A small block big wins: Tuning Nissan Silvia S15

Motorsports – employment, of course, difficult and dangerous. Perhaps partly why professional race – one of the few hobbies that are not often interested in girls. But there are exceptions! Ekaterina Sedykh – perhaps the most famous in Russia pilotessa serving discipline drift. Moreover, the Russian Drift Series is generally unique – both in the eastern part of the championship, and in the west. Fearless racer need an appropriate car – and she had it: today we are introduced to Nissan Silvia S15, its 750-strong weapon.

The logical choice

N issan Silvia S15 is considered one of the most beautiful cars of the Japanese auto industry in its history, and successful design has long made it a major contender when choosing a database for serious drift car. This model can be seen in any global drift championship: the US, Europe, Asia – all continents Sylvia submissive. The secret to success is simple: the fact that it produced an incredible amount of different kinds of tuning parts, and there are already plenty of proven solutions for their application.


That is reasoned and Ekaterina Sedykh, standing in front of a choice of their future drift car:. Why waste time reinventing the wheel, if “everything is thought out to us” Kate lives in Vladivostok, so that the right-hand drive cars it no stranger, and when in early 2013, she was fascinated by drifting out of the abundance of all she liked JDM Silvia is a 15-m body. Since then, the competition Kate acts exclusively on the cars of this brand and model. When the decision was made to develop and participate not only in the RDS-East, but also in the RDS-West, it was, of course, only on the S15.

Small-block forever

A white Nissan Silvia, which Ekaterina Sedykh acts season in 2016 in the West used to be blue and belonged to the Moscow drifter Georgy Stepanian. At the time of purchase it already had a welded-security framework, and even outlandish at the time of the engine General Motors – the legendary LS3. Yes, it was the same “small block» – V-shaped, eight-cylinder with a capacity of about 450 horsepower. The car was equipped with a conventional manual transmission T56 from the Chevrolet Camaro and the suspension of a bygone close from the factory. At the same time it is perfectly manageable, and the motor runs adequately stretched.

Nevertheless, the experience of it, and a gradual understanding of what needs to be changed in the car – the more so in the RDS started this arms race. The question arose: what to do? He, however, decided rather quickly – to give up small-block was simply impossible.

Now the Japanese “writhing” American hearts in the drift already a lot, and they still cause great interest. Especially when it comes to this engine, which is now installed under the hood Katina Sylvia! Old LS3 was dismantled and lives at the moment in the spare car, and was replaced by an entirely new powertrain. This is also the LS3, but nothing in common except the name, the previous does not have. The engine was booked directly in the US company Texas Speed. Engine Block wasted, the crankshaft is replaced by a long-excursion, completely redesigned cylinder head. To all this is added Vortech compressor. Technically, the motor is designed for 1 000 liters. a., but so far for motor performed “gentle” setting to 750 liters capacity. from.

Initially equipped with the electronic throttle control unit has been converted into a mechanical, as with electronic gas pedal cutoff on the turnover results in a significant loss of traction and straightening of the trajectory of the car (the loss of the skid). With mechanics no such problems. To implement such a replacement had to change the control unit on the ECU Holley, which comes bundled with Holley screen, allowing you to have before my eyes all the information about the car’s systems. With the new engine, on the advice of the American drifter, pro Matt Field, was established four-cam transmission G-Force GSR – robust and reliable, able to withstand the stresses of work huge “herd” of horses.

Without a good grip in a bundle can not do. Torque gearbox transmits a set of well-known companies Exedy. The result is a very powerful and yet extremely reliable bunch. Next in order of time passes Winters Performance gear with quick-major pairs.

Radiator coolant sent in the trunk – it is a very popular solution allows you to move the radiator of the most prone to collisions and contacts of the car that often saves the life of equipment after the accident, and allows you to continue the race. Furthermore, such a “transfer” further loads the rear wheels, and removes weight from the front, thereby improving overall weight distribution of the car. Also in the trunk is a special racing fuel tank, and from the passenger compartment separates it a special fire-resistant partition.

