195 mm at the rear, as a result gave a nice effect “house.”

Few technology

To the car did not seem jeep installed screw suspension H & R (it also ordered directly from Germany, and a new one), and all bushings were replaced with polyurethane for more precise control. An interesting detail is the fact that this novel did not “drop” the car on the ground, as it dictates the modern fashion – his car is quite a decent ground clearance and allows easy move on our own, what could hide, not the best roads. brakes, as they say, not much happens -, the entire brake system was replaced with a disk through to beautiful spokes not peeped unsightly rear brake drums are standard (the same security and, of course). Front now stand calipers with ventilated discs on the Volkswagen Sirocco, rear – disc brakes from the Volkswagen Passat B4.

After reading all of the above and did not find an answer to the main question, you ask, and what to do with the engine? And … nothing. The engine just went over and put back into the Stock video – even the left intake and exhaust standard. Frankly, it was a fleeting desire to put more modern “folksvagenovsky» VR6, but it is quickly gone: this motor is too heavy and would require major changes. Shred already painted and assembled the car did not, deciding to do the factory horsepower.

uncanonicity handsome

Here’s a turned car – carefully restored, attracting attention and admiring glances from passers-by and neighbors downstream. And most importantly – it is not designed for some canons and rules: it is designed the way it wanted to see the owner. Of course, now it gives him the greatest pleasure machine! More recently VAGonetka (so-called novel the project) won the prize for best foreign tuning car on one of the largest auto shows Volga «Speed ​​& Style» in 2016.

The list of improvements:


  • The engine moved


  • Additional equipment: coolant temperature, oil pressure, battery charging


  • H & R suspension Screw
  • Hobs replaced by polyurethane
  • Installed front and rear stabilizer bars


  • The front brake calipers with vented discs of the Volkswagen Sirocco
  • Rear disc brakes on the Volkswagen Passat B4


  • The front Recaro seats from Opel
  • Salon alter in brown and blue tones (fabric + leather)
  • Leather Nardi
  • Full shumovibroizolyatsiya salon


  • Bumpers custom, fiberglass
  • The thresholds of the second-generation Volkswagen Golf, refined
  • “Gills” in the front wings
  • Spoilers: upper and lower, Poland
  • front “cilium”
  • The air intake on the hood Kamei
  • Mirrors transferred, tuning option
  • Headlights Werk34, in “Angel Eyes” introduced lenses biksenon titled “Devil’s Eye”, but not the red and blue – a body tone
  • Taillights Werk34
  • repainting body


  • Discs Kerscher Carmona
  • Tires Nankang


  • Alpine head unit
  • amplifiers DLS
  • capacitor Connection
  • Circuit breakers
  • Subwoofer JLAudio
  • Speakers DLS

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