Adult, blue, evil: Tuning Peugeot 207 RC

Custom selection

The stock engine of this car, developed jointly by BMW and PSA, which is also known for the Mini Cooper S and some of the younger models BMW, produces 174 hp when the boost of 0.8 bar. However, among all fans of the little hot hatch Peugeot these are not listed on a number of reasons. First of all, all the scares just too moody engine: due to the design features of the "direct" motor intake valve increases rapidly "coat" of soot, which was constantly need to keep clean and in a timely manner. Experience suggests that to find a professional who would be able to provide quality service to such an engine is extremely difficult with all its nuances, but let's say a secret, cope with this task our character material. Secondly, upset a very limited selection of "tyunyachek" and in general non-original spare parts for Peugeot. And thirdly, everyone wants to have a car and then drive on the streets of Moscow – but the RC shall not ride the engine is cold, and quickly hurried avenge his master. RC – not for those who are looking for easy ways, this machine can not choose exactly the mind and heart, as did Daria.

Home improvements

Sooner or later runoff horsepower no longer enough, and then, apparently, all the decisions have come up for you: intake, output, chip – and flew. It works with Seat and Skoda, with Opel and Ford, but Peugeot is no easy way. All buns and "tyunyachki" have to pick up from other cars, look for ways to install and people who do not do much harm.

The first step is to put the car filter zero resistance from AEM, flashed chip Etuners, and fouling problem was solved not quite standard way: installed vodometanola injection. Operating experience these motors suggests that injection of even distilled water, would allow less to worry about the quality of gasoline as dramatically decrease the likelihood of detonation, and water "wash" all carbon deposits from the combustion chamber and intake valve. As a result, with about 210 hp engine has been removed

About a year this configuration pleased Dasha machine rides, even the "knocks", but it looks like an ordinary civilian vehicle. Then the decision was made without removing the "mask", to make a custom exhaust – so that could not be heard in a normal urban use, but that at the same time he gave the motor ability to "breathe." Full exhaust trail without cavity was cooked to order in the U-power, and changed the staff at the inlet boost plastic pipe to the metal. Peugeot flashed again and removed from the motor has 259 forces.

After a while, his hands came up to the suspension. Selecting 207 is small, so they took the most simple screws from Raceland, which for the second year are in the car, drove more than fifty thousand kilometers and still work perfectly: Hard giving harsh reactions on the steering wheel and to shake the spirit of the passengers.

Breathe deeply I made it clear that the native intercooler literally the size of a cat can not cope with the increased workload, so decided to put the "bag" size almost the entire face of the lion – from the Seat Ibiza Cupra. In the regular places the device, of course, did not get up, I had to bring it to the radiator, so that now he treacherously peeps through the bumper and the most attentive can imagine that in front of them did not stock 207 RC.

Keep "in the stall" of "horses" at this car did not work, so he was not seen again in the known Kievka. Wicked firmware, intake-output and methanol injection eventually yielded about 270 flywheel horsepower and about 220-224 hp with wheels – and this in baby weighing less than 1.3 tons.

But the straw is not saved …

As the one saying, "I knew no matter where you fall – straws would spread." But as a hostess or stele still "fall" – came to her Peugeot MadPistons to guru Maxim engines for cleaning soot and left with the motor otkapitalennym: changed all gaskets, rings, seals, gaskets, and valve stem seals. But it was too late: just over 20 thousand kilometers is simply not keep up with the level of oil climbed rod and the engine died. So at 85 thousand kilometers the car began a second life: unable to find a new one, not the engine contract. Expensive. Highly. But who said that the tuning pays off?

This machine has already learned a lot from the owner, from the technical issues of smart words and skills when necessary to rush into battle with a spanner and screwdriver and ending with the understanding that a large number of "horses" under the hood requires not only skill, "go straight and all." At the moment, the car is already 7 years on the odometer over 120 thousand kilometers, it is time to stop, breathe deeply and think.


From methanol were only manufacturer stickers on the windows: the injection system on the new engine decided not to, but the firmware remained under the 95 th petrol + methanol, but even it turns out 247 hp with flywheel supercharged about 1.4 bar at the peak. With the onset of spring 207 RC waits dyno, after which it will write a custom firmware Etuners, but under the 98-th gasoline.

Time has not spared and the exhaust: it went bankrupt, and it was heard even at idle, so Dasha's habit entered at night to sneak along the residential areas so as not to embarrass alarm tender car and occupants ears. Of intervention required – corrugation, it is burnt permanently. Perhaps digest and exhaust to go back to the desired silence to 3 000 revolutions.

Tired of not only the technical units, but also the body, so in the season 2016, both the machine – the moral, and the woman – financially prepare for the necessary interventions: to win chips and unfortunately appeared corroded, replace the wing, which was a long time ago a very poorly, but still not in the color of dyed, conduct anti-corrosion treatment of the bottom and all the cavities, and what really hide vinilografiya planned. In the last warm day of the season in 2015 fell two true soldier – 17-inch Work Meister wheels, they are waiting for reconstruction of geometry, polishing and painting. It became naughty electronics not working cruise control, a front fog lamp and Parktronic staff. Salon decent soiled: seats, door trim, all plastic and the ceiling waiting for dry cleaning, a steering wheel and gearshift housing – hauling.

The hostess ambition has always been a desire to try yourself on track: study, study and study again. In order not to fly in the first ditch, it will be necessary to improve the brakes stock is very good in the city and drag, but will float after a couple of minutes on the ring. Helical suspension though and in excellent condition, but there is a chance that it will survive only a couple of laps, but because it is necessary to do Rebild racks, to change all the levers, ball and all-everything that can prevent the suspension work. In addition, you need a set of rubber sports and light discs, and still a lot of things. It is not known whether Dasha will have time to realize our plans for the season in 2016, but nothing ventured … Continued you know.

The list of improvements:


  • Full track U-power exhaust pipe to 63 mm, without resonator
  • AEM Cold inlet pipe to the Custom 2.25 "
  • Intercooler from the Seat Cupra Ibiza 369x376x50
  • Engine Supports sealed with polyurethane Powerflex
  • Oil separator from Volkswagen


  • Chip-tuning Etuners


  • Helical suspension RaceLand


  • Replaced fifth gear on longer

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