Body Katina Sylvia looks laconically – thin female taste, after all. All hinged panels (bumpers, fenders, sills, doors, trunk lid, hood) – plastic, lightweight. For front and rear bumpers of the aero Vertex Edge hide custom bash bars – a kind of “kengooryatniki” help protect all the vital elements of the car when the contacts that occur quite often in drifting. Above the trunk lid rises a huge carbon spoiler and colors in flowers Yokohama team with a combination of bright red and white highlights the car on the track.

Tires Yokohama Advan Neova AD08R
Advan RS wheels 18h9,0

In addition to the powertrain and chassis, and suspension upgrades. Initially established set gave insufficient eversion, so has been replaced. Interpretations suspension variants tried about five or six, but something did not suit the constantly. At the moment, for the competent handling of the car in a drift meet levers Parts Shop Max Limit Break and fists Parts Shop Max front and arms N1 and fists Parts Shop Max behind. Racks chose Parts Shop Max Limit Break. This combination provides a decent wheel rotation, and allows you to fully unleash the potential of a very tenacious tires Yokohama Advan Neova AD08R, clad in the elegant wheels Advan RS: to them the car is able to rapidly accelerate and decelerate even at high angles of drift.

But that’s not all technical “chips”! To maintain power at low revs on Silvia installed nitrous oxide injection system NOS, and it is controlled entirely block Holley, no pilot buttons do not need to press. Before arrival simply turn on switch – and the engine control unit will do everything himself.

Nissan Silvia S15
Brief specifications:
General Motors LS3, volume 6850 cm?
Search cam ILAC G-Force GSR
Front suspension:
Levers Parts Shop Max Limit Break and fists Parts Shop Max
Rear suspension:
Levers N1 and fists Parts Shop Max
Coilovers Parts Shop Max Limit Break
From Nissan Skyline Turbo

Big wins

Sylvia with such filling is capable of many things – but nevertheless, the project is not finished yet. Catherine already has an idea that needs to be done for the next season. The most basic task – to reduce the car’s weight. Despite the fact that all plastic body panels have, “Mona Lisa drift” is still heavy, and in the off-season it will have to sit on an intense diet.

The machine and the pilots in conjunction huge potential. At the final stage RDS-West Ekaterina Sedykh sensationally won, and by the end of the season in 2016 was the eighth in the standings western series. In the fifth and sixth phases of RDS-East, she won the podium and first place, respectively. Katin Team Yokohama team became the champion of the series, the east, and in the third stage Drift Street Legal Vladivostok girl became the best in qualifying, won the 1st place in the individual and 1st place in the team standings. You feel what it smells like?

The list of improvements:


  • Engine General Motors LS3, volume 6850 cm?
  • Engine Block Pistons wasted a larger diameter
  • Texas-Speed ​​Crankshaft
  • unit heads PRC
  • Intake manifold Fast 102 mm
  • Vortech supercharger
  • Mechanical throttle Fast 102 mm
  • coolant radiator moved to the trunk
  • oil Radiator
  • Electric fans Spal
  • The fuel tank Pyrotect
  • NOS Nitrous Oxide
  • Exhaust manifolds and exhaust system custom


  • ECU Holley
  • screen Holley
  • Telemetry Racelogic


  • Search cam ILAC G-Force GSR
  • The two-disc clutch damper Exedy
  • Reducer with quick-major pairs Winters Performance


  • Front levers Parts Shop Max Limit Break and fists Parts Shop Max
  • Behind arms N1, fists Parts Shop Max
  • Coilovers Parts Shop Max Limit Break


  • The front brakes of the Nissan Skyline Turbo
  • Behind the two supports of the Nissan Skyline Turbo, with a separate slide under the hammer
  • DK_Lab handbrake cylinder with Alcon
  • Regulators Brakeforce Tilton
  • pads Endless


  • Driving with the bucket Bride seat belts Schroth
  • Recaro bucket passenger seat belts Beltenick
  • Welded rollcage
  • Handle PPC Sparco
  • control Switches
  • Steering wheel OMP


  • Windshield heated Forward-Auto
  • All hinged panels (bumpers, fenders, sills, doors, trunk lid, hood) – Plastic
  • The body kit Vertex Edge
  • Bash-bars
  • carbon spoiler
  • Flap of the Subaru Impreza WRX STI in the roof


  • Advan RS wheels 18h9,0
  • Tires Yokohama Advan Neova AD08R

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