Tuning studio Polestar will be enrolled in automakers

Tuning studio Polestar, known for its refinements of cars of the Swedish brand Volvo, decided to try itself in the role of an independent automaker. The first independent car is already in work, the public will be introduced in the autumn, at the motor show in Frankfurt.

Polestar – “court” tuning studio of Volvo, which produces “charged” versions of production cars and models for racing competitions. His latest work is the development of the hybrid crossover Volvo XC60. Both engines were modernized, as a result of which the total power of the power plant increased by 21 liters. from. (up to 421 hp), and the torque increased by 40 Nm (up to 680 Nm). The tuners improved even the gearbox, having taught the 8-band “automatic” to switch gears even faster and not to lose gear after turning at high speed. At the same time, Polestar modified cars do not lose the factory warranty, as it happens in self-tuning, using parts from http://autozapas.com/ and from other stores.

Developments Polestar so inspired the bosses of Volvo, that they decided to give the brand more freedom. Atelier received its own logo and permission to produce original cars. So far, we are talking only about one model – a two-seat sports car. Without the participation of Volvo, it will not be possible to manage: most likely, for the novelty I use the platform of the new generation of the Volvo S60 sedan and some more units and parts, including the power unit. Since Volvo bets on electric motors, the sports car will receive two engines – electric and traditional ICE. The most likely option is using a power unit crossover Volvo XC90 T8, under the hood kogoroy installed 2-liter petrol engine, and on the rear axle – the electric motor. Their total capacity is 400 liters. with., But in Polestar are going to increase it in one and a half time. To make the sports car more dynamic, developers will have to sacrifice the range without recharging, but they are ready for this and are confident that buyers will react to such a decision with understanding.

If the platform and engines are borrowed from Volvo, the design of the exterior and interior in Polestar promised to do from scratch, than intrigued motorists around the world. However, no details about the sport car are not yet reported, so we’ll have to wait for news from auto spies and the official premiere in September